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FallenouI think maybe someone should answer on the mailing list12:47
Fallenoumaybe wolfspraul , about the guy wanting to contact a sale person12:47
GitHub147[dmp] fallen pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/vPulKg13:06
GitHub147[dmp/master] Update README.md - Yann Sionneau13:06
larscFallenou: is it on purpose that there is no code in the repo yet?13:10
Fallenouyes I didn't have the time to put interesting stuff yet13:10
Fallenoubut it will come very soon :)13:10
Fallenouit will be pretty simple though, a simple python script to parse simulation output13:10
Fallenouand use pydot to generate a diagram13:11
lekernelaha, excellent project13:11
Fallenouthat will help a lot in understanding all the mess in lm32 pipeline :)13:11
Fallenouoh, I just received an email from mwalle saying he is currently working on the lm32 pipeline diagram ^^"14:01
Fallenouhe seems to be pretty advanced in his diagram14:01
wpwrakgreat ! i like the idea of a static diagram better than a diagram generator that examines traces14:31
wpwrakthe letter looks more like a debugging tool. the former should be more like an architectural document.14:32
wpwrakideally, you could use this when writing a whitepaper showing "before" and "after".14:32
Fallenouthe more tool we have, the better :)14:42
wpwrakoh, sure. it can be very handy later.14:43
wpwrakit could also be useful to verify claims about the pipeline signaling, in case the path from code and drawing gets too unreliable (human error and such)14:45
Fallenouwell yes the good point is that the generated diagrams should be 100% correct14:48
Fallenouthey should not be wrong14:49
Fallenouit shows what actually happens14:49
Fallenoulet's wait and see :)14:49
mwalleFallenou: read my email regarding scriptsim?19:41
mwallelets try tgif :)19:51
wpwrakdo you like it ?20:19
mwallenice and easy :)20:37
mwallelooks ugly, but its functional20:38
Action: mwalle wonders what HyperSpace is ;)20:39
mwalleIn the hyperspace mode, certain objects are considered hot-links20:40
mwallenice ;)20:41
wpwrakit also has a nice little enterprise icon :)20:41
mwallewpwrak: happen to know how i resize the drawing area?20:42
mwallemh drawing area seems to be exactly one page20:44
wpwrakhmm no. tgif seems to have matured quite a bit since i last used it (some 15+ years ago)20:45
mwallei think it still looks the same ;)20:45
Action: wpwrak likes long-lived software. vi, TeX, X11, ...20:46
mwalleah and its not multihead compatible20:47
mwallehm i dont know how tgif does it, but the commands 'just work' :)21:07
mwalleeg align vertically.. somehow always the right reference object is picked21:07
wpwrakseems that you're good at predicting how tgif works, so your expectations are always met :)21:45
mwallerough sketch21:54
mwalleof the dataflow21:54
mwalle(still many modules missing)21:54
Fallenoumwalle: yeah but I didn't have time to have a look at your link unfortunately at the office22:38
wpwrakhmm. without explanatory text, this confuses more than it explains.23:47
wpwraklooks roughly similar to lattice's diagram. but it isn't. i think the missing link is in that text surrounding the drawing ;)23:48
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