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wolfspraulllhdl and antares still 404...00:00
wolfspraulmaybe I dig in my archives somewhere and upload a mirror00:01
wolfspraulok I temporarily uploaded llhdl and antares until Sebastien gets to it, then I delete again... https://github.com/weidu/llhdl https://github.com/weidu/antares01:48
Fallenouwolfspraul: ok thanks for the upload :)07:40
wolfspraulvery welcome07:41
cladamw_(latest m1r4 AD routed pcb, not final) http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware/milkymist_one/pcb/r4/053012/MILKYMISTONE.pdf08:58
cladamw_(sources) http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware/milkymist_one/pcb/r4/053012/r4_design_20120530.tar.bz208:58
cladamw_(layers) 1- Top(red), 2- gnd(brown), 3- in1(dark green), 4- in2(light green), 5-pow(purpure), 6-Bottom(blue)09:01
lekernelhttp://lekernel.net/wacom.pdf pcb scans of a wacom tablet11:49
wpwrakhmm. so the layout guys converted one of the ground layers of m1rc3 to a signal layer.12:07
wpwrakso we should look for parallel green-green lines, as they could have crosstalk. the light green power trace behind J16 has a dark green trace underneath it for a while.12:08
wpwrakand there's also green-green fun below the label "C225"12:09
Fallenouthey removed a ground layer ?12:10
wpwrakand of course north and northeast of J2712:10
FallenouI guess they know what they're doing since they do layout for graphics card, mother boards etc12:10
Fallenouat least they know better than me :p12:10
wpwraklooks promising, though. the routing of the dvi signals looks nice. i just hope trace length isn't nearly as critical as some of those data sheets want to make us believe12:11
wpwraktrust is good. control is better ;-)12:12
FallenouI guess we won't be able to output 4k resolution anyway :p12:13
Fallenou4k is the new "HD" marketing term, it will soon pop on every package =) bigger bigger bigger !12:14
wpwrak4k was yesterday. now it's 8K UHDTV12:14
Fallenou8k OLED12:14
wpwrakif the folks at ITU have done a good job, then even 8K UHDTV will have some CGA-like fallback mode. like even USB 3.0 still includes good old low-speed. marketine people like this. "<B>USB <BLINK>3.0</BLINK> compliant ports</B> <FONT size="0.5pt">Low-speed</FONT>"12:17
Fallenoulol !12:18
FallenouAFAIK USB 3.0 is so "different" than 2.0 they had to include a complete 2.0 host inside the 3.0 host12:19
Fallenouin order to keep compatibility12:19
wpwrakremember, they did just the same with high-speed12:19
Fallenouhum really ?12:20
wpwraktook years before the EHCIs started to disappear12:20
wpwrakUHCI for full and low plus an EHCI for high12:20
Fallenouoh ok12:20
Fallenouthen you have OHCI for both full low and high ?12:20
wpwrakthey're in the same chip. with a switch for the signal lines. doesn't get much cruder ;-)12:20
wpwrakyes, low an high were always together12:21
wpwraki.e., there's no USB 0.x that only does low-speed ;-)12:21
Fallenouhop polled uart is working :)19:32
Action: Fallenou has a bios prompt working with irq disabled19:32
Fallenouok exception handler is executed when I read from a non mapped address on real FPGA20:20
Fallenouright now exception handler disables MMU and prints "TOTO" and then return20:20
Fallenouit returns to the code which was previously running :)20:20
Fallenouso far, so good20:20
Fallenounow let's analyze existing mapping an re-map the faulty page20:21
Fallenounot sure if I can retrieve the virtual address which caused the fault from the exception handler right now20:21
Fallenoulet's commit a bit in order to show that progress has been made :p20:24
GitHub85[milkymist-mmu] fallen pushed 2 new commits to mmu: http://git.io/xScMQA20:28
GitHub85[milkymist-mmu/mmu] Improve MMU DTLB load store tests - Yann Sionneau20:28
GitHub85[milkymist-mmu/mmu] Add support for polling mode UART - Yann Sionneau20:28
GitHub88[milkymist-mmu] fallen pushed 1 new commit to mmu: http://git.io/uFKcKA20:36
GitHub88[milkymist-mmu/mmu] Make DTLB generate exception uppon TLB miss - Yann Sionneau20:36
GitHub142[milkymist-mmu] fallen pushed 1 new commit to mmu: http://git.io/2vGWvw20:38
GitHub142[milkymist-mmu/mmu] Add a test for DTLB exception handling in Milkymist BIOS - Yann Sionneau20:38
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