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lekerneli'll probably reuse most of it as a first step07:46
rohlekernel: nice concept09:17
rohso its 2x hdmi sdtv input and one vga output for the prototype?09:17
rohlekernel: i thought about your case request, and i think i could design one, but i dont have the tools to manufacture it. but i am actively researching companies who have the tools and could manufacture something like that.09:19
lekernelroh: http://wilkins-knives.com/about09:39
rohi found http://www.jegel-berlin.de/09:41
lekernelthere's also a list on http://wilkins-knives.com/contact09:42
lekernelI'm wondering if it's be wise to mount knobs and pots on the main board... I'm worried that mechanical stress can bend the PCB and cause the BGA balls to crack09:44
lekernelon the other hand a two-PCB solution is thicker, harder to assemble, and potentially more expensive09:45
rohi think its not a bad idea to put these on another pcb and mount that to the case09:46
rohwhen you want a milled case the cost for a pcb is not really any issue09:46
rohor mount the frontpanel knobs on the front itself and use wires and connectors on the main pcb09:47
rohthats what i would do, atleast for smaller series (<100)09:47
rohdirectly connecting 2 pcb with stacking-conn wouldnt remove the stress to the main pcb but only distribute it. most mixing consoles (atleast the more professional ones) use sepeate pcb, connected by cables09:49
lekernelyeah... but I do not want any visible bolts on the front panel09:49
rohuse nice ones09:50
rohsunk hex for example09:51
rohalso think about repairability. stuff which is used by people on the road tends to break. thats normal and to be expected09:51
rohalso you could make hidden bolts from the backside10:06
rohsee the 2nd line,  first from the left10:07
lekernelhttp://www.jegel-berlin.de/upload/cache/phpThumb_cache_jegel-berlin.de_srcf783a2d2f9ca22245de88e3ef5e74da4_par4fa7cdaa7c7772d849b43a4b1da43118_dat1222326307.jpeg :)10:21
lekernelthose are for the ticket machines, no?10:21
rohhehe.. could be10:22
lekernel(hidden bolts) nice10:23
rohthere seem to be different techniques how to do that. welding these in, or pressing10:24
wpwrakother options: sink the front panel. then you just need grooves in the sides.10:52
wpwrakor bend the front panel to an U shape. then the bolts can go to the side.10:52
wpwraki think even a fixed stacking provides a lot of relief. a) it adds quite a bit of stuff that can flex and bend, sharing and distributing the load. b) you can choose the safest places for making the mechanical connection (and reinforce them, etc.)10:53
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