#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2012-09-12

cdelekernel: I'm trying to collect all pdf, etc. relevant to bitstream generation or reversing. since you worked on the subject, do you have links in mind by any chance?09:56
cdehttp://lekernel.net/fpga_toolchain_talk.pdf seems to be the most recent one?09:57
Fallenouask wolfspraul as well10:05
Fallenouhe is actively working on this topic10:05
cdesure! btw did you see my query?10:06
Fallenouyes, I will answer don't worry ;)10:07
Fallenougoing to lunch, bbl10:07
cdebon appetit !10:08
Fallenouthanks !10:08
mwalleFallenou: wpwrak: did we use one or two tlb miss exception vecotrs?17:30
Fallenoufor now there are 2 vectors17:32
Fallenou1 for itlb miss, 1 for dtlb miss17:32
Fallenoubut we agreed on merging those two together17:32
Fallenouand use a CAUSE register (tlbctrl read via rcsr ?)17:32
Fallenouand a BADADDR register (tlbvaddr ?)17:32
Fallenoucf todo at the bottom of http://piratepad.net/RSE6AWxIIa17:32
mwalleFallenou: was that really the latest conclusion? didnt wpwrak want a fast path for itlb misses?17:56
mwalleand btw tlbctrl was removed ;)17:56
Fallenouyeah, it could be renamed CAUSE17:57
mwalleah reading the logs, i remember... ;)18:00
mwallethe badaddr already contains the right tlb, encoded in the lowest bit18:01
wpwrakhere's my latest brain dump: http://www.digipedia.pl/usenet/thread/15447/2978/18:01
mwalleso we just need to write the right paddr18:02
Fallenouif there is something wrong in the TODO of the piratepad please fix it :)18:06
Fallenouor feel free to rephrase it with better words18:07
cdelekernel: c3 is too much about led blinkers etc <= but blinking leds is one of humanity's greatest achievments! ;-)20:37
lekernelhow about this? http://www.glassartists.org/Gal17751_Plasma_Tubes_and_Sculptures.asp  http://www.glassartists.org/Gal86717_Blown_Glass_Plasma_Sculptures.asp20:55
lekernelthis is the EHSM-equivalent of the LED blinker :)20:55
wpwrakpretty :-)20:59
cdevery nice!21:00
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