#milkymist IRC log for Monday, 2012-06-18

kristianpaulafter all the key is having visual aid? azonenberg ?19:02
azonenbergkristianpaul: both stable hands and magnification are important19:51
wpwraklekernel__: (ehsm) maybe summarize the key changes in the announcement ?22:18
lekernelwpwrak: ?22:28
wpwrakyou posted an updated announcement. it's quite long. it's a nice gesture towards people who have already read the old version to tell them what has changed, so that they don't need to make a mental diff themselves22:29
kristianpaulsumarize at first, yes22:30
lekernelhuh? what old version?22:30
lekernelthe "old" stuff is just the first 9 lines22:30
lekernelhow should I put it?22:31
wpwrakif the only difference is that you have two more speakers, why not just say to, with a pointer or an appendix of the stuff that has stayed constant22:32
wpwrakan "updated announcement" can mean all kinds of things, like location change, different deadlines, different event date, price or payment changes, new topics, and so on22:33
wpwrakit's sort of like your bank sending you an updated contract for your credit card. pages of boring and irrelevant legalese to work through to find the new clause where they try to screw you ;-)22:34
wpwrak(of course, nice banks don't try to screw you, or at least not this way. and they include a cover letter that tells you what the main content change is.)22:35
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