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cladamwwpwrak, did you try to let lables of differential signals as from  something_[P:N]  to  [p:n]_something   ?03:00
cladamwwpwrak, the ETH_INT_N, i just didn't carefully see it, now surely changed to nETH_INT03:01
wpwrak(foo_P/N -> P/N_foo) yes, i saw that. i think the P/N is different from the FOO_N vs. nFOO for negation. the nFOO is a characteristic of the information. the _P and _N is a way how that information is translated into signals.03:15
wpwrake.g., you could conceivably have an nINT signal that passes through a conversion to differential and then becomes nINT_P/nINT_N .. and gets converted back to nINT at the end of the differential line03:16
wpwrakso i'd keep the foo_P/foo_N notation, even if it may seem somewhat inconsistent03:17
wpwrak(of course, also the differential example isn't bullet-proof) e.g., you could have an inverter that turns nINT into INT, and everybody would agree that the two signals should be called nINT and INT, not nINT and nINT_N or such.03:18
wpwrakso it's more a question of gut feeling and common choice. at least differential signals have only a few choices, basically P/N and +/-.03:19
wpwrakwith inversion, we have a lot more. which also makes it easier to pick a relatively uncommon one ;-) (as long as it works nicely)03:20
cladamwso labels for differential signals expressed as foo_P/foo_N is more easier to understand its gut.03:58
wpwrakhehe ;-)04:08
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