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GitHub190[board-m1/master] rough done on Power.sch - Adam Wang09:28
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GitHub142[board-m1/master] MISC: add J5/J6/J19 and memcard connector, change the comment from local label to real comment - Xiangfu14:47
lekernel__jimmythehorn, hi :) learned about Milkymist at Notacon I guess?16:19
jimmythehornyep :)16:19
jimmythehornknew of it before, but never really had a chance to look into it16:20
jimmythehornand I rather enjoyed Sebastien's talk16:20
lekernel__thank you ;)16:25
jimmythehornaha.... connecting irc handle to real world name, now, I think ;)16:30
lekernel__azonenberg, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG1kVIIy2Ok Particle Accelerator on a Chip16:33
lekernel__wolfspraul, still have patience blocking mediawiki spam accounts? wow...20:51
mwallelekernel__: do you have an idea/trick how to pass needed information in a state machine apart from the state itself? eg simplify the RETIx states (see here http://paste.debian.net/163584/) and combine them with the normal RET/STALL states?20:51
lekernel__sure, use a register20:52
mwallethen clear in stall state?20:52
mwallethat is, the last state i need that information20:53
lekernel__you can write the register before entering RETI/RET/STALL20:53
lekernel__and read it in any RETIx/RETx/STALLx state to alter the general behaviour20:53
lekernel__(to write, you'll need something like a write enable and a data signal, since you are in a comb process. but I guess you know that already)20:55
mwalleyeah thanks21:00
mwallebtw i had a look at the blocking assignment inside navre21:00
mwalleeg the writeback signal21:01
mwalledo i get it right that converting that to NBAs you have to split it into comb and seq processes?21:03
lekernel__no, you can get away with a seq process21:07
mwallemind a little example? :)21:08
mwallehuh? mix blocking and non blocking assigments?21:12
wpwrakwhat is the unary | called ? haven't noticed that yet21:12
mwallewpwrak: combining operator iirc21:13
lekernel__that's what vhdl does when you have variables :) and afaik tools don't whine as long as those assignments target different signals21:13
lekernel__reduction operator, it ORs all bits from the vectored signal21:13
mwalleah reduction :)21:13
lekernel__you have a unary & too21:14
larscwpwrak: http://www.asic-world.com/verilog/operators2.html21:14
wpwrakoh, handy. thanks !21:15
lekernel__mwalle, note that in this example, you don't need the blocking assignment on v_bar - you can use bar directly, with a NBA21:16
mwallelekernel__: yeah sure, what i've missed was to mix both assignments in one block but not on the same signal :)21:18

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