#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2012-08-22

lekernelthere are mmu-less targets upstream07:08
Action: Fallenou back from hollidays in norway07:52
lekernelwhere? :)07:53
Fallenoulekernel: Oslo and Stavanger for the week-end08:31
wolfspraulFallenou: hey :-) any mmu news?08:57
Fallenousorry I haven't touched it since I last talked to you !08:57
wolfspraulah ok :-)08:58
FallenouI have a few things to take care off before resuming mmu work08:58
wolfspraulwell we just see, it's good that you still think about it at least :-)08:59
Fallenousure ! :)08:59
Fallenouto be more precise, it seems something weird happens when MMU is active and PC is crossing a page boundary08:59
Fallenouneed to look at this, but it takes time09:00
kristianpaulFallenou: mmu redesign after a fresh holliday? :)13:59
kristianpaullekernel_: ah Linux support mmu-less targets officially wow13:59
kristianpaulno why we still working with uclinux and not linux even when this can go upstream?14:00
larsckristianpaul: we are working with linux14:05
Fallenou15:59 < kristianpaul> Fallenou: mmu redesign after a fresh holliday? :) < fresh look at the bugs at least !14:10
kristianpaullarsc: what other mmu-less arch does Linux support?14:13
kristianpaulcan you mention one actually in upstream14:24
kristianpaulnot openrsic :)14:25
larscblackfin, xtensa, c6x, arm, frv, microblaze, h8300, m68k, m32r, avr32, ...14:32
kristianpaulhmm avr32 have mmu15:38
larscyes, but you can also build the kernel without mmu support15:49
kristianpaulohh, gotcha!15:50
larscsome people were even talking about adding nommu support to x8615:51
xiangfukristianpaul, now I found the method that debug the verilog code. by using 'BSCAN_SPARTAN6'15:59
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