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kristianpaulyeah, nice video13:33
Hodappthat is cool13:35
jonandhello. Is the milkymist one rc3 pcb stackup available somewhere or do I have to install altium to find out?13:41
wolfspraulwe talked about that recently13:41
jonandI'd like to run some SI simulations on the pcb13:41
wolfspraulthere is a utility gerbv that allows you a view into the layers13:41
jonandI've viewed the gerbers but there is no stackup drawing in there13:42
wolfspraulwhat do you mean with stackup drawing?13:42
jonandstackup as in layer and fr4 thickness13:42
wolfspraulthat's just a few numbers, right?13:42
jonandstackup example: http://www.polarinstruments.com/products/stackup/Speedstack.html13:43
jonandI could expect the microstrips on the outer layers to be 50ohms until someone corrects me.. :)13:44
wolfspraultoo bad Adam is already in a 1.5 day mini vacation / public holiday13:44
wolfspraulI have no Altium either and wouldn't even know where to look13:44
wolfspraulbut we'll find this out, definitely13:45
jonandIt should be in the pcb manufacturing archive to avoid getting completely different stackups for each order..13:47
wpwrakwolfspraul: if you have the production order sent to the PCB house, that would probably have it13:50
wolfspraulwe have no local storage, so it must be somewhere13:57
wolfspraulunfortunately the altium files may be the only place, it's possible that they were sent to the pcb maker and they read the stackup data directly from there?14:01
wolfspraulis the stackup data not in the gerber standard, or just not in our gerber files?14:06
wolfspraulthis is a good discovery already :-) (that it's missing...)14:06
wpwraki think it's usually a text document that is sent along with the order14:18
wpwrakat least the ones i saw this far (not many, though) were of that kind14:18
wpwrakaltium may or may not be able to carry this sort of information14:19
wpwrakthis looks like a start: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_RC3_PCB_Specification14:22
wpwrakthis one, on the other hand, is useless: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/PCB_Fabrication_Technical_Information14:23
wpwrakah wait, it's a checklist not a spec. okay, then it has some use14:24
wpwrakthe rc3 pcb spec looks good, though14:27
wpwrakjonand: does it have enough of the parameters you need ?14:28
lekernelso, visikord "launched" at ces2012 and it sounds familiar. https://www.google.com/search?ix=seb&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=ces+2012+visikord18:10
lekernelconclusion: expensive booths and nice demo videos probably won't work for MM, either18:11
lekernelhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FWROIIrNLs => 665 views ...18:13
lekernelthey even have nicer effects (but with more latency)18:14
jonandwpwrak: that will do, thanks19:41
wpwrakyeah, latency kinda sucks :)19:54
wpwrakwe really need some video response effects, though19:55
lekernellike the visikord "triggers"? yeah...19:56
lekernelwhat about this target for the next release: triggers + ffmpeg + worst USB bugs fixed?19:56
wpwrakso .. in 2008, people are still remixing "self control". amazing ;-)19:57
wolfspraulwpwrak: [pcb stackup] adam will give us a definitive answer, but he's only back tomorrow (Friday)23:15
wolfspraultoday is a public holiday in Taiwan23:16
wolfspraulbut it's a really neat little piece of information, I had no idea about 'pcb stackup' :-)23:16
wolfspraulI thought all this must be in the gerbers, but of course we all know the often many-page long checklists when ordering pcbs, so it looks like the gerber format is not really powerful enough in a lot of details23:17
wpwraknaw, gerber is very primitive. it's just the traces. doesn't even have drill information (diameter).23:22
wolfsprauleven so it's so old and widely used, so one would think it can be amended...23:23
wpwrakoh, i'm sure there are many "enhanced" versions of it ;-)23:24
wolfspraulI mean standards23:24
wpwrakhmm, does .doc count ? :)23:25
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