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GitHub115[scripts] xiangfu pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/Ua2bdA07:41
GitHub115scripts/master 99de8c1 Xiangfu Liu: scripts/compile-*.sh: update rtems commit07:41
Fallenouxiangfu: thanks for your email :)08:46
xiangfuFallenou, I will try to write some code in Makefile. apply that patch automatic. :)09:01
Fallenougreat :)09:05
Fallenouxiangfu: I noticed that freetype2 download fails09:05
FallenouI had to download it manually inside /dl/ and touch freetype2****.ok09:05
Fallenoumaybe a dead link or something09:05
Fallenousourceforge sucks for direct links ...09:05
xiangfuFallenou, I will try to fix that.09:09
Fallenougood luck, maybe hosting the file on QI webserver would help ...09:10
Fallenouxiangfu: could you also update the autotool version needed by RTEMS in the readme.html ?09:12
xiangfuFallenou, ok. I will do that later today.09:12
FallenouUbuntu 12.04 provides autotools 2.68, but now RTEMS needs 2.6909:12
Fallenouan endless race between bleeding edge RTEMS and bleeding edge Ubuntu :p09:13
xiangfugot it.09:13
xiangfuFallenou, I am transferring pcb design from photo paper to PCB now. :-)09:13
Fallenouohoh :)09:14
Fallenougood luck !09:14
Fallenouyour Spartan 6 PCB ?09:14
xiangfu0.6mil is really tiny line for hand make09:17
wpwrak15 micron ? are you making chips ? :)09:22
wpwrakthe Intel 4004 and 8008 were made with 10 um processes. so with 15 um you're close.09:23
wpwrakbut maybe you mean 6 mil, and what you're making is a PCB ? :)09:24
GitHub57[scripts] xiangfu pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/S3e8TQ09:25
GitHub57scripts/master 553980b Xiangfu Liu: compile-flickernoise: automatic download/apply werner's rtems patches09:25
xiangfuwpwrak, oh. that 6mil.09:29
xiangfuthat is 6mil09:29
GitHub114[scripts] xiangfu pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/Laqvmg09:34
GitHub114scripts/master ef5a71c Xiangfu Liu: README: latest rtems needs autoconf-2.6909:34
GitHub132[scripts] xiangfu pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/Ei3sPA09:37
GitHub132scripts/master 01c60a4 Xiangfu Liu: compile-flickernoise: fix the sourceforge download url09:37
Fallenouxiangfu: your Makefile always clone latest RTEMS revision ? or a specific SHA-1 ?09:37
xiangfuFallenou, latest 'master' branch.09:38
Fallenouthanks for the quick commits !09:39
xiangfuthere is 'make milkymist-git-update': NOTICE. that will delete all your local commit/uncommit etc.09:39
Fallenoureset --hard ?09:40
xiangfumake milkymist-git-update: will run git fetch -a && git checkout -f master && git reset --hard origin/master09:40
Fallenouok I see :)09:40
xiangfuI only use that on buildhost.09:40
FallenouI didn't know "quilt" tool09:40
xiangfutools for mange the patches. git have a similar wrap app. named 'stg'09:41
Fallenoumaybe we should add this to the requirements09:42
Fallenou"Install the following packages (needed tool / package name):"09:42
GitHub80[scripts] xiangfu pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/c8-fnA09:47
GitHub80scripts/master 697246d Xiangfu Liu: README: add needed tool (quilt)09:47
xiangfuFallenou, yes.09:47
FallenouOK I think I have annoyed you enough in the morning :p09:48
Fallenoumany thanks09:48
xiangfuFallenou, not at all. I like bugs/issues. bugs mean something I can fix or learn. :-)09:50
xiangfuFallenou, good evening btw. :-D  dinner time. bbl09:51
Fallenouhave a nice diner !09:51
Fallenougood evening (morning here :p)09:51
lekernelhttp://www.maximintegrated.com/app-notes/index.mvp/id/3222 didn't know someone actually did it... thought it was only a research thing14:58
wpwrakyou mean analog and digital mixed ? that's been done a very long time ago already. check out the cypress psoc chips. (series 1 ... from 2002)15:03
lekernelno, "single instruction" CPU15:08
lekernelI'm looking for a good name for a simple "python-to-HDL" compiler15:19
lekernelsomething that takes functions written in a subset of python, and generates ALU + IO + FSM15:20
wpwraka "marketing" name or a descriptive term ?15:25
lekernela relatively descriptive term that doesn't sound too bad would be best15:27
lekernelpython to migen compiler15:31
wpwrak(single-instruction) the return of the accumulator ... well, unpipelined cpus aren't new. don't remember any architecture that specifically drops everything to one cycle, though. but then, maybe they just cheat and have special sequences for memory accesses. these could then work just like a pipeline.15:34
wpwrakpymig ? drop the compiler15:35
lekernelI like the fact that it sounds like "mimic"15:38
wpwrakno good words with mig*. if mignonette was a proper tree, you could put a snake around it, but it's a bit too tiny for a mighty python15:46
wpwrakmigpy ... close to "magpie". some of them look cute.15:48
wpwrak(mimic) but it's a compiler, not an interpreter :) "mig" from "migration" may be a better fit15:49
wpwrakyou could also try to use the "petrified snake" angle. you start with a snake (python) and end up with something "hard".15:54
wpwrakalas, petrified snakes don't seem to be common enough for them to have their own word15:54
wpwrakpytholite ? similar to pyrolite, but about pythons, not fire16:03
wpwrakalso seems to be a brand name for lamps16:05
wpwraklamps used for growing cannabis :) (well, among others uses, i'm sure)16:06
lekernelI like it16:10
lekernelthanks wpwrak17:19
GitHub67[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/migen/commit/b171b3b3c2ebecbcb15ecd38e116399f4acde43917:20
GitHub67migen/master b171b3b Sebastien Bourdeauducq: pytholite: transformable elements17:20
wpwraklekernel: heh, thanks for giving me the opportunity to name your "baby". a rare privilege :-)18:32
GitHub127[dmp] fallen pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/DJJ21Q19:40
GitHub127dmp/master f353a1c Yann Sionneau: Add help messages for each argument19:40
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