#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2012-06-09

sh4rm4hmm the "buy from tuxbrain" link goes into a pretty empty shop21:11
sh4rm4apparently they sell only 4 other products...21:12
lekerneltuxbrain is closing down21:40
Fallenouso funny, you click on Milkymist you end up with arduinos :'22:45
Fallenoutoo bad they are closing22:50
Fallenouone less Milkymist seller22:50
wpwrakthe milkymists didn't sell well lately. so they got bored sitting on the shelf and had some fun with each other. the arduinos are babies.22:50
Fallenoumilkymist making arduino babies22:51
Fallenouthat could be right, with the softcore AVR :)22:51
wpwraklekernel: how does it make you feel, to be granddaddy of arduinos ? :)22:51
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