#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2012-06-05

lekernelkristianpaul: no, there's no framebuffer yet10:51
lekernelkristianpaul: have you been able to fix your clang build problem?10:52
lekernelI have cmake version 2.8.810:52
lekernelwhat's yours?10:52
kristianpaulnot fixed afaik...11:05
kristianpaulfrom last ubuntu lts11:06
lekerneltry autocrap maybe (llvm has both)11:18
lekerneliirc JP has written some autocrap instructions in one of the readme's11:21
kristianpaulbbl going to work !11:25
stekern2.8.7 should work fine (it does here at least)11:39
lekernelstekern: you have built the modified lm32 version? works for you?11:45
kristianpaulstekern: odd for me then..14:56
kristianpaulstekern: lekernel what is your distro?14:56
kristianpauli'll try on trusty debian :)14:56
kristianpaulhad u tried the urjtag recently btw?15:06
kristianpauli know it got ported but dunno if works well and the usb bugs the other day too15:06
lekernelhaven't reinstalled urjtag for a while...15:48
kristianpaulfollowing wolfspra1l qoute about cpu processing mp3 at low mhz19:25
Fallenouhttp://pastebin.com/DHU8yf9c < ahahah20:12
Fallenou(sorry for the basic instinct of liking when it just blows)20:13
kristianpauloh wow an activate mmu command !20:37
Fallenouwait a sec20:38
kristianpauli tought that was decided just in sinthesis20:39
FallenouMMU logic is included or not at synthesis time indeed20:41
Fallenouthe "mmu activate" means going into user mode (which means virtual addresses gets translated into physical ones)20:41
Fallenouand "mmu disactivate" means going into kernel mode20:41
Fallenouwhich disactivates address translations20:41
kristianpaulwhat is that usefull for? (activate and desactivate)20:42
Fallenouyou know, usually you have 2 (or 4 or other number) of "mode"20:43
Fallenouprivileged mode / user mode20:43
Fallenousomething like this20:43
Fallenouthat we could call "kernel mode"/"user mode"20:43
Fallenouwhen Linux kernel code is running, physical addresses are used20:44
Fallenoukernel address space is not virtual, it's physical20:44
Fallenoubasically when kernel code runs, mmu is disabled20:44
Fallenouand when you switch back to user processus, you activate back the MMU20:44
Fallenouso you therefore need a way to activate/disactivate the mmu :)20:45
kristianpaulso this switch happens all time?20:45
Fallenouat each IRQ, each syscall20:45
Fallenouand upon page fault (which is an exception)20:45
Action: kristianpaul wonder where is the watchdog when you need it ;-)20:55
Fallenouhttp://pastebin.com/gtp1EtMR :)21:00
wpwraknice ;-)21:37
Fallenouhum hum SoC hangs if a memory store triggers a page fault :)21:51
FallenouI will need to simulate that one21:51
Fallenouonly the "page fault during memory load" is handled correctly atm so21:52
Fallenouwould have been too easy if everything was working :p21:52
Action: Fallenou likes the new interactive tests21:52
Fallenouhttp://pastebin.com/549beWPV ^^"21:53
Fallenoutime to sleep21:53
Fallenougn8 !21:53
qwebirc45162i can tell you guys are technocrats. especially by the quote that was put on the box. so of course you would find it humorous that there's no way to hook up the  milkymist to a computer. not unless of course you have the money for the vga converter. 500 dollars for nothing. im probably selling it (and i just got it today)23:48
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