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--- Wed Aug 15 201200:00
hypermodernis it possible to connect to the milkymist via ssh?19:22
hypermodernSo I could write patches remotely?19:23
kristianpaulnot quite19:28
kristianpaulyou could do telnet, afaik i dont think there is proper command line editor in rtems/flickernoise..19:28
hypermodernOk thank you kristianpaul19:45
hypermodernI am thinking of a use case where the box is permanently mounted near a projector with a single cat 5 cable that can be hidden in the wall and then connected to the router programing it from the laptop19:46
wpwrakif you just need a small set of functions, it shouldn't be too difficult to add the corresponding commands20:13
wpwrakplus, you could just set up all the files (including config files) and then enter performance mode20:13
Fallenouhypermodern: you can edit via NFS21:01
hypermodernThanks Fallenou, and wpwrak21:10
hypermodernFallenou have you successfully used NFS?21:19
hypermodernWhat version?21:19
FallenouI used NFS on the M1, right21:21
Fallenouhum didn't remember NFS version21:21
FallenouI was using a debian squeeze as NFS server21:21
Fallenouso it was compatible with latest debian :)21:22
hypermodernSo inside your computer Fallenou did you see the flicker noise gui or just have command line access?21:35
Fallenouhypermodern: inside my remote computer I just edited patches using vim21:54
Fallenouand the folder containing those patches was accessed by he M1 over NFS21:55
hypermodernAh! got it21:56
hypermodernThank you for explaining Fallenou.  I'm going to be learning how to use the MM1 this weekend21:58
hypermodernI'm looking forward to it21:58
Fallenouhave fun :)22:09
FallenouIt's even more fun with a usb-MIDI keyboard :)22:09
sh4rm4actually i'm quite amazed milkymist still offers no web interface to flickerface, but goes to all lengths to port a gui...23:01
--- Thu Aug 16 201200:00

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