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wulgulmerang_Dear Community, I am looking for a freedom hardware and freedom software platform, as I'd like to learn about hardware (CAD/circuit diagrams), whilst also coding a 3d presentation of the hardware layer (showing data flow as a series of animations)?  Wulgulmerang.00:36
wolfspraulFallenou: I'm late to the party but congrats to your recent mmu progress!00:44
wolfspraulwulgulmerang_: hmm. I cannot really understand what you have in mind right now. Can you explain a bit more?00:45
wulgulmerang_(wolfspraul) First thing.  A FaiF hardware platform (with associated hardware diagrammatics) :-)00:47
wolfspraulwhat is your use case? what's the point?00:48
wolfspraullearn about 'hardware'? what do you mean with 'hardware'?00:49
wolfspraulwhat kind of computers are you using right now and what's the limitation with them that drives you to your mission?00:49
wolfspraulfaif = free as in freedom00:52
wulgulmerang_(wolfspraul) FaiF = Free as in Freedom.  I am currently on the OSX platform.  The OSX platform relies partially on proprietary software.  The OSX hardware is also proprietary e.g. the BroadCom Network Adaptor.  I need a platform that contains no proprietary software or hardware e.g. Libre Linux or some other GNU/Linux OS approved by the Free Software Foundation.  I need a FaiF hardware platform (with associations circuit board diagrammatic's and00:54
wulgulmerang_specification e.g. 2D/3D information + information flow diagrams)& so that I can start work on a project which educates the user about the software/hardware processes, using 3d visualisation.  So that the user can see the hardware working in 3d, in real-time, as they interact with the terminal or desktop ;-)  Obviously, this is a collaborative project.00:54
wolfspraulto be honest with you, I think you are quite a bit removed from reality, so I don't know how to give you any good guidance00:58
wulgulmerang_Why removed from reality Wolfspraul?00:59
wolfspraulmaybe a good first step is if you familiarize yourself with hardware-related free software, like kicad/geda, things in the direction of IC design, mechanical design, etc.01:00
wolfspraulbut I really don't know01:00
wolfspraulsimulation of digital machines? don't know01:01
wulgulmerang_simulation of digital machines& yes& that's the future (as long as it's on freedom hardware and software).  In the video above, the guy who helped design MilkyMist, just said "This is Free Software running on Free Hardware". ;-)01:06
wolfspraulsure, buy one and start :-)01:06
wolfspraulfrom what you write, I gather you are in theory/thinking mode01:07
wolfspraulwhich is good01:07
wolfspraulbut when do you translate some of your thinking into actions?01:07
wolfsprauldon't know01:07
wolfsprauldo you want to?01:07
wolfspraulit's going to be a long road of realizations, but if you are motivated of course you can do it and have some fun along the way as well01:07
wulgulmerang_The premise is "the emancipation of human civilisation" through a technological renaissance.  It is the long road to true freedom.  I don't want to using anything proprietary.  Ray Kurzweil stated that proprietary data would be off limits to the public, after the biotechnology and nanotechnology revolutions.  Real-time simulations of FaiF hardware and software, is not only a learning tool, for educating all ages, it is the driver, which will drive01:19
wulgulmerang_Biotechnology and NanoTechnology.  If Nicola Tesla was right, we have the opportunity to one day, move reality, through the free energy provided by the Sun (Yes, that's what I believe is the next revolution after nano technology (but perhaps a few steps passed).  And to be free in the future, means to be free in the present.  The military intelligence complex is doing everything to keep people within propriety spheres.  Yes, wolfspraul, it's a long ro01:19
wulgulmerang_and currently, I can only hit a nail with a hammer, or crack a nut with a stone.  But it's a vision which will drive me until my transcendence back into infinite energy (I cannot contemplate a finite universe with entropy).  So, the Milkymist platform is FaiF both on hardware and software.  Is there a more affordable alternative, that is more Linux Libre friendly?  On the edge of reality, you'll always sound nuts ;-)01:19
wolfspraullike I said - I cannot help you :-)01:20
wulgulmerang_You already have Wolfspraul.  Kicard/gEda ;-)  Many thanks.01:21
Thihiwulgulmerang_, not actually related to what you want to learn, but if you want to learn to think about your future enemies, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUEvRyemKSg01:29
wulgulmerangThanks Thihi :-)01:32
qwebirc71260What version of GNU/Linux runs on MilkyMist (it is approved by the Free Software Foundation)?01:40
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