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wolfspraulcladamw: good morning!00:42
cladamwgood morning !00:43
lekernelwolfspraul: simply because of various timing parameters that have to be read from a I2C eeprom and programmed into the memory controller07:55
lekernelplus varying I/O properties too07:55
lekerneland it'll never make the system compatible with all DDR 1/2/3 (differing voltages and connectors)07:55
lekernelplus it adds mechanical and routing problme07:56
lekernelwell, it's all free problems - no benefit07:56
lekernelbut the main issue is the timing parameters from the EEPROM. it's an USB-style annoyance.07:57
lekernelFallenou: if you're talking about just the SRAM, then obviously WE is asserted for the duration of the transfer (2 cycles): https://github.com/milkymist/milkymist-ng/blob/master/milkymist/sram/__init__.py#L1208:06
lekernelbut it's OK here08:06
Fallenouthat was what I was talking about then08:06
Fallenouso as I supposed, not an issue08:06
lekernelit's not OK in the general case though08:06
Fallenouhum ok08:11
wolfspraullekernel: thanks, excellent! that is very helpful and will help people understand the platform08:44
lekernelIntel has an army of engineers to do this sort of things, and implement inane designs such as USB or the x86 instruction set. we don't, so the only way we can do things is keep them simple.08:52
GitHub83[scripts] xiangfu pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/yJd03Q10:25
GitHub83[scripts/master] compile-milkymist-openwrt.sh update build wheel patch, comment the reset rtems repo - Xiangfu Liu10:25
wpwrakafaik, reading and setting the memory parameters is just half of the problem. the other half if figuring out to do when the little ROM in the dram module lies to you ...10:26
cladamwwpwrak, good morning !10:29
wpwrakcladamw: good morning ! how is life treating you today ? :)10:29
Action: lekernel is back from berlin12.dpg-tagungen.de17:42
lekernelroh: you should come :) they were setting up the industrial exhibition today, and it looks promising18:05
lekernelof course, it might get you depressed about the state of hacker technology, but...18:06
rohlekernel: hey there18:34
rohsorry.. didnt have time and a full schedule already this week18:35
lekernelwell it's still going on. today was only the first day.18:41
wpwrakwolfspraul: btw, didn't you and rejon have some M1 promo event a little while ago ? how did that go ?23:29
wpwrakthis one: Mar 23 21:26:43 <wolfspraul> going to a Milkymist promotion event today, let's see what comes out of that...23:30
wpwrak(boah. that was only three days ago. i had it mentally filed as "more than a week, less than a month" :)23:31
wolfspraulhmm, yes it went pretty well23:47
wpwrakkewl. what kind of event was it ?23:47
wolfspraulthe m1 was used side by side with a Mac, that was really cool23:47
wolfspraulmostly a party23:47
wpwrakhehe :) did it make the mac look old ?23:48
wolfsprauloh totally, the mac looked crazy boring23:48
wpwrakparty is good :)23:48
wpwrakas it should :)23:48
wolfspraulpartially the vj was to blame, but still I just looked at what happened in reality at that party23:48
wolfspraulthe cam was working23:48
wolfsprauljon had some images mixed in23:49
wolfspraulwe even had the little 703n wifi 'dongle' you don't like hooked up and were able to send osc messages to the big screen23:49
wpwrakah, vj jon vs., vj mac ? interesting :)23:49
wolfspraulno need, m1 is already so interesting by itself just running23:49
wolfspraulthe small things that don't work or are not perfect make it only more interesting23:50
Action: wpwrak needs to fight that USD 500 screensaver meme more23:50
wolfspraulI loved that comment but I am also 100% behind it23:50
wolfspraulpast it23:50
wolfspraulit's a joke, it tells you more about the thinking of the commenter than anything else23:50
wpwrakany technology that works flawlessly is boring ;)23:50
wolfspraultoday I can tell anyone: if you think the m1 is a 500 usd screensaver, get away from your computer prison and out into nature a bit :-)23:51
wpwraknaw, i think the USD 500 screensaver comment was right on the mark. what it really said is that we under-marketed the M1's capabilities as an instrument23:51
wolfspraulso the m1 is coming together very nicely, and of course us knowing the pieces and what's planned, it will only be better23:51
wolfspraulthe comment is coming from someone who has spent a far too large amount of the last 20 years of his live in front of a screen :-)23:52
wolfspraulgo to a party, throw away that computer junk, and reboot your mind23:52
wolfspraulthen think whether you want the m1 or not23:52
wolfspraulyou are going to have that beer as well!23:52
wpwrakoh, sure. but the essence was that. of course, it could have been put in a nicer way23:52
wolfspraulyes, like I said I loved the comment23:52
wolfspraulat that party, the mac's performance was so boring and aseptic, it was really out of place23:53
wolfsprauldidn't fit location, people, style, food and drinks, etc.23:53
wpwraki almost feel sorry :)23:54
wolfspraulm1 has many ways it can improve, but the party was very good to see it side by side with big brother23:54
wolfspraulmorning coffee now23:55
wolfspraulkicad schematics, are we getting ready? :-)23:55
wolfspraulI think so23:55
wpwraki guess on the mac they focus more on slower but more complex imagery23:55
wolfspraulit was also the vj who was just lazy23:56
wolfspraulbut if you have such a boring and predictable instrument like a mac, I can understand23:56
wolfspraulit forces you into a 100% predictable behavior anyway, so why bother23:56
wolfspraulright when he opens the lid of his notebook, he already lost :-)23:56
wpwrakworking on the tool to make components reviewable. i decided to no longer put up with kicad writing temp files all over the place and i'm putting it in a little chroot-like jail :)23:56
wolfspraulclick here, there, do exactly the same things everybody in the whole world does, and on tv and in movies and everywhere23:57
wolfspraulyou loose your interest to experiment23:57
wpwraki hope the mac world isn't THAT linear :)23:57
wolfspraulyou end up band-aiding the typical cool clips & tricks together, and done23:57
wolfspraulI'm partially saying this as m1 salesman, but partially also as a hopefully objective aesthetic observer23:58
wpwrakbut i guess it takes no less effort than doing interesting things with the M1. the greatest software can't replace creativity and craftmanship.23:58
wolfspraulthe mac is a humiliating experience, it turns you into a lemming23:58
wpwrakhmm. we need a lemming patch :)23:58
wolfspraulyes but the m1 is so refreshing new, and then it just does 'something' interesting23:58
wolfspraulthen you can build on that23:58
wolfsprauldo you think anybody feels they can control a Mac giving a VJ performance?23:59
wolfspraulthey know they just press the start button23:59
wpwraki suppose that's largely what they do, yes23:59
wolfspraulso they focus their creative energy on things they feel they can really shape23:59
wolfspraulREALLY shape23:59
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