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kristianpaulwich symptom?00:27
wpwraksb0 wrote that he think the poor state of milkymist documentation is merely a symptom [of the world ignoring it]00:34
wpwraki'd say that the two often go hand in hand - if you00:35
kristianpaulif you ignore it too? :)00:35
wpwrak're uncertain about a product, you look at the documentation. if it doesn't exist or is obscure, you'll quickly lose interest in the product00:35
wpwrak(if you ...) naw, hit Enter when i meant to hit '00:36
mischief6sb is sebastian right00:37
kristianpaulif you wrote something you write some doc, right? or you dont care so expect others contribute undertadning your code and writing it00:38
kristianpaulso is an "arma de doble filo"00:38
kristianpaulor a uncertain result as you said ideed00:38
kristianpaulabout FN, a documentation is a must for lowering barrier, and perhaps that is not a good motivation...00:41
wpwrakmischief6: don't you think more people would find M1 more accessible if it had good documentation ?00:42
wpwrakmischief6: and even among those who like M1, there seems to be considerable confusion. e.g., guyzmo seems to think in terms of graphics primitives. M1 is incredibly weak when it comes to that. its strength are the iterative effects. these are quite different worlds.00:45
kristianpauloh yes wpwrak , i get confusde at first by looking at primitives at first00:46
kristianpauland i wasnt a connoisseur of milkdrop before...00:47
wpwrakyes, and the primitives that are there don't correspond you anything you're likely to know ;-)00:47
wpwraks/nd you/nd to/00:47
wpwrakmy typing is getting worse and worse. need food.00:48
kristianpaullikely to know and mix in you friend from the first day, indeed00:58
sb0not of the world ignoring it (that's another symptom), but of usability/attractiveness issues01:03
kristianpauloops too fast01:06
kristianpaulit could be attractive if you tell how :)01:06
mischief6wpwrak: i have not had any experience with the milkymist. but sebastian has been hanging around noisebridge the last week or so, and gave a nice demonstration even with some technical difficulties01:53
mischief6if i decided to start developing with it, i'd probably expect something easy to pick up and intuitive. short of that, i'd probably drop it unless i had a reason for more dedication.01:54
kristianpaulyou had already decided to pick/buy a m1 and start working on it?02:02
wpwrakmischief6: okay, so you're already well beyond first contact. that's where i think we have a lot of difficulties. of course, also the next steps are unnecessarily hard.02:14
mischief6no no. i do not have one or am i deciding to work on it :P02:51
guyzmowpwrak - interesting remark08:51
guyzmobut doing some MM1 show off at different events, and meeting the vj community (and sadly I'm not part of it), that's what I learned08:52
guyzmoI mean, what they've told me08:52
guyzmoon how they do their stuff, what's their trend nowadays etc..08:52
wpwrakguyzmo: that's probably because all the PC graphics work that way :)10:48
Action: guyzmo at the workshop14:48
guyzmoonly about a dozen people came by :-S14:48
guyzmoand I had a bug in the qi firmware : you can't get out the render mode14:49
guyzmothe esc or right click bugs14:49
guyzmoI had to reflash on latest release in urgence :p14:49
Fallenouguyzmo: the right click not exiting rendering mode anymore is a feature14:53
Fallenouit has been made like this so that you don't exit rendering mode by accident :)14:53
Fallenouabout the ESC key, I don't know14:53
kristianpauland thats how a feature become a bug :)15:02
Fallenoudon't be too pessimistic :p15:02
kristianpaulguyzmo: "but exit render mode have to use 'Ctrl + ESC' or HOLD left button."15:04
kristianpaulor was F215:05
kristianpaultry try15:05
Fallenouto exit rendering mode :)15:07
kristianpaulno more a bug anymore ;-)15:11
wpwrakall the keyboard shortcuts are intentionally cryptic and try to use key combinations that don't exist on reduced-size keyboards16:33
wpwraki think it's all a question of understanding the design goals :)16:33
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