#milkymist IRC log for Monday, 2012-01-23

wpwrakwolfspraul: (power from board) we have a perfectly good DC in connector already :)00:08
kristianpaulindeed too00:11
lekernel_Fallenou: yes, you can use a dual ported RAM, they are for free compared to single-ported RAMs in a FPGA09:53
lekernel_(but cost more in ASIC)09:53
lekernel_larsc: time sharing as in "use a single actor to process certain parts of the data flow graph during certain cycles, and other parts during other cycles"09:54
lekernel_like the "actors" in a CPU do :)09:54
larscthats probably going to be a bit more context finding actors which can be shared09:55
lekernel_well, if you see one type of actor appearing 1000x in the DFG, and if you do not need or cannot have the performance that this parallelism brings09:57
larscbtw. i've given the whole thing a bit more though and i think the basic property which can be used to describe any graph is the sequential delay09:57
lekernel_then it makes sense to have only one of those actors, a little "register file" to store the tokens, and some microcode for scheduling09:57
larscpipeline delay is a bunch of elements with a sequential delay of one in row09:58
lekernel_hm, if you have several pipelines in series, it makes a pipeline... not a sequential thing10:00
larsca buffer has a sequential delay of one10:00
larsca pipeline are buffers in row10:00
lekernel_anyway, since generating the trigger signals is more complicated than I thought, I don't see much point in modeling the timing of parallel graphs10:00
lekernel_it's the time-shared ones which are interesting10:01
lekernel_and I'm pretty sure we can generate triggers and everything there, because that's basically what the PFPU system does :)10:02
wpwraklekernel: already seen this ? http://www.physorg.com/news/2012-01-faster-than-fast-fourier.html12:20
wpwrakpaper is here: http://arxiv.org/abs/1201.2501v112:20
wpwrakthat may be handy for improving our audio processing :)12:21
wpwrakof course, i wouldn't have to implemenet it :)12:21
lekernelnope... thanks, will bookmark it12:26
lekernelof course, i wouldn't have to implemenet it :) <= ??12:26
wpwrakthe math doesn't look too easy12:27
wpwrakbut i didn't read it in detail. maybe the nasty bits are just proofs12:28
xiangfuwpwrak, still not finish the static ip address task. now is Chinese new year. the bigger holiday in China.15:58
xiangfuwpwrak, I think I will try to finish that this week. ;)15:58
wpwrakxiangfu: using the big holiday for some quiet work ? ;-)16:00
wpwrakbtw, happy new year ! ;-)16:01
xiangfuthanks. happy new year.16:01
Fallenouhappy new year :) enjoy have fun!16:04
xiangfuFallenou, happy new year.16:07
xiangfuwpwrak, BTW. the latest daily build make my mouse not working. it more like totally no power.16:17
xiangfuwpwrak, when boot to bios. the mouse still have power. after boot to flickernoise the mouse totally no power at all.16:17
wpwrakhmm, that's odd. i haven't touched that code for weeks.16:18
xiangfuwpwrak, do you have any clue? if easy fix. I can take this task. :D16:18
wpwrakalso, in M1rc2/rc3, USB is always powered :)16:18
xiangfufrom plug in power cable to bios. all fine.16:18
wpwrakmaybe try disconnecting and reconnecting a few times ? i have one mouse that also doesn't always comes up on the first try16:18
xiangfulet me try now.16:19
xiangfureconnect 10 times. it have power only at the 1 second. then no power at all.16:26
wpwrakhmm. seems that it fails enumeration and then shuts down on its own.16:26
wpwrakdo other USB devices work ?16:27
xiangfuwpwrak, keyboard works fine16:31
wpwrakand what version of the USB firmware did you have installed before ?16:32
wpwraki.e., from what date was the previous RTEMS ? very old ? or recent ?16:33
xiangfuRTEMS 12-01.16:37
xiangfuI am using those files: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-01182012-2212/16:37
xiangfuyou can check the VERSIONS: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-01182012-2212/VERSIONS16:37
xiangfugit://git.rtems.org/rtems.git  master e493e2a83e8d76079cc84b50a098015492996a3c16:37
xiangfuthe last commit at 2011-12-01. :)16:38
wpwrakand from what date was the build you used before ?16:38
wpwraki.e., the one where the mouse worked ?16:38
wpwrakthe last changes to softusb that look like they could affect how the mouse works were from november 3016:43
xiangfuI will try a early rtems. then let you know the result.16:47
xiangfuhave to sleep. see you16:47
wpwrakcya ! :)16:48
larsclekernel: how do we decide whether two actors (or more) can potentially be time-shared? and I do not mean based on the timings but rather on the properties of the Actor23:46
larscdo we just generically assume that the same type can always be shared?23:46
larscor do we want to make this overloadable on a per actor type basis23:47
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