#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2012-10-18

hozercould someone please comment on http://lists.duskglow.com/pipermail/open-graphics/2012-October/012578.html18:51
larscactually sebastian is currently working on a hdmi daugther board19:07
larscand the plan is to have native hdmi on the next gen milkymist board19:07
hozerThe open graphics board uses some Sil178 DVI transmitters .. http://www.traversaltech.com/products.html19:25
hozercould those work with the milkymist, or am I missing something19:25
larscif you free up enough pins19:31
hozeraaaah, all the pins are used on the current design?19:33
larscmost of them19:34
larsci can't find a sil178 datasheet, but i guess it takes parallel rgb in and sends dvi out19:34
larscthat's not what the milkymist is aiming for19:35
larscnative dvi/hdmi support is the goal there19:35
hozerhow about something like http://www.siliconimage.com/products/product.aspx?pid=10619:35
hozerlarsc: input and output, or just output?19:36
larscstarting with input19:40
larscbut the goal is to eventually have both19:40
larschozer: the sil1392 also is a chip which hides the actuall hdmi protocol from you19:42
hozerah. What I'm after is an open-source FPGA-board with ethernet and HDMI/DVI output19:43
mwalleFallenou: youre here?21:03
mwallewpwrak: :b21:38
wpwrakmwalle: hmm ? :)21:51
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