#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2012-08-21

wolfspraulthe new openrisc core is out :-) https://github.com/openrisc/mor1kx22:20
wolfspraulthanks stekern for the link22:20
wolfspraulI'm wondering about upstream/compiler/linux support22:37
wolfspraulso there is an openrisc linux? (I guess this implementation has no mmu right now though)22:38
wolfspraulhow about gcc or better yet llvm?22:38
wolfspraulneed to find out22:38
mumptaii faintly remember a linux running on some or1200 system, but can't tell if it ran mmu-less22:39
kristianpaulbut openrisc got upstream right? i should have a mmu for then22:50
kristianpaulupstream linux*22:50
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