#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2012-05-23

wpwrakroh: hmm, i didn't pay that much attention. could be.00:41
mwallescrew fdpic..19:22
mwallejust use flat binaries, even linked statically..19:23
mwallescrew the rootfs, just use the flickernoise bianry, brings you the benefits of linux (the kernel).. of course there might be some 'helper' files like /dev ;)19:25
mwallewithout any need of an mmu19:25
mwalleof course you still have to fix the scheduler bug ;)19:25
mwalleand replace theobromas signalling code ;)19:26
kristianpaulflat binary :)21:27
wpwraknaw, multiple executables are useful. they allows you to break down the monolithic FN into more manageable parts. e.g., you could move the compiler into its own executable.21:46
lekernel_emacs lol21:51
mwallewpwrak: yeah, but for a start you could squash everything into one binary, just like were doing now, except that the os is also linked to this lib ;)21:51
mwallewpwrak: that way you can ignore the shared libs with flt binaries for now21:52
mwalleand at that point there may be an mmu ready to use with elf binaries21:52
lekernel_maybe the next mm will use no OS at all ;)21:52
lekernelmwalle: still want the interrupts in navre by the way?21:54
lekerneldon't know if you saw my reply... http://lists.milkymist.org/pipermail/devel-milkymist.org/2012-May/003026.html21:55
mwallelekernel: yeah saw it, i'll prepare a patch, little time atm21:58
mwallelekernel: but thanks for the review21:58
mwallewe're planning a move atm ;)21:59
lekerneloh? where?22:00
mwallenot to far away, to saarbr├╝cken city22:01
mwalle20km from here22:01
lekernelnever leave your state heh ;)22:01
mwalleyeah :)22:01
wpwrak(emacs) seems a bit lost amidst all the proprietary tools22:08
wpwrakhmm ... http://www.dz.ee.ethz.ch/en/our-range/background-information/asic-cost-estimator.html22:15
wpwrakproduction masks .. 1.75 MUSD22:16
wpwrak"VC purchase and assimilation [USD] *" royalties for the borg ?22:17
lekernelwhat's VC?22:19
lekernelat least engineers are paid more than managers in this spreadsheet ;)22:21
wpwraknope. managers make 140 kUSD/yr, engineers only 120 kUSD22:27
wpwrakat least still a quite reasonable difference22:27
wpwrakbut perhaps that VC stuff is the management bonus ? :)22:27
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