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azonenbergwolfspra1l: So I heard back from my FAE06:00
azonenbergthe Artix-7s on digikey now are first-round engineering samples and are CSG324 and FGG676 only, in -1 and -2 speed grades only06:00
azonenbergSecond round samples will include FGG484 (I think probably the whole range of packages) and be -1 and -2 only06:00
azonenbergthose are expected to be out some time next month06:01
azonenbergthen early Q1 2013 volume production starts06:01
wolfspra1lazonenberg: nice06:37
wolfspra1lhow about ftg256?06:37
azonenbergwolfspra1l: i didnt ask but it was implied that the second round samples will include all package combos06:40
wolfspra1lwell I have really a lot of good features in the slx9 to work on anyway06:43
wolfspra1lcurrently back in the logic blocks and luts06:43
wolfspra1lthis time I'm going to add much more including all slice types (m/l/x), o6/o5 lut pairs, carry chain, latches, etc. etc.06:44
azonenbergone thing is for sure, all of the work i am doing for my research is resulting in me getting really good at mental logic synthesis06:44
wolfspra1lafter this round the only thing missing will be ram/rom and shift-registers06:44
wolfspra1lI will put that aside until the next round06:44
azonenbergas in, i can give pretty much exact netlist and resource estimates for a module given just a pencil and paper06:45
wolfspra1lcan't exhaust myself in one tiny thing, have to go back to clocks, bufg, jtag, and an infinite list of other missing things :-)06:45
azonenbergand even synthesize to primitives given enough time06:45
wolfspra1lsince primitives are the only thing you can feed to fpgatools anyway :-)06:46
larscazonenberg: next time I need a bitstream I'll just come to you ;)07:20
azonenberglarsc: If you want bitstreams talk to wolfspra1l :P07:20
azonenbergmy brain only goes to netlist level07:21
azonenbergwell ok, i can map and PAR to some extent too07:21
larscbut once you have the netlist you can use wolfspra1l tools07:21
azonenbergHis tools want a fully placed and routed netlist atm07:21
azonenbergso i'd have to map and par manually too07:22
wolfspra1lyes :-)07:22
azonenbergNot that i cant do it, but its a little bit of a pain to do07:22
azonenbergon the other hand, mental synthesis i find is a very good way to santiy check how big some module is going to be07:22
azonenbergand how long the critical path is07:22
azonenbergDont worry about details like exactly what the logic function implemented by some LUT is07:22
azonenbergI just think about what decisions need to be made with what data07:22
azonenbergdataflow level, pretty much, as well as storage requirements07:23
azonenbergand i usually end up with a slice-by-slice model for what the thing is going to look like before i write a single line of RTL07:23
azonenbergthen i just write the code and the synthesis tool usually generates pretty much exactly what i expect07:23
azonenbergA lot of times i just write RTL without thinking much about what goes on under the hood but if i have any doubts as to how things are going to work i find this is a good way to sanity check07:26
GitHub199[rtems-yaffs2] sebhub pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/rtems-yaffs2/commit/ab1736aebddda8e776032ff49d73f3800e684bb508:31
GitHub199[rtems-yaffs2/master] rtems_yaffs: Update due to RTEMS API changes - Sebastian Huber08:31
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GitHub27[migen/master] bank: support for atomic writes - Sebastien Bourdeauducq17:14
GitHub27[migen/master] bank: remove RE signal for field registers - Sebastien Bourdeauducq17:14
GitHub27[migen/master] actorlib/spi/collector: atomic update for write_count - Sebastien Bourdeauducq17:14
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GitHub195[milkymist-ng/master] Remove uses of the RE signal on field registers - Sebastien Bourdeauducq17:15
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GitHub98[migen/master] actorlib/spi: SingleGenerator - Sebastien Bourdeauducq19:17
GitHub150[milkymist-ng] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/QdCp_w19:17
GitHub150[milkymist-ng/master] framebuffer: use new SingleGenerator - Sebastien Bourdeauducq19:17
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