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kristianpaulso we have free of qemu test bench?00:08
wpwrakmwalle: (PATCH 02/11) hmm, is this simply s/ram/mem/ ? is there anything magic about "ram" or "mem" ?16:25
wpwrak(or is it just that you like "mem" better than "ram" ?)16:27
mwallewpwrak: the dp ram instance of lattice uses 'mem', and so does the initial code in lm32_cpu.v22:18
mwalleas its said in the commit message :b22:18
wpwrakah, so "mem" is a magic name ?22:36
wpwraki.e., you couldn't call it, say, "foo"22:36
wpwrakjust curious why you had to rename it for icarus, assuming it worked before (in non-icarus contexts)22:39
mwallewpwrak: ah no, in the original code was some proprietary dp_ram instance (from lattice), that one was replaced by a generic lm32_dp_ram.v22:45
mwallebut then used the 'wrong' name22:45
mwallethe lm32_cpu.v access the signal directly with instance.name22:45
mwalle(this is only simulation related, so it doesnt affect the synthesis)22:46
mwalleof course you could rename the stuff in lm32_cpu.v, too22:47
mwallekristianpaul: yeah theoretical you could use the whole qemu test bench22:52
Fallenoumwalle: thanks for the patches ! it's good to see patches flooding Milkymist ML :)22:58
FallenouI've read them quickly and it seems fine but I will take time to read more carefully22:59
Fallenougood idea to separate dtlb code in other files22:59
FallenouI started to separate the code in a special section at the bottom of the files ... but it's way better in a totally separate file :)23:00
mwalleFallenou: hopefully, lekernel_ will merge these, so you can rebase/merge your mmu branch with the master23:04
mwalleall the patches i sent to the ML are only simulation specific, no tlb stuff (yet)23:04
Fallenou00:05 < mwalle> all the patches i sent to the ML are only simulation specific, no tlb stuff (yet)  <  cool, looking forward to tlb related patches :)23:10
mwalleFallenou: you can find them all in my github repository ;)23:24
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