#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2012-04-22

GitHub94[board-m1] adamwang pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/board-m1/commit/9564c146ad7ce840c5887b4d4eee741c86a978b802:46
GitHub94[board-m1/master] fixed Uncoonected wires which caused by continuous global lable arrangement of FLASH_D[15..0]. - Adam Wang02:46
GitHub58[board-m1] adamwang pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/board-m1/commit/38faa9854afd1bebf9b7231778429b3d8f7306db05:41
GitHub58[board-m1/master] added R183 & changed FLASH_STS_N to FLASH_STS - Adam Wang05:41
GitHub28[board-m1] adamwang pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/board-m1/commit/4bb91a86f919c9c957278d35f303fa1377faa19205:47
GitHub28[board-m1/master] changed U18's pin16 local lable VGA_B7 to VGA_B0 - Adam Wang05:47
kyakok, you can laugh at me, but i was sure that mm's component plugs are actually outs11:36
kyakso i bought 3 RCA plug-plug and connected it to my TV and was wondering why it doesn't work :)11:37
kyakmy usb bluetooth keyboard is not working.. i was sure that it pretends to be a generic keyboard11:38
kyakwhile trying to "Update from web", it says "failed to download bitstream"11:40
kyaklines look pretty ugly when mm is connected to my TV via VGA11:41
kyakin any resolution11:41
kyakit's like they are shadowed11:42
kyak"Update from files".. How do i put files there?11:43
kyakwhat is "remote access"?11:46
kyakbtw, even if i set 1024x768 for the "Desktop", it still goes to 640x480 in visualization mode11:47
Fallenouhehe I confirm that components are inputs and not outputs11:48
kyakthat's also not so bad :) now i can connect my home media player to mm rather than connecting mm to TV :)11:48
Fallenouyes :)11:49
Fallenouabout updates , here you go : http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flashing_the_Milkymist_One11:49
Fallenoufirst section11:49
FallenouUpdate from web and update from files11:49
Fallenoukyak: about your usb bluetooth keyboard, please don't hesitate to send the usb descriptor to the mailing list (sudo lsusb -vvv -d deviceid:vendorid in Linux)11:51
Fallenoumy usb bluetooth mouse does not work either :)11:51
kyakoh thanks a lot11:51
kyakwill do11:51
Fallenoukyak: remote access is FTP access, you can set it up in the setting menu (settings or something similar, don't have my M1 with me right now)11:52
Fallenouyou just open the menu, set up a login and password, and then connect to your M1 via FTP11:52
Fallenoumake sure to boot with ethernet wire plugged in, so that DHCP can do it's magic :)11:53
Fallenoujust out of curiosity, what is your SoC and software version right now in the about menu ?11:53
kyakok, need to find a wired keyboard to enter those login/pass for FTP11:54
kyakor is there soem default?11:54
kyakmy version now are soc 1.1/fn 1.1/ patch tool 6211:54
Fallenouso you can update to 1.211:58
Fallenouwhich has MIDI usb afaik :)11:58
kyakit shows those versions as available for upgrade11:58
kyakbut can't download the images11:58
FallenouI think I had troubles with web update too11:59
FallenouI had to update from files11:59
Fallenoujust like you11:59
FallenouI'm afraid there is no default password for ftp :x11:59
FallenouI had no keyboard, but xiangfu sent me his config file with ftp activated with login 'a' and password 'a'11:59
kyakprobably i will go jtag way.. it's all set up, and finding a wired keyboard is not possible right now11:59
kyakhow did you use xiangfu's config?12:00
FallenouI must have copied it over NFS mount12:02
kyakhm.. didn't see such an option12:03
Fallenouyou can mount a NFS shared folder on the M112:03
Fallenouusing the RTEMS shell12:03
Fallenouusing your jtag cable to get a serial console12:03
kyakhow do i access RTMES shell?12:03
kyakah ok12:03
Action: Fallenou is trying to find xiangfu email12:05
FallenouI found it back using http://en.qi-hardware.com/mmlogs/milkymist_2012-02-25.log.html :)12:08
Fallenouwith this config file, password and login are 'a'12:09
kyakwhen using reflash_mm1.sh i have errors like "Unknown cable type: milkymist" and following...12:13
kyakError: Cable not configured. Please use 'cable' command first!12:13
Fallenoutry with sudo12:13
Fallenoudon't forget to write down your mac address12:13
Fallenounot to lose it12:13
Fallenouif you don't have a sticker12:13
Fallenoureflashing could erase your mac address12:14
kyakcan't i just use a DEADBEAF mac address?12:14
kyak(sudo) already added myself as an owner of 20b7:0713 usb device via udev..12:14
kyaksame errors when i'm root12:15
Fallenouwell you could use your own mac address12:16
Fallenoubut it would be a shame :)12:16
FallenouMilkymist has it's own mac address range12:16
kyakhe :)12:16
Fallenouyour M1 has been shipped to you with a unique mac address12:16
Fallenoutry not to lose it :)12:16
kyaki agree, it's pretty cool.. though i have a range of broken network cards i can steal unique macs from :)12:17
Fallenouhow did you install the jtag software ?12:17
kyaki'm running arch linux, i just installed urjtag from aur12:17
FallenouAgreed, but it won't show up as "Milkymist" in wireshark ;) *nerd*12:17
FallenouI guess you should use custom urjtag12:18
Fallenouit didn't work for me either with Debian urjtag12:18
Fallenou"compile urjtag"12:18
kyak(mac) do i need to remember just the last octet?12:19
Fallenouthe 2 last bytes I think12:19
kyakok, it's 00:57 (just in case i forget i find it in logs)12:20
kyaki've stolen the configure args from the wiki and updated the PKGBUILD.. let's see how it works12:22
FallenouI had to disactivate a few options in the configure to make it compile fine12:22
Fallenoubut I guess you will find out soon :)12:23
kyakerror messages start with "Unknown cable type: milkymist"12:23
kyakthis is pretty strange12:23
kyakdo i need to provide a "config" for "milkimist cable"?12:23
kyakor how does urjtag know about milkymist ?12:24
Fallenouas far as I remember, I just followed the wiki page and it went fine12:25
Fallenouare you sure you are using the new urjtag you just compiled ?12:25
Fallenoutry ldconfig and sudo ldconfig12:26
kyakok, i need urjtag-git to start with.. i'm using 0.10, it doesn't support mm i think12:28
Fallenouoh sure, you really need to compile the version pointed by the wiki page12:31
FallenouI thought you modified the arch build process to fetch the correct version :)12:31
kyakFallenou: while it compiles.. Do i need to power on mm during flash?12:38
kyakseems kinda awkward that mm draws something on TV while being flashed.. is it ok?12:38
kyakor do i need to boot it in a special mode?12:39
Fallenounever plugged the vga to something while reflashing, sorry dunno12:39
Fallenoujust plug power, plug usb, do the flash12:39
kyakso i'll unplug vga then :)12:39
Fallenounothing special to do12:39
kyakhow long does it take to flash?12:39
FallenouI only flashed the entire M1 once, but it was quick IIRC12:40
Fallenouusually I only flash the bios :)12:40
wolfspraulkyak: nice to see you start playing with it! :-)12:41
wolfspraulthese things take time until you know the "essential workarounds" :-)12:41
kyakok, it reflashes now :)12:41
wolfspraulwhere I guess everybody has a slightly different set of them...12:41
wolfspraulplease keep your feedback coming, as a first-timer it's invaluable!12:41
kyakah now, not really..12:42
kyakok, be back soon.. :)12:42
FallenouError: Unable to detect JTAG chain end! < hum ! strange !12:43
wolfspraulI was unsuccessful flashing on Fedora, but on Debian it worked12:43
wolfspraulso on my Fedora system I now have a Debian kvm machine just for m1 flashing :-)12:44
Action: Fallenou is using Debian too, in virtualbox12:45
Fallenoukyak: maybe try another usb cable12:46
Fallenoushorter one ?12:47
wolfspraulit reminds me of my fedora problems, which after a frustrating hour or so I just bypassed with the Debian VM12:59
Fallenoutoo bad, since F14 has all the tools for M1 dev IIRC12:59
wolfspraulhe could also try reducing the frequency from 6000000 to 3000000 (half) or less12:59
wolfspraulthat has helped some people before, but just another long shot13:00
kyakhm, none of these helped13:31
kyakreducing the frequency or changing the cable13:32
Fallenougoing to vote, bbl13:34
kyakvote smart :)13:35
kyakwhat's the difference between http://milkymist.org/updates/current/ (1 Mar 2012) and http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Milkymist_One/latest/ (4 Apr 2012)?13:35
kyakwtf.. "detect" works in jtag even if i type it fast enough after "cable milkymist"13:45
kyakin fact, i have to paste these two lines13:46
kyakand it still shows "Error: Unable to detect JTAG chain end!"13:46
Action: Fallenou is back14:03
kyakFallenou: what are the serial port settings to get to console?14:04
Fallenouclone the milkymist repository14:04
Fallenouand use tools/flterm --port /dev/ttyUSB014:04
kyakah cool :)14:05
Fallenoumake -C tools/ flterm14:05
kyak[FLTERM] Starting...14:05
kyakand nothing14:06
Fallenouclose flterm14:06
Fallenousudo rmmod ftdi_sio14:06
Fallenousudo rmmod usbserial14:07
Fallenouunplug usb cable14:07
Fallenouplug it again14:07
Fallenouwait a few seconds, then run flterm --port /dev/YourTtyUSB14:07
Fallenouand power cycle the M114:07
Fallenouyou should see something in the console when the M1 boots14:09
Fallenouthe bios for instance14:09
Fallenouand then, the RTEMS shell14:09
kyakso i had ot have flterm running while rebooting mm14:09
kyaki have the console now, thanks!14:09
Fallenouyou're welcome :)14:10
FallenouI have a little script that does the 2 rmmod, when my console does not work anymore, I run the script and unplug/plug again the cable14:10
kyaktricky, but it works :)14:11
wolfspraulkyak: what is your host system?14:11
wolfspraulas I said I had a similar problem on Fedora (and I think kristianpaul as well)14:12
kyakmy host is arch linux14:12
wolfspraulsomething in libusb maybe, but I just went to debian and it was gone14:12
wpwrak(jtag) the problems seems to be fjmem.bin. perhaps you simply don't have it around ?14:12
wolfspraulok [arch linux]14:12
Fallenouin theory xiangfu script tests if the fjmem.bin is present, and downloads it if it's not14:12
Fallenoukyak: ls -alr ~/.qi/14:13
Fallenouerr alR14:13
kyaki replaced those ${HOME}/.qi with ${HOME}/build/mm for my convenience :)14:13
wpwrakah, using xiangfu's script. yes, that should take care of it14:14
Fallenouhello wpwrak :)14:14
kyakfjmem.bit is there14:14
xiangfuit should be download fjmem.bin14:14
Fallenoueveryone's up to help you kyak !14:14
kyakthere is no fjmem.bin14:14
kyakbtw, reflash_m1.sh complained to 404 during dowbload14:15
kyakwhen i used --release14:15
kyakbut worked fine with --qi14:15
kyak(see my question about the difference between two mirrors)14:15
xiangfukyak, I guess you are using a old reflash_m1.sh?14:15
kyakxiangfu: just the one linked from wiki14:16
xiangfuversion: 2012-03-0514:16
kyakwget https://raw.github.com/milkymist/scripts/master/scripts/reflash_m1.sh14:16
kyak2012-03-05 it is14:17
wpwrakthe device ID is interesting: 0x24008093. that's stepping 2. my m1rc3 has stepping 3. so we have a mix of steppings. not sure if there's much of a difference between them, though14:18
wpwrakFallenou: heya :)14:18
xiangfukyak, oh. yes. --release. will report some 404 error. it should be ignore by reflash_m1.sh.14:19
kyakxiangfu: just did everything from scratch: http://dpaste.com/735566/14:19
kyakstill the same prob14:20
wpwrakfind /home/bas/.qi -name fjmem.bin\*14:20
wpwraksame with ~/build/mm then ?14:21
xiangfu"Error: Unable to detect JTAG chain end!" <---14:21
kyakthere is /home/bas/.qi/milkymist/fjmem/fjmem.bit14:21
wpwrakah. yes. sorry. my typo :)14:21
xiangfuwhat is your urjtag version?14:22
kyakUrJTAG 0.10 #202614:22
xiangfu"jtag --version"14:22
kyaklatest svn14:22
wpwrakmaybe try the first steps manually then. (urjtag version looks good)14:22
FallenouI have #201714:22
wpwrakcable milkymist14:23
kyakwpwrak: manually works strange14:23
wpwrakthen see if there's already an error after "detect"14:23
kyakas said, "detect" works only if i paste it together with "cable milkymist"14:23
kyakotherwise it returns nothing14:23
wpwrakhmm. that's suspicious14:23
kyakwpwrak: second time i pasted it14:24
wpwrakvery suspicious indeed. so things already go wrong very early14:25
Fallenouhttp://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.embedded.jtag.urjtag.devel/1249 ?14:25
wpwrakprobably not .. that's just to add a new stepping14:26
kyakperhaps i'll revert to #2017 which works for Fallenou?14:26
FallenouI only have one stepping in my file btw14:27
Fallenoubut yes #2017 works with my M1r3 under Debian14:27
Fallenoukyak: I remember I had troubles with urjtag (especially building it) , maybe try to read this log : http://en.qi-hardware.com/mmlogs/milkymist_2012-01-29.log.html14:29
Fallenoudunno if it can help you14:29
Action: xiangfu is testing #2026 now14:30
xiangfuI also using #2017 for long time.14:30
kyaksorry guys, be back in couple of hours. Thanks for your help!14:31
xiangfujust tested #2026 here. works fine under my ubuntu system.14:34
wpwraki have 2026 as well. works fine. there can be USB physical layer issues. i've seen that on some occasions. my setup is a bit convoluted, with 1-2 hubs in the path. usually picking a cable connected to a different port solves such issues. in any case, the original cable ought to be fine.14:39
wpwrakah, and my libusb (ubuntu onerous) calls itself /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libusb-1.0.so.0.0.014:42
kyakso what's the difference between http://milkymist.org/updates/current/ (1 Mar 2012) and http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Milkymist_One/latest/ (4 Apr 2012)?15:04
xiangfukyak, the "Milkymist_One/latest/" build under buildhost. tested by "http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_Firmware#Test_Plan"15:05
xiangfukyak, and the qi image build with 'hid' branch with support part of Mouse+keyboard device. and qi image have all images you needs15:06
xiangfuhttp://milkymist.org/updates/current/  . the WebUpdate will download image from there.15:06
xiangfu(Mouse+keyboard) I mean Mouse+keyboard combo device.15:11
kyakheh, xiangfu's sysconfig.bin has ip :) luckily, it's in my ip range16:02
kyakunfortunately, a/a for ftp doesn't work -\16:02
Fallenouyou can select dhcp, cannot you ?16:03
Fallenouwith mouse16:03
kyakah yeah, that i can do16:03
kyaklogin/pass is x/x :)16:05
Fallenouit was a/a for me :)16:07
Fallenouanyway, good that it works for you16:07
kyakok, updated the thing..16:12
kyak"patch pool" is still as of version 62 though16:12
kyakwhat can i do?16:12
kyakok, updating patches worked from GUI16:13
kyaki guess i'm good then :) thanks again!16:13
kyakit works, apart from jtag programming16:13
kyakbut at least flterm seems to work fine16:13
kyakand the image is muhc-much better when i hook it up to a monitor16:14
kyakguess the TV is not very good with VGA16:14
kyakit likes HDMI and DVI :)16:14
kyakFallenou: btw, copying those image via nfs didn't work for me either16:16
kristianpaulworks, flashing also by jtag?16:16
kyakthough i copied config find16:16
kyakno, no flashing via jtag16:17
kristianpaulthat Unable to detect JTAG chain end!16:17
kristianpaulreads very suspicious about something physical..16:17
kristianpaulor missing file in urjtag...16:17
kyaktried another cable.. and btw, flashing Ben with the same setup just fine16:18
kyakand you know Ben is also sensible to these types of things16:18
kristianpaulM1 is the top ;)16:18
kyakso it's like Ben in square? :)16:19
kristianpaulyou may geg surprises but is first time i see that jtag chain end message to be honest16:20
kristianpaulbut dont heasite to try shorter usb cables or for example16:20
kyakbtw, is there a way to control mm remotely?16:21
kristianpaulvia jtag :)16:21
kyaki have serial console16:22
kyakhow can i do it?16:22
kristianpauldepends on whtat you want to control,16:22
Fallenouthere is IR (infra red) remote control16:22
kristianpaulsorry you mean by milkymist, flickernoise?16:22
kyakthe visualazation :)16:22
Fallenouyou can send messages via opensound control (OSC)16:22
kristianpauli was thinking in other layers..16:22
kristianpaulindeed, OSC16:22
kyaklike start/stop/change16:22
Fallenouyou can use hardware buttons (3 buttons) on the PCB16:22
kyakoh ok16:22
kyakah, buttons, great16:23
Fallenouyou can bind keyboard buttons16:23
Fallenouor midi buttons16:23
kyakso for example the workflow could be as follows - edit patch, upload via FTP, choose it via buttons[5~16:23
kyakwhat is "midi buttons"?16:24
Fallenouif you hook up a midi controler16:24
Fallenoumidi or midi-usb16:24
Fallenoulike these http://www.korg.com/nanoseries2 for instance16:25
kyakah cool.. it's like another world for me16:25
kyaknever seen these things :)16:25
kyakFallenou: what's going to happen after i send the id of my usb/bt keyboard?16:26
Fallenouyou have also dmx but I don't know if you can send orders like "next patch" or things like this in dmx16:26
kyakto the ML i mean16:26
kyakand if i have a bt mouse, should i do the same?16:26
Fallenouwell first it will let Milkymist contributors know that your keyboard is not supported/working at the moment16:26
Fallenouand they could be able to either tell you why it does not work, and better, if it could be supported any time soon16:26
kyakok.. sounds great16:27
Fallenouand it could help them improve the M1 adding support for it (with your help)16:27
Fallenouit greatly depends on what's actually the real issue that prevents your keyboard from working with the M116:27
kyakdoes it mean that RTEMS doesn't support this device or it just wasn't compiled in?16:27
Fallenoubut it's always a good thing to know :)16:27
kyakok, i got you16:28
FallenouMilkymist is using its own USB host controler, and usb software stack, which is not perfect yet16:28
Fallenouso not all USB compliant devices are working out of the box right now16:28
Fallenoubut it's improving :)16:28
kyaki see16:28
Fallenouwpwrak mwalle and others are working on improving USB system in M116:29
kyakFallenou: a small question about terminology.. what's the difference between a patch and performance?16:38
Fallenoua patch is a text file describing how inputs are processed to produce outputs16:39
Fallenouperformance, is the name of the mode in which the patch is "executed" and the outputs are driven like described in the patch16:39
Fallenou"performance mode"16:39
Fallenoulike "show mode"16:39
Fallenouor "party mode"16:40
kyakk, that's clear16:40
kyakwhy do i press "New" performace and nothing happens?16:40
kyakah. probably it clears the currently chosen patches16:41
Fallenouhum not sure about this button, as I said I don't have my M1 with me16:41
Fallenouand I mostly do development on it16:41
FallenouI played a little bit with performance mode, but not much16:41
Fallenoutry Load or Start16:42
Fallenoua few tips for you : http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flickernoise_user_manual16:44
kyakah, that's a good link.. thanks !16:45
wpwrakkyak: there's no BT support. our plan is to migrate to linux at some point in time, and then to enjoy all the drivers we get there.19:07
wpwrakkyak: FN currently only understands a bit of HID and some of USB-MIDI19:07
kyakwpwrak: got it19:09
kyakwhat is the recommended version of oscsend?19:09
kyaki see several overthere19:09
kyaklong press Middle_button shutdown Milkymist one after power on.19:16
kyakhm.. it indeed switches off.. and then switches back on19:16
kyakgood news: Flickernoise doesn't support UTF-8 :)19:17
kyakin OSD, at least19:17
Fallenousometimes wiki is not up to date, but it gives a good insight usually19:17
kyakoscsend /patch  doesn't seem to work..19:19
kyakok, i'm out..19:21
dvdktrying to upgrade firmware of my M122:41
dvdkfrom the M1's GUI (via web).  Reports "cannot download bistream"22:42
dvdkany ideas what I'm missing?22:42
dvdkit *does* detect that the 1.2 version is available online.22:42
kristianpaulhi, sorry no idea, perhaps missing file22:43
dvdksome problem at the qi-hw webserver from where the stuff is downloaded!?22:44
dvdkdo i need a micro-sd card for the download or does it have enough nand flash internally?22:44
kristianpaulor u should try flash by script and jtag..22:44
kristianpaulno need micro-sd stuff22:45
dvdkwhere's info on fw upgrade?  can't seem to find in qi-hw.com nor milkymist wiki22:46
kristianpaulhere http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flashing_the_Milkymist_One22:48
kristianpaulAutomated JTAG method (for developers)22:48
dvdkah, searched for "upgrade" should have searched for "flashing". hmm.22:48
kristianpaulyeah bit cofusing tough..22:49
dvdkthx kristianpaul, added to my M1 bookmarks22:49
kristianpaulreflash :)22:49
dvdkhmm just running reflash_m1.sh spits out help, though i can't see what else it needs?22:51
dvdkkristianpaul: doesn't help22:53
dvdkit's --qi.  the wiki is wrong.22:53
dvdkkristianpaul: seems to work (prints erasing block...)22:55
kristianpaulyou may want to reflash --data partition22:56
kristianpaulwe need a way to create a milkymist datasheet.. not a wiki or a booki or at least just plain text..22:57
kristianpaulkyak: http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=How_to_make_a_simple_core_for_CSR_bus23:00
kristianpaulkyak: still missing a core for the conbus (including both maste and slave)23:00
Action: kristianpaul dislikes wiki without hihglight for programing languages23:01
kristianpaulin the other side qi wiki had it :)23:01
dvdksomething's broken after upgrade23:15
dvdkdon't seem to have any filesystem data.  also doesn't safe/restore  when rebooting23:16
dvdksays "no patches" on bootup.23:16
kristianpaulhmm perhaps need reflash data partition as well23:19
dvdkreflashing again.23:21
dvdkah, logging in: ls /ssd/patchpool: permission denied23:25
dvdkhow do i reformat the ssd?23:27
kristianpaulmay give you an idea23:29
dvdkkristianpaul: unmount, erase /dev/flash5, then web-update to get patches. thx for info23:44
dvdknew firmware doesn't allow patch to be exited via mouse click?23:44
dvdkdon't have a keyboard connected.  this is annoying.23:45
wolfspra1ldvdk: oh, I see23:47
wolfspra1lthe idea is to stay in flickernoise whenever possible, avoid accidental dropping into FN23:47
wolfspra1lkristianpaul: welcome back from your trip! :-)23:47
dvdkntsc input is lousy btw23:49
kristianpaulwolfspra1l: thanks23:51
wolfspra1ldvdk: thanks for trying! You are probably one of the first to ever try...23:52
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