#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2012-04-05

GitHub123[flickernoise] xiangfu pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/cXcX8Q05:33
GitHub123[flickernoise/master] automatic save performance config file - Xiangfu05:33
GitHub123[flickernoise/master] ctrl+enter direct goto rendering mode - Xiangfu05:33
Jiahi all09:20
Jiaxgcc is killed by lm32-libgcc09:21
lekernelthis is nice: http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdr09:25
lekernelhi Jia09:26
xiangfuJia, lekernel is Sebastien. :-)09:27
Jialekernel: sorry I'm not sure what it is. help me debuging gcc?09:27
lekernelno, completely unrelated. it's just a nice software defined radio hack using a dirt-cheap TV USB stick.09:27
lekernelthat's GCC SVN, right?09:28
Jiayes, trunk.09:28
lekernelwell, yeah, it's been broken for a while already09:28
JiaI just having a try.09:28
Jiaxingfu told me, if I wanna fix it, just try.09:29
JiaOK, my -g -O0 xgcc is done.09:30
Action: Jia start debuging it.09:30
wolfspraulJia: thanks a lot for stopping by in the channel!09:41
wolfspraulI'm having dinner right now but if you stay a little we can chat more later09:41
wolfspraulif you can help with gcc that would be awesome!09:42
Jiawolfspraul: did I ever met you?09:43
JiaI'm going home.09:43
Jiawolfspraul: so long.09:51
wpwraklekernel: you sent me a bunch of very terse mails via github. "Remove the translations as well." and so on. can't figure out the context. what do you mean ?10:35
xiangfuwpwrak, it's github comment on lines.10:36
xiangfuwpwrak, it's about my commit. : https://github.com/milkymist/flickernoise/commit/7799e1fd36344874d20613c983ef01483416574d#commitcomment-117592810:36
xiangfuwpwrak, I will working on that later.10:36
lekernelgithub sends those to everyone, but they were for xiangfu10:36
wpwrakah, i see. no action required then :) thanks10:40
JiaI think gcc lm32 port suppot exception not good enough, so libgcc compiled failed.12:21
wolfspraulJia: hey, you are back :-)12:57
qi-botThe firmware build was successful, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-20120405-2233/22:14
qi-botThe firmware (using branch) build was successful, checkout the VERSIONS for detail, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-20120406-0014/23:54
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