#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2012-05-20

wpwraklekernel: i see that you may not be the inventor of the "autocrap" pet name :)00:19
rohlekernel: ive seen some people evaluating nuttx02:09
rohseemed sane.. but havent looked at the code myself yet02:09
kristianpaulnuttx for a system with 128Mb if ram...02:15
kristianpauli heard main target was system with low memory resources02:16
kristianpaulmost books and code _i_ had found/read for embeddes mentione eCos, but i dont have done nothing practical with it to be honest02:19
rohwhy not?03:10
rohits an non-mmu os for stuff which is >50k ram and <4g ram (afaik, its 32bit, no clue if there is an artificial limit)03:11
kristianpaulnot because you *could* run Linux already :-)03:25
kristianpaulwith all that un-unsed ram still..03:26
kristianpaullekernel: why not a newlibc BSP and you get tcp/ip libs from somwhere else ?03:28
lekernelgrmbl... nuttx may not use autocrap, but its toolchain build system does. and it fails loudly.18:16
lekernelanyway that thing has a chance of building with llvm... hopefully I can bypass that18:17
wpwrakwhy not use the gcc we already have ?18:33
lekernelsince we have to mess with the toolchain, let's kill the remaining stinky bits of gnu18:35
wpwrakbring in the fresh scent of apple ;-)18:36
lekernelyay, it compiles with llvm. doesn't link, but this seems unrelated...18:43
Fallenouwpwrak: trowll trowll !19:00
Fallenouif it's open source, documented, clean, and it works (and free) : then we don't care that apple is behind I think :)19:01
wpwrakFallenou: the question is what happens with the project the day apple decide to make it closed. the license permits doing that. gcc has already survived several changes of leadership. llvm still has to stand this test.19:11
Fallenouwell apple is not the "owner" of llvm, is it ?19:12
Fallenouapple started a few yers ago to get interested in llvm (starting with Mac OS X 10.6 ? 10.5 ?)19:12
FallenouI don't exactly know the power that Apple has over the llvm project, but I hope they had the good idea to protect themself from being too dependant on Apple help19:14
wpwrakapple is the company that pays the llvm developers. this means they may also own patents on it. note that the llvm's legalese only mentions patent grants for "users", not for developers.19:16
wpwraksee what oracle is doing to the remains of sun for an example of what sort of nastiness can happen19:17
larscor what apple did with cups19:18
wpwrakyeah, that was a bit odd, too. may actually make sense from a technical point of view, but still19:20
Fallenouhum patents, really, disgusting19:23
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