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AlarmWhich mouse are compatible with Milkymist ?13:42
wpwrakmany :) trial and error should get you a working solution in very little time13:44
AlarmI want tu buy a mouse :)13:49
wpwraki'd just get a cheap one. see if it works. most likely it will. if it doesn't try another cheap one.13:49
wolfspraulin a bizarre twist of events, milkymist ends up bringing some chinese culture to the world!13:50
wolfspraulwas that the original goal? :-)13:50
wolfsprauldon't talk, don't think, just try13:50
wpwrakbuying exactly the some mouse someone else got is difficult because there's a huge number of no-name brands out there. so mouse "foo" i can buy in argentina may not exist anywhere where you shop13:51
wpwraka way around this would be to buy a big brand name mouse. but then, these have a higher risk of doing fancy things and thus not working. also, they're more expensive than the cheap china clones.13:52
wpwrakso buying something low-end and generic _is_ the best strategy.13:52
Alarmok thanks13:53
wpwrakwolfspraul: yeah, that whole "no pc needed" feature was one big mistake. imagine milkymist as a usb device. A/V in, video out, send "patch" code via USB. UI on the PC. nice and simple. no MIDI, no USB host, no mice, no keyboards, no DMX, no Ethernet.13:54
wolfspraulyes agreed, although if you start thinking in that direction then you don't know which features will stay and which will go. the end result may be entirely different13:55
wolfspraulyou may build some hw where a legitimate question may be "why didn't you just write a script-plugin for mac app xyz?"13:57
wpwrakoh, if you make it a video effect peripheral instead of a standalone device, the remaining feature set is pretty clear13:57
wolfsprauland another 5 lines later they wrote one for you :-)13:58
wpwrakyes, if you can do all the video processing in sw well enough, then indeed, the mac app would be the way to go :)13:58
wpwrakwell, sw ... and you also need the right set of I/O. that may what brings your macbook down - not enough A/V I/O.14:00
Fallenouwhat's the standby bitstream ? (in M1 flash)14:35
Fallenouit does not have a "normal" size for a bitstream for this fpga :o14:36
wpwrakas far as i know, current "standby" basically just checks if a button is pressed and then loads the real bitstream, based on that15:44
wpwrakbefore, it used to loop as well15:44
wpwrakso it's very very simple15:44
AlarmWhat files among "standby.fpg  soc.fpg bios.bin nbios-rescue.bin  splash.raw  flickernoise.fbi " which are produced by the toolchain ?17:41
Alarmor Xilinx ISE ?17:42
sh4rm4i'd say *.fpg are bitstreams, the other things software, so from the compiler toolchain17:48
Alarmflickernoise find in /opt/milkymist/flickernoise/src/bin/17:54
mwalleFallenou: its compressed18:23
mwalleFallenou: btw i hacked some short python script last night: http://pastebin.com/PJN1DWYA18:35
mwalle(lower case chars denotes an invalid instruction)18:35
mwalle- is a killed instruction18:36
Fallenoumwalle: wo seems nice :)19:47
Fallenoutrace_pipe1.txt is pipeline output ?19:48
FallenouI mean simulation output19:48
Fallenoudraw me a pipeline is almost ready for use19:48
Fallenoubut it's really basic at the moment ...19:48
wpwrakhmm, according to http://lists.milkymist.org/pipermail/devel-milkymist.org/21:50
wpwrakNote:The archive search index was last rebuilt at Thursday, 25 Oct 2012 02:47:50 PDT. Any postings after that will not be found by a search. Index rebuild is usally done once every 24 hours for this list. You can use a "View by date" link below to access more recent postings.21:50
wpwrakif a rebuild happens "normally" every day, did something go wrong the last week ? or is the "normally" estimate out of sync with the real schedule ?21:51
mwalleFallenou: yeah, sourcecode is available at my lm32-simulation branch22:11
Fallenoumwalle: do you still think we can do the tlb lookup earlier?22:21
mwalleyeah, but it'll be a long comb path22:25
mwalleso i don't know if it'll affect the timing22:25
mwalleFallenou: you need one clock cycle to lookup the tlb, right?22:28
wpwrakmwalle: this sort of patch ? http://www.wellpromo.com/upload/upimg71/Long-Reach-Comb-69871.jpg22:28
Fallenoumwalle: yes22:29
wpwrakerr, path :)22:29
mwallewpwrak: haha :b22:29
FallenouI'm sure you had this picture bookmarked for a long time for an occasion like this one :)22:30
mwallegoing to bed now, have to get up early22:31
wpwraki like to plan ahead, but not quite so comprehensively ;-)22:32
wpwrakbesides, google found it quickly enough :)22:32
Fallenouplan ahead .. another joke ? :)22:34
Fallenougood night mwalle22:34
Fallenoulet's replace the Spartan 6 on M1 by this kind of FPGA http://blog.notdot.net/2012/10/Build-your-own-FPGA22:34
Fallenouat least it's open source!22:34
Fallenounot sure lm32 fits in 6 LUTs :)22:35
wpwraknice :)22:37
wpwrakyou could make multiple such boards and wire them together to whichever size you desire22:37
Fallenoulet's make a one-room SoC22:38
Fallenouerr, a System-in-a-Room22:38
wpwrakah, they actually thought of that. those boards can be connected in an array configuration22:38
wpwrakSiB, System in Barn22:39
Fallenouvery nice project indeed22:39
Fallenouit could be of interest for wolfspraul who is deep inside FPGA luts/slices/routing22:40
azonenbergWTF xilinx http://i.imgur.com/qahTq.png23:31
azonenbergwhat kind of autorouter invented this layout23:31
azonenbergfor some reason it's putting a bunch of flipflops (not connect to IOBs, mind you) waaay over on the right side of the chip23:32
azonenbergnowhere near the logic they connect to23:32
Fallenouahah very nice placement23:35
wpwrakdid you check the "scenic route" box ? :)23:36
azonenbergAny idea how to fix that? Lol23:45
azonenbergI'm starting to floorplan but i dont want to have to floorplan the whole stupid design by hand23:45
wpwrakit looks as if that autorouter isn't too keen on considering your wishes ...23:48
wolfspraulFallenou: hey - very very nice article - thanks for the link! :-)23:59
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