#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2012-09-20

cdeso I received this saleae logic $50 clone, it works fairly well18:06
cdealthough I'm not too sure the grabbers will last very long...18:06
larsc50$? thats kind of a ripoff18:13
cdeyes. it's a very cheap ripoff18:13
cdein fact it's also a ripoff of USBee + byteblaster18:14
larsci meant that that's way to expensive for a saleae clone18:15
larscthey cost less than 10$ in production18:15
cdeyes. well it's still better than $130 ;)18:22
cdewhich is a bit too expensive imho18:22
GitHub193[lm32-binutils-mmu] fallen pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/VZ_Keg21:06
GitHub193[lm32-binutils-mmu/master] Improve README - Yann Sionneau21:06
GitHub193[lm32-binutils-mmu/master] Fix missing comma - Yann Sionneau21:06
Fallenouawesome, Xilinx tools are doing segmentation fault now21:27
FallenouNow executing Pdr_LogDcm_DeskewExtern::DoCheck for block<clkgen_sys> and21:27
FallenouSegmentation fault (core dumped)21:27
Fallenoumake[1]: *** [build/system.ncd] Error 13921:27
Fallenoumake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/fallen/dev/milkymist-mmu/boards/milkymist-one/synthesis'21:27
Fallenoumake: *** [bitstream] Error 221:27
Fallenouwhile using ISE Webpack 14.221:27
Fallenou(fresh install on a new desktop computer)21:28
Fallenouduring "map"21:28
FallenouDoes someone ever used 14.2 ?21:30
Fallenouttp://forums.xilinx.com/t5/EDK-and-Platform-Studio/14-2-xmd-seg-faults-on-Ubuntu-11-04-64-bit/td-p/256132 < Map 14.2 is not the same thing that does segfault apparently ...21:34
Fallenouwait, there is an update on Xilinx site but it seems to be Vivado :o let's try21:37
Fallenouok the update cannot apply to Webpack edition, great21:42
FallenouI'm good for downgrading to 14.1 I guess21:43
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