#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2012-08-30

kristianpaulazonenberg: Hi15:20
kristianpaulazonenberg: Why you wrote your own uart core for the red tin logic analizer and no re-used one from somewhere else?15:21
Hodappazonenberg hangs out here?15:33
larscall the cool kids do, don't they? ;)15:37
azonenbergkristianpaul: i wanted something simple that had a raw interface16:01
azonenbergrather than forcing use of wishbone or some other bus16:01
azonenberglike the opencores one did16:01
azonenbergi had written the uart a while ago for a different project anyway16:01
azonenbergso just dropped it in16:01
kristianpaulhave  you tried faster speeds than the 115kpbs?17:30
--- Fri Aug 31 201200:00

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