#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2012-03-16

wpwrakcladamw: how is the pipeline going ? want more reviews ? or shall i give it a rest for today ?02:09
cladamwawpwrak, ha~ me or you a rest. :-) well nice replies.02:11
cladamwasince your draft is old one. :-)02:12
wpwrakah nice, thanks !02:14
cladamwaJ24 in 2012/3/9 is already NC in pin 9 and 10. ;-)02:15
wpwrakyeah, saw it. everything already solved :)02:15
cladamwabut sorry i didn't inform you in advance. :-)02:15
cladamwawait..but these two days of your replies I've not applied into new draft. so I'll try to update latest. :-)02:16
wpwrakwell, it didn't all too long to explore the configuration space. finding the keyed header, on the other hand ... :)02:16
wpwraks/didn't/didn't take/02:17
cladamwaone thing i still don't know: what difference between yours and mine ? http://search.digikey.com/us/en/products/TSW-105-26-H-D-009/TSW-105-26-H-D-009-ND/268593002:18
wpwrakyours has 10 pins. mine only 9 :)02:20
rohwpwrak: about deg C/W vs K/W ... its not linear over all absolute ranges since its a semiconductor... and the package also has varying thermal resistance depending on absolute temp02:23
cladamwadecoding p/n naming system is hard to me...checking.02:23
rohwpwrak: atleast thats what i came up when thinking about it02:23
wpwrakroh: sure. but you get that with celsius or with kelvin. it's ratios anyway.02:27
wpwrakcladamw: yes, the numbering schemes for these connectors is plain evil. and it seems that electromechanical engineers train for years until they master writing the most cryptic data sheets.02:29
cladamwawpwrak, oh~ great ! yours has keying on pin 9 (-009) to be omitted, but both ours are no stock. :)02:37
wpwrakyes, but they can get it in one week. that's not so bad.02:38
cladamwahow do you know is one week? where link in digi-key i can see ? In Mouser I know, in Digikey I don't know.02:40
wpwrak"Quantity Available" has an input field. enter how many you want. then it tells you how long it'll take.02:41
cladamwanow i know how you sorting a 9 keying pins out. >> one parameter: "Number of Positions Loaded" phew~02:42
wpwrakah, now it's two weeks. seems that we just missed a deadline some hours ago.02:42
wpwrakyup :)02:43
wpwrakand then decrypt the datasheets of the ~20 matches02:43
cladamwaoh...yes, 3/29 comes out. :-) thanks telling me. :-)02:44
cladamwaanother thing is that we don't know how a extension cable for USB-A looks like.02:44
cladamwaso Mating Length now we suppose it's a 5.84mm high.02:45
wpwrakyea, that's about the most common length. if it's a bit too long, that doesn't really matter.02:49
wpwrakand yes, we should think about how to actually use this. this will determine placement and orientation.02:49
wpwrakit seems at that wolfgang had some ideas.02:49
wpwrakmaybe he's even got a bag of adapter cables hidden somewhere :)02:50
wpwrakthere are two issues: 1) what kind of adapter(s) do we want to support, and 2) how do they mechanically attach to things02:51
wpwrakthe easiest would be a little header-to-USB A PCB. these are commercially available but i don't know how well they'd fit. we could also make our own.02:52
cladamwaokay, so hope 5.84mm is okay. yes, your two issues came out is about to how i tell house to placement what place it would be.02:52
wpwrakwolfspra1l: do you envision M1r4 shipping with a means to put the dongle of the beautiful new RF keyboard _inside_ the M1r4 ?02:52
wpwrakjust checked my stash of headers. 230 mil is perfect.02:54
cladamwaumm... 230 mil = 5.84mm, so is it a cable like USB yours ?02:57
wolfspra1lwpwrak: I haven't thought about it yet02:57
wpwrakcladamw: ah, i didn't try the USB cable. lemme see ...02:57
wpwrakcladamw: yes, the cable is very happy with 230 mil, too02:59
cladamwagreat ! so yours is the one for PC front panel usb daugher board alike ?03:00
cladamwaif yes, means the pdf we found from intel is surely settled for industry field though. :-)03:01
wpwrakmine is for a PC slot. didn't feel like taking a PC apart :)03:01
cladamwaalso great ! :)03:02
cladamwawpwrak, I'll take a look that such USB-cable in PC from my brother. then we know how usb cable's connection itself on shields and signal ground.03:29
wpwrakin the case of my cable. USB GND also connect to shield03:59
cladamwwpwrak, one question - I updated *.csv file and i put original J24's FCi p/n in to "SUBSTITUTION P/N" and "SUBSTITUTION LINK", then fill yours in "MANUFACTURER P/N" and "DATASHEET LINK", after i 'make' then dsv J24, it still shows the older one FCi link ?04:03
wpwrakhmm. did it download the new data sheet ?04:07
cladamwseems your script detect if /.dsv  has 'dsv-J24' firstly then ignore ?04:10
wpwrakstrange. no, it should handle this properly04:10
cladamwwell, just fyi. :-)04:10
cladamwah ?04:11
wpwrakdoes BOOKSHELF have the right URL ?04:11
cladamwbut i checked .csv filled very well without newlines though. and no Error 1 after 'make'04:11
cladamwgood, it's there. :-004:13
cladamw# Conn Unshrouded Header HDR 10 POS 2.54mm .10004:13
cladamwN: http://www.samtec.com/ftppub/cpdf/TSW-MK.PDF04:13
cladamwA: J2404:13
cladamwD: http://portal.fciconnect.com/Comergent/fci/drawing/69192.pdf04:13
cladamwbut typed "dsv J24", it shows old pdf. :(04:13
wpwrakso that's not right. N is the part name04:14
wpwrakand D is the URL04:14
cladamwah ?04:14
cladamwsorry that my fault ?04:14
wpwrakmaybe :)04:15
cladamwah ~ excuse me ! My fault !!! :-O  now works.04:16
wpwrakwhee ! ;-)04:17
wpwrakyou had me scared for a moment. a bug in my script ? unthinkable :)04:17
cladamwhehehe...sorry that I should have not doubted your script ! Adam is stupid. :-O04:20
azonenbergAnybody know how many layers the MM1 board is?05:03
wolfspra1lazonenberg: 606:04
wolfspra1ljust ran into this http://intrl.startech.com/Cables/USB-2.0/Internal-and-Panel-Mount/2-USB-A-Female-to-Motherboard-Header-Adapter~USBMBADAPT206:04
wolfspra1lthe photo gallery shows a keying in the 3rd pic06:04
azonenbergwolfspra1l: ok, thought so06:04
azonenberg'm trying to build a spartan6 board (FTG256) on 4 layers and its hard06:04
wolfspra1lso I guess the R4 internal USB would be compatible with this? (unfortunately I couldn't find a datasheet for that part right away)06:04
cladamwwolfspra1l, the startech you gave has : http://intrl.startech.com/media/products/USBMBADAPT2/PDFs/USBMBADAPT2.pdf07:41
cladamwtheir pitch looks very much like 2.54mm though.07:42
ArtyomHello everyone. I want to ask one question. There will be a conference in the university about "open technolugies in engineering" (http://oskonf2012.bmstu.ru/ google translate: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Foskonf2012.bmstu.ru%2F&act=url  ). I can prepare a thesis about "MM SoC + namuru" for building a GNSS...08:38
Artyom...receiver. What do you think about it?08:38
wolfspra1lArtyom: great! :-)08:46
wolfspra1lwho attends? would a topic of Milkymist + namuru be good for them?08:47
ArtyomGood question. I think that open-hardware is not very popular here because most people don't know about it. I don't know any details about this conference, because it is the first time it will be hold.08:51
ArtyomI know that the person that will talk about KiCAD is rather famous among russian KiCAD useres because he makes localized versions and improves it.08:52
ArtyomMy first idea was to tell about about scilab glonass-receiver. But MM SoC + namuru fits this conference too.08:53
wolfspra1lArtyom: yes sounds like it could be a fit, especially since we do so much KiCad work as well, and the Milkymist One will definitely start moving to KiCad as well09:24
Artyomok, I will write them e-mail with my offers and see what will be their reaction ;)09:36
lekernel_should it still be called M1 then?09:44
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wolfspra1llekernel: what do you propose?10:08
wolfspra1lI wouldn't rename anything at this point, since we have minimal traction and any renaming adds confusion10:08
wolfspra1lmaybe just drop the 'One' at some point? :-)10:09
wolfspra1lI wouldn't touch anything10:09
lekerneltoday A MIRACLE HAPPENED: I received the Warsaw videos.11:25
lekernelwolfspra1l: no idea yet, would have to think about it ...11:30
lekernelah, sound codec problems now... but the pictures are much better than on the first videos11:36
wolfspra1llekernel: don't think about it, leave everything as-is12:48
wolfspra1lthe last thing you need are any new names12:48
wolfspra1lwe need the milkymist brand to be talked about and reitereated over and over12:48
wolfspra1leven the distinction between milkymist and milkymist one doesn't matter in that context12:49
lekernelgrmbl... scratched DVDs12:50
lekernelnext step: data forensics12:50
lekernelit'll never end12:50
lekerneldo such machines work? http://www.amazon.com/Simotech-DSR-1-DVD-Repair-Machine/dp/B000GX31G612:56
sh4rm4lekernel, i'd rather try on another dvd drive13:05
lekernelthere are clear scratches on the disc surface13:05
lekerneland the discs without scratches are readable...13:05
sh4rm4still, some drives do a lousy job at error handling13:06
lekernel(but of course, it's a muli-part RAR archive split on three DVDs ...)13:06
sh4rm4especially samsung drives seem to suck, while sony optiarc(NEC) seems to do well13:07
lekernelit's an optiarc drive :)13:07
sh4rm4but probably a notebook drive13:09
sh4rm4c't magazine tested one of those repair kits once, and the results were not so bad13:09
sh4rm4although that was a much cheaper model13:09
kristianpaulArtyom, fantastic !14:35
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