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--- Tue Oct 2 201200:00
lekernelwho would be interested in a small 2x HDMI input (720p60 unless there are signal integrity problems) daughterboard for the M1? I'm going to make some...09:14
lekernelreally simple thing: route HDMI signals to FPGA + DDC level conversion + 1 fader (using RC network for resistance measurement by the FPGA)09:15
lekernel1-layer PCB09:15
Fallenouwith a HDMI phy ?09:20
lekernelno, that will be in the FPGA09:33
lekernelthe only things I'm worried about are (1) there is no proper differential pair routing to the expansion connector on the M1 which may cause SI problems (2) there will be clock skew due to the lack of available GCLK pins09:34
Fallenouthe electrical standard of HDMI is compatible with FPGA IOs ? (I have no idea)09:41
Fallenounice if it's the case09:41
Fallenouoh it's TMDS09:42
lekernelyeah, and you can also mess around with resistors and capacitors to convert LVDS/TMDS/LVPECL/etc.09:51
kristianpaullekernel: you could use GLCK pin from memory card TP15:07
kristianpaulas i did due all the limitations of expacion connector..15:07
lekernelI want a plug-in, solderless board - and clock skew should be manageable anyway15:10
kristianpaulah good15:25
rooi-oogHi all. My question is not about milkymist but about lm32 and gcc.16:18
rooi-oogI have an odd bug when I try to compile simple code such as:"while(1) if (gyro_ready)  do_something; with lm32-elf-gcc -O916:18
rooi-oogasm code is incorrect. Does anyone else got this bug?16:18
lekernelwhat gcc version?16:28
rooi-ooglm32-elf-gcc (GCC) 4.5.316:31
rooi-oogProgram goes into infinite loop without reading variable gyro_ready. .-O2 won't working too.Only -O1.16:33
rooi-ooggyro_ready is external.16:34
lekernelguess it's not a bug but an optimization - did you declare gyro_ready "volatile"?16:47
rooi-oogTHANKS A LOT!! I forgot to do it!!16:55
wpwraklooks familiar :)22:02
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