#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2012-11-25

--- Sun Nov 25 201200:00
azonenbergkristianpaul: yes17:33
azonenbergthe only patent that covered mips1 as of like 4 years ago was the one related to unaligned load/store17:33
azonenbergwhich my core doesnt implement anyway and, i think, expired a year or two ago17:33
Fallenou"The '976 patent has expired December 23, 2006. "18:54
FallenouI'm seeing in Milkymist VGA core that there is a basic bit-banged DDC (I2C) interface implemented in the verilog20:27
Fallenouis it working?20:28
Fallenougreat :) thanks20:45
--- Mon Nov 26 201200:00

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