#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2012-10-26

Action: Fallenou is fighting with pydot17:07
Fallenoumaybe let's start with a html backend ...18:06
mwalledid you read my email where i proposed an ascii table? :)18:06
Fallenouyes but I wanted nice drawings :p18:07
Fallenoubut maybe later :)18:07
Fallenoufirst something that works18:07
Fallenouwhat do you think of something that would look like that : http://sionneau.net/dmp/test.html ?18:09
mwalleput it into one table18:16
Fallenouwith a rowspan for the timestamp ?18:17
mwalleyeah, and make the background color alternating18:17
Fallenouah yes easier to read :)18:18
mwalle*installing ise 14.3*18:20
mwallethats the one with vivado right?, the slow synthesizer?18:22
larscbut not by default?18:22
mwalleah the old one is still there?18:22
larscat least in 14.1 it was18:23
rohhm. anybody a clue of smps designs?18:24
Action: roh is sitting in front of a HV co2 laser psu, headscratching18:24
Fallenouhttp://sionneau.net/dmp/test.html < better ?18:35
FallenouI don't find how to make text in a cell start at the top of the cell (vertically) instead of being centered18:36
Fallenouit works using valign="top" but it's deprecated18:37
lekernelroh: a little bit18:37
rohlekernel: evil stuff.. i can supply a schematic.. its tl494 based18:49
rohmy estimate is that it needs to swing at something like 80-130khz18:59
lekerneland what is the question?18:59
rohand that its fully line coupled, not isolated from the grid (besides the one opto-in)19:00
rohhow the waveform should looks like and how to measure on it without killing equipment or personell ;)19:00
rohlekernel_: our lasercutter doesnt properly cut anymore and it would be nice to know if its the psu or the tube before i unmount the one we use now and insert the new one, and start aligning from the beginning19:05
rohon the top left there is the ac in, the right top corner has the connection to the hv cascade19:06
rohthe first 2 pins on the left side conn with the pot is the line from the controller board19:07
lekernel_just measure the HV output?19:08
rohi dont have and fitting tools for such voltages19:09
rohbehind the cascade its something in the area of 35kv19:09
lekernelif you put a sufficient amount of resistors in series to make a divider, it will work...19:09
rohhm.. basically i would rather like to see the waveforms coming out of the different parts at different situations19:10
rohalso i got zero specs for whats right and what not. its all unknowns19:11
lekernelno specs for the tube itself?19:11
rohnope. i dont know chinese, and i think its only the brand label19:12
rohits about 80cm long and ~5cm diameter ;)19:13
rohthe HV cascade is 2-stage19:13
rohthats why i sat down and drawn that schematic19:15
mwalleFallenou: better ;)20:52
mwalleERROR:HDLCompiler:815 - "/home/mw/repo/milkymist/cores/lm32/rtl/lm32_instruction_unit.v" Line 182: System function call clog2 is not allowed here20:56
mwallewtf... "parameter a = $clog2(5)" works, but "localparam a = $clog2(5)" is not allowed21:03
mwallelekernel: do you think that is a bug? or is there any reason for this behaviour?21:22
lekerneldon't know...21:24
mwallelekernel: is this webcase tool for reporting bugs?21:30
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