#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2012-09-05

Fallenouwpwrak: ironic ? :p it ended up being a one liner, but yeah I knew it would be something like that ...06:34
FallenouI just had to stop looking for it a little bit, do something else and come back with a fresh mind :)06:35
wpwrakFallenou: it's a one-line but not an overly easy one. not something like "+1" or a missing minus sign or decimal point:)10:59
lekernelso, is everything working with the mmu now?11:58
FallenouIt surely need more testing12:08
FallenouBut I still have to implement a bunch of things we talked about here12:09
Fallenoulike committing things in the TLB upon writting in TLBPADDR CSR , instead of using TLBCTRL control register12:09
Fallenouand add write protection12:09
Fallenoubut this bug was the big stopper for ITLB12:10
Fallenoubasically there is still the TODO at the bottom of this page http://piratepad.net/RSE6AWxIIa12:13
Fallenouto be done12:13
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