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qi-botThe firmware (using branch) build was successful, checkout the VERSIONS for detail, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-20120225-0140/02:19
FallenouI'm playing a bit with the M116:40
Fallenouto show to some friends16:40
FallenouWe did a little bit of patch editing16:40
FallenouSince I don't have any usb keyboard we did a NFS mount on the M116:40
Fallenouand edited the patchs on a laptop16:40
Fallenouit seems I can cp /ssd/patchpool/toto /nfs/16:41
FallenouBut I can't cp /nfs/m_logo.png /ssd/patchpool/16:41
Fallenouis it a known problem ?16:41
Fallenouit says "RPCIO: server '' not responding - still trying16:42
Fallenoubut I can cp /nfs/tata /ssd/patchpool with tata a small text file16:42
lekernelI'd rather recommend you use fuse to do a ftp-mount of the M1 on your computer. this is less likely to tickle RTEMS filesystem bugs ...16:43
Fallenoubut to activate FTP I need a keyboard right ?16:47
xiangfuFallenou, for setup the password. yes.16:50
Fallenouis it stored in a text file ? the config+password16:51
FallenouI could edit it on the computer and cp it through nfs16:52
xiangfuFallenou, I can send you mine :) .  it's hex. not text file.16:52
Fallenouyes why not16:53
Fallenouit just sets login+pass ?16:53
xiangfuall others are default.16:53
Fallenouok please thanks :)16:53
Fallenouwhat's the size of the hex file ?16:54
Fallenouhum hum it's "big"16:55
Fallenoufor rtems shitty nfs+FS16:55
FallenouI tried to copy a 6k m_logo.png and it failed :/16:55
xiangfuFallenou, sorry. 620B16:55
Fallenouoh nice :)16:55
Fallenouthanks !16:55
xiangfupassword: a16:56
xiangfuusername: a16:56
Fallenouthanks ! :)16:56
Fallenouhum very stranges behaviours17:01
Fallenouok good !17:05
xiangfugood night.17:10
Fallenouis there a FNP manual somewhere ?17:53
Fallenoulike a list of XXX= variables and what it does17:54
lekernelcheck the milkdrop guides18:04
wpwrakwow. rtems has nfs ? i didn't realize that. and indeed, it works.18:07
kristianpaullekernel: btw in migen how fast theorical transfer could achive the new uart core?18:08
lekernelwpwrak: within a certain limit, yes, it works18:09
Fallenouwpwrak: yep but don't try to copy a 10 kB file from nfs to /ssd/18:09
lekernelFallenou: btw if you double click on the folder name, you can leave /ssd in the patch editor and access nfs directly18:10
lekernellittle easter egg :)18:10
lekerneland last time I tried, opening files from a NFS mount worked. but given the maintainability of the RTEMS filesystem code, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a regression there...18:15
Fallenouyes I had troubles going to / from the patch editor18:16
FallenouI had to click several times on ".."18:16
Fallenouand sometimes it does not work18:16
lekernelit's the folder name in the title18:17
lekernelby default the file dialog boxes are locked to /ssd18:17
FallenouI click on the folder name then on ".."18:17
lekernelbut there's a discreet option to access the whole FS18:17
Fallenouok nice easter egg =)18:18
wpwrakinteresting "feature" ;-)19:24
Fallenouit was fun playing a few hours with FNP :)19:28
wpwrakFallenou: be careful. this can easily turn into days ;-)23:44
Fallenouhehe I bet23:48
Fallenouif you want to get to a level where you are able to do precise things23:48
FallenouI guess you need a few days23:49
Fallenoubut by accident more or less you can do interesting things in just a few hours23:49
FallenouI think minet association will throw a big university party and then may use my milkymist23:50
Fallenouor maybe buy one23:50
wpwrakheh :) i wonder how long until wolfgang runs out of devices23:56
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