#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2012-05-06

--- Sun May 6 201200:00
Fallenousb0: thanks for your MMU code review20:08
sb0http://ehsm.eu/ just announced :)20:24
Fallenouohoh :)20:25
Fallenouwith Nick Farr20:26
Fallenouahah he is a pretty good speaker20:26
Fallenouthe romm(s) will be hot !20:26
Fallenouawesome !20:26
Fallenousb0: will you send an announcement email on tmp lab mailing list ? :)20:39
sb0yeah moment20:40
Fallenousb0: will it collide with 29C3 dates ?20:52
Fallenouis it right after ?20:52
sb0same time20:52
Action: Fallenou does not have 29C3 dates20:52
Fallenougood idea, you will attract people which are already there for the CCC20:52
wpwraksb0: excellent ! does the CFP have a deadline ?20:58
wpwrakah, Nov 21. wow, that's late20:59
kristianpaulhmm new aemb desing or?...23:31
kristianpauloh, Only hotfixes for the AEMB core. Future development will focuse on the T3RAS core.23:50
wolfspraulwhat are aemb and t3ras ?23:57
--- Mon May 7 201200:00

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