#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2012-03-27

wolfspraulsuch as physical objects, lights, music (dj), etc.00:00
wolfspraulthe mac is indeed not a 500 usd screensaver, it's far worse00:00
wolfspraulit's the ultimate itunes playback machine00:00
wolfspraulkaraoke for dummies00:00
wpwrakthe vjs can also work on their killer compilation. but at home.00:00
wolfspraulthe tech is so strong it will force people to align with it00:01
wolfspraulyou see that brutally obvious when you have a mac next to an m100:01
wolfspraulboth achieve the same end result, more or less, at the party. but the m1 is *far* more interesting.00:01
wolfspraulalso in the things that don't work, of course. the stuff that is unfinished.00:01
wpwraknow we need them to get to shape it with their own hands also in real time -> instrument00:02
wpwrakthat should be the "killer feature" that sells to the VJ00:02
wolfspraulI think features are coming in nicely00:03
wolfspraulone by one00:03
wpwrakmaybe not the audience. they may not be able to tell a great prearranged effect from a mediocre live performance. but for the VJ, it should be a world of difference00:03
wolfspraulaudience reaction I don't know00:03
wpwrak(features) sure. it's more the marketing i think is behind a bit00:03
wolfspraulvisual in general is not very strong, sound waves are far stronger00:03
wolfsprauland then people, drinks00:03
wpwrakdrugs :)00:04
wolfspraulbut yes, given that this was such a great way to compare, next time I have this chance I will try to do a little survey00:04
wolfspraulbut I already know most people will have noticed neither the mac nor m1 visuals much00:04
wolfspraulbut who knows, I may be wrong. I shall investigate :-)00:05
wpwrakyeah, that's one problem we have. i noticed that, since working on M1, i pay a LOT of attention to the visuals.00:05
wolfspraulI hope the m1 can move away from rectangular patches00:07
wolfspraulanything rectangular will immediately make you think you look at another boring computer screen00:07
wpwrakhmm, interesting problem00:08
wolfspraulso the background should be black, and the object it's all about is shaped in whatever form, but please not rectangular00:08
wolfspraula lot of your videos are like that anyway :-)00:08
wpwrakyes, but a lot of the patches we have are different. and also the tornado i'm beating to death goes to the screen edge00:09
wpwrakbut agreed on not filling the screen looking better00:10
wpwrakit makes it look as if there was the whole object, not just a keyhole to peek through00:10
wpwrak"tornado" still has the "starship enterprise main screen" style, though. so that's not as bad as a simple canvas.00:11
wpwrakso i guess we have three grades: 1) whole object in view.00:12
wpwrak2) viewport into an universe we're exploring00:12
wpwrak3) something that takes place within a confined area00:12
wpwrakthat's good thinking. i like it.00:13
qi-botThe firmware build was successful, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-20120327-0311/02:51
qi-botThe firmware (using branch) build was successful, checkout the VERSIONS for detail, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-20120327-0451/04:31
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cladamwxiangfu, i used "reflash_m1.sh --qi --data" and i found it downloaded newest image. after power on, there's high volumn of Micophone up. can you check it ?06:10
qwebirc93611Hiya, I have a couple of quick Milkymist questions - anyone out there?06:53
lekerneldon't ask to ask, just ask06:54
qwebirc93611Nice one...are there only 2 screen modes, ie. one for performance and one for set up...or is it possible to have an 'extended desktop' set up?06:55
wolfspraulI'll let Sebastien (lekernel) answer so we don't duplicate...06:56
qwebirc93611Ok, while thats happening I have question #2...06:57
lekernelyou mean dual screen? not today06:59
qwebirc93611What is the process for loading and saving presets? Is there a community of presets that can be shared, modified etc. Also, I can seem to find any documentation on the scripting for Flickernoise07:00
lekernelyes: https://github.com/milkymist/flickernoise/tree/master/patches07:01
lekernelthe documentation is not good, but you can have a look at the milkdrop guides07:01
qwebirc93611Re: dual screens....OK, so if I was to use it live I would need to set up my controls and once I entered performance mode I couldn't edit these controls without bringing up the menu?07:02
lekernelthere are a few keyboard shortcuts, but generally, no07:03
qwebirc93611Thanks for the patch link - how easy is it to transfer these to the hardware? Am I able to import Milkdrop presets?07:04
lekernelmost of the patches from this link are already loaded when you buy a M1. it can also download them when you upgrade it, and you can transfer them with the built in FTP server.07:05
lekernelmost milkdrop presets will work, usually with a few small adaptations07:06
lekernel(at least the md 1)07:06
qwebirc93611Ok, so the scripting is along these lines - http://www.milkdrop.co.uk/guide.htm07:06
qwebirc93611Thanks for that - I'm in Australia, is the Sharism store my best bet?07:08
wolfsprauldefinitely, we shipped a number of units to australia already07:08
wolfspraulyou have some *great* stuff going on there!07:08
qwebirc93611yeah, I just need more time!07:08
wolfsprauldo you know lzxindustries.net ?07:08
wolfspraulI think they are in Australia as well07:08
qwebirc93611For sure...I'm saving up for an LZX system later this year...they are a Texas/Australia partnership. No local distributors in Australia though!!!07:09
wolfspraulvery good, please keep us posted if you can07:10
wolfspraulalso how you use these systems together, your discoveries, etc07:10
wolfspraulwe are shipping from Taiwan, so if you order in the morning Australia time, it should go out that same day and arrive 2 days later or so07:10
wolfspraulquite fast07:10
wolfspraulworst case let's say 3 days07:10
qwebirc93611Yes, you guys are in Asia yeah - Taipei yeah?07:10
wolfspraulall over07:10
wolfspraultaipei, beijing, berlin, buenos aires, ...07:11
qwebirc93611And it sounds like you have stock :)07:11
wolfspraulyes, can ship any time07:11
wolfsprauljust sold one to Taipei today in fact :-)07:12
wolfspraulthey are selling slowly but we are finding some pioneers here and there07:12
wolfspraulthen we hope we are doing the right things for the future to build upon our base, deliver updates to existing customers, who will hopefully tell their friends, etc.07:12
qwebirc93611Is this your day job?07:12
wolfsprauldepends how you define it07:13
wolfspraulin terms of hours it's more like 2 day jobs07:13
qwebirc93611still eating!?07:13
wolfspraulin terms of dollars it's more like, don't know. praying that some gold nuggets will fall from the sky :-)07:13
wolfspraulbut no complaints, I think the project is beautiful and rewarding07:13
wolfspraulnot everything can be expressed with money07:14
wolfspraulby far not07:14
wolfspraulif you order one, you make a serious contribution towards the future of the project07:14
qwebirc93611I think it's a great concept and it seems as though video synthesis is taking off - absolutely agree about the money thing. I run a not-for-profit arts org!07:14
wolfspraul(if you don't mind)07:14
wolfspraulvery nice, thanks. will definitely read later (have to run for some errands now)07:16
qwebirc93611I've actually gotta go too, sorry - thanks for the chat though. Hit me up on email if you want - andrew@human.org.au07:16
wolfspraulbtw, this channel is logged and searchable07:16
wolfspraulsomemetimes you can find answers in the archives07:16
qwebirc93611ok cheers - catch ya :)07:16
wolfspraulsure, nice to meet you07:17
wolfspraulhope you can convince yourself to buy one :-)07:17
qwebirc93611Me too ;)07:17
wpwrakthe IRC logs are a little demanding as a general source for information ;-))10:45
wolfspraulnot if you search11:55
wolfspraulthe search is nice, it's relatively easy to follow specific technical terms, features, nicknames, urls, etc.11:55
wpwraki think you really need to remember the conversation in which the topic was discussed to find it again. well, usually. there must be some exceptions :)12:34
wolfspraulhave you tried the search?12:35
wolfspraulit works well for precise technical terms12:35
wolfspraulsomething like that12:35
wolfspraulmany things, it just works :-)12:36
wpwraksure. but look at the questions qwebirc93611 asked. would you really have found any useful answers for them, not just random technobabble ? :)12:39
wpwrak"insiders" know the terminology (and #milkymist residents who also remember context) and have a much better chance of hitting the right keywords12:40
wolfspraulsure, agreed12:41
wolfspraulnewcomers should ask12:41
wolfspraulask first, get to know people, understand some concepts12:42
wolfspraulbut the search comes in handy if you want to quickly lookup whether this or that topic was discussed earlier12:42
wpwrakif you can guess the keywords :)12:45
wolfspraulcome on it works better than you make it appear :-)12:45
wolfspraulhave you ever used it? try, it's fun12:45
wolfspraulyou can see all the stuff you talked about :-)12:45
wpwrake.g., qwebirc... asked for "extended desktop". lekernel translated this to "dual screen". (i wouldn't have figured out that one from the context).12:46
wpwrakyes yes, i use the search often. usually the local one in my logs, because it's quicker, but sometimes also the web12:47
wpwrakand i find that i usually have to be quite specific or i'll get tons of irrelevant hits12:47
wolfspraulit works like an index12:48
wpwrak(being a #milkymist resident, i'll usually get the terminology right, so i have an advantage there)12:48
kristianpaulguess the keywords, totally agree13:40
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