#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2012-01-01

kristianpaulxiangfu: Hi04:32
kristianpauldo you know of any effort about porting maxima to the owrt for nanonote?04:34
xiangfuyou mean this one: maxima.sourceforge.net/04:36
kristianpaulthat one, yes04:37
kristianpauldespite the screehots it can run by cmdline04:37
cjdavisHappy New Year!04:59
kristianpaulindeed ;)05:00
xiangfukristianpaul, I will take a look about maxima. I think someone talk about this before. can't remember. :)05:18
xiangfuHappy new Year. :D05:18
azonenbergLol, am I crazy or what? http://i.imgur.com/lbfjz.jpg08:47
azonenbergWet DRIE08:47
azonenbergmy adaptation of the bosch process for high aspect ratio structures in copper08:47
wolfspraulnice video art http://videocircuits.blogspot.com/10:09
qwebirc3657maybe anyone here may help me13:24
qwebirc3657for some reason, i cannot install Jz 4770 driver in my windows system for run USB boot tools13:26
qwebirc3657i am trying to flash my ainol novo 7 in order to upgrade with official ainol firmware13:29
qwebirc3657its a new tab so i dont care to just reinstall13:30
qwebirc3657the problem is there is no way to install the driver13:31
qwebirc3657either chosing 4770 folder or x64_w7 folder13:32
qwebirc3657my pc runs w7 64bits13:32
qwebirc3657all instructions are in chinese, so i try to guess thrugh google translate13:33
qwebirc3657but much translation is ambiguous13:34
xiangfuqwebirc3657, you should join #qi-hardware channel.13:38
xiangfuqwebirc3657, this channel is about Milkymist SOC. not Ingenic cpu.13:38
qwebirc3657ok, sorry13:38
kristianpaulpretty interesting lattice fpga have internal flash and claim faster boot times than non-volatile fpga's wondering where's the down side of that14:00
Action: kristianpaul just had downloaded diamong14:01
mumptaiare there plans to port mm to the digilent genesys board?15:14
wolfspra1lnot from me, but curious: what is special about the digilent genesys board?15:25
wolfspra1lwell, at least the 'new stuff' certainly made it - let's see whether things calm down15:27
wolfspra1l(sorry wrong channel)15:27
mumptaigot one for little money. it is actually a bit short on IOs, so i guess there isn't much special about it15:32
wolfspra1lwhy not use a Milkymist One? :-)15:32
wolfspra1lhow much did you pay for that board?15:32
mumptaiway less than the mm115:33
kristianpaulyou can try port it, and tell us what you need15:35
kristianpaulor what you need from m1 on it15:35
mumptailm32, ddr2 mctrl, timers/irq/bootrom, a ton of UARTs and some GPIO15:37
mumptaiethernet would be nice15:37
mumptaiframbuffer, midi, video-in are not necessary15:37
kristianpaulethernet can work with no ddr so yes15:38
kristianpaulabout ddr, well i havent studied that much it..15:38
kristianpaulhad you already update your constraint (ucf) file to fit your board?15:38
kristianpaulwhat clock sources you have?15:38
mumptainope, not yet15:39
kristianpaulwell :)15:39
mumptaithere is a dedicated clock generator on board, so 125 or 133MHz should be there (without the use of a DCM)15:41
kristianpaulwell i guess you can achive that speed with few cores15:43
kristianpaulwhy not try porting to ucf file basic pins, for uart and clock and led why not15:44
kristianpaultought you still need memory i think there was a core fore that that implemented on-ship ram15:45
kristianpaulyou can grab it from tdc-core at cern open hardware repository15:45
mumptaii haven't chekced yet the bootprocess, but some "hello world" from blockram should be somewhere in the repository?15:45
kristianpaultdc-core have it15:47
kristianpaulactually its really helpfull because not need support for non-volatile memory15:47
mumptaithere is some norflash onboard, but i like to solve on problem at a time ;)15:48
kristianpaulyes :)15:48
mumptaimhmm, xst exists with "Sorry, too many errors.."15:58
mumptaikristianpaul, thanks for the guidance, i think i'll have to start digging deeper now ;)16:01
kristianpaulping if u need help, i think at least i can help on that here ;)16:04
Fallenoumumptai: https://github.com/fallen/milkymist-avnet16:25
Fallenouit was a port to avnet board that lekernel did16:25
Fallenouit is using onchip ram16:25
Fallenouso you can take example on this one16:26
kristianpaulyum bram core isnt?16:28
Fallenoubram core yes16:28
Fallenoucode is fetched from flash16:28
Fallenouand block ram is used as ram16:29
Fallenoufor stack for instance16:29
kristianpaulbtw how is your lattice board hacking?16:32
FallenouI let it be covered with dust on a shelf16:35
Fallenouand I just made the led blink a few days ago as I was on day off I had time to play a little bit with it16:35
Fallenoumain problem was to set up a good environment to use binary tools to program the board16:36
Fallenoui.e install a windows 7 in virtualbox, install tools, share USB from host OS to guest Windows16:36
Fallenouwas a little bit painfull16:36
Fallenoubut eventually it worked16:36
kristianpaulnot using diamond?16:36
Fallenouyes I am using diamond16:37
kristianpaulwhy you need windows?16:37
kristianpauli just got 1.4 diamong version for linux16:38
kristianpaulseems ok16:38
Fallenouyes I have set up a Linux too in virtualbox16:39
FallenouMy host OS is Mac OS ;)16:39
FallenouI am planning on buying a small PC laptop in order to run dual boot windows/linux for hardware hack16:40
Fallenouin order to run tools in native environment16:40
Fallenouto lose less time with tools shit16:40
FallenouI don't remember having succeeded programming the board from linux16:41
Fallenoubut it worked with windows16:41
Fallenoubut for synthesis I used the diamond from linux (what a mess ...)16:41
Fallenoukristianpaul: how is your gps project ?16:50
kristianpaulHDL seems to ok now, working on software part17:00
kristianpaulacquisition and detection algortythms17:00
kristianpaulso leaarning C on the way :)17:01
kristianpaulactually i'm thinking to move rtems, as its libc seems more robust than milkymist one ;)17:01
kristianpaulbut dont know nothing about threads and process management, so bare-metal/iron was an easy start17:02
kristianpaulactually most work right now will be adapt/port the osgps (open source gps project) to work with the namuru correlator17:02
Fallenouok :)17:03
kristianpaulthat was ported to milkymist soc17:03
Fallenouit seems you are going in the right direction and progressing step by step nicely !17:03
kristianpaulyeah. well i know what i have to do yes, just *bit* lazzy tought :)17:04
kristianpaulhope this year have more time as i finish a contract and get some extra gold i hope ;)17:04
kristianpauland as you ma be noticed Artyom from gnss.sdr as ported is vhdl soc to milkymist as well17:04
kristianpaulso yes, thigns are gettign interesting :D17:05
Fallenouwo I didn't know gnss-sdr project17:09
Fallenouso this sdr soc has been ported to Milkymist One board ?17:10
kristianpaulto a sparta3e board i think17:11
kristianpaulbut yes i could try on my board, i even have the maxin receiver, tought not soldered but plan to do it17:12
Fallenouok so I didn't understood what you said here : 18:08 < kristianpaul> and as you ma be noticed Artyom from gnss.sdr as ported is vhdl soc to milkymist as well17:13
kristianpaulmilkymist soc*17:14
kristianpaulhe  (Artyom) have a spartan3e board,17:15
kristianpaulbut yes do ported the VHDL namuru core to it17:15
Fallenouoh ok17:15
Fallenou"has ported his vhdl *core* to milkymist *soc as well"17:16
Fallenougot it17:16
kristianpaulyeah, sorry typoes (:17:16
Fallenouso he used mixed verilog / vhdl ? or rewrote his core in verilog ?17:16
kristianpauli rewrote original namuru correlator in verilog to vhdl17:17
kristianpaulhe was using also an arm soc before17:17
kristianpaulbut got interested a lot in milkymist :)17:18
kristianpaulgah, diamong crashed my laptop :/17:34
kristianpauldiamondc and wellcome to the tcl world ;)21:32
wpwrakazonenberg: interesting .. you mix peroxide with hcl 6:1. the ratio i usually see recommended is 2:1 (that's also what i use)22:06
azonenbergwpwrak: I haven't experimented too much yet, characterixzing etch rates was one of my TODOs for logner term22:07
azonenbergthat's the mix used in the RCA clean22:07
wpwrakRCA clean = ?22:07
azonenbergthey use i think 1:1:7 conc HCl : 30% peroxide : water22:07
azonenbergbut the proportions are as close as i could get with 3% peroxide22:07
azonenbergand for cleaning silicon wafers22:07
azonenbergCharacterization of optimal concentrations was one of my TODOs for this winter22:08
wpwrakah, i see. well, if that's what the experts use, it's probably a good idea :)22:08
azonenbergWell it's used for cleaning, not pattterning22:08
azonenbergit's entirely possible a different concentration is better for a patterning etch22:08
azonenbergi use 1:5 or thereabouts (excess of HCl) for chromium22:08
wpwrakbtw, couldn't you just have exposed twice ? or did the photoresist for the 2nd round have to be thinner ?22:08
azonenbergThe second round had to coat the sidewalls22:09
azonenbergoh, wait a second22:09
azonenbergyou're talking the BGA or the high aspect ratio treches?22:09
wpwrakthe bga22:09
azonenbergfor the BGA, i could have22:09
azonenbergexcept i exposed it to light during the etch22:09
azonenbergit was simpler to re-coat22:09
azonenbergif i didn't have more resist on hand i would have made it work22:09
wpwraki was thinking of exposing twice and only etching at the end22:11
azonenbergalso possible22:11
azonenbergBut this way, i can recoat if i have a bad alignment or something22:11
azonenbergI also wanted to test a multi-etch process that i later used in http://i.imgur.com/KwST0.jpg22:11
azonenbergwhich was my adaptation of the Bosch DRIE process to a wet etch22:11
wpwrak(recoat) hmm yes. more debugging options :)22:12
wpwrakhaven't quite figured out what you did there ;-)22:12
azonenbergThat's ~50um half-pitch trenches22:13
azonenbergetched into copper seen from a glancing angle22:13
azonenbergusing my experimental method for getting more vertical sidewalls than were possible with a conventional wet etch22:13
wpwraknice. from patent-worthy high-tech to diy in just 8 years :)22:15
kristianpaulwpwrak: already ordered the metallurgical microscope and the photoresist? :-)23:03
kristianpaulazonenberg: how do you planed to solder the eeprom?23:04
azonenbergalign by hand, then shove in an oven23:04
kristianpaulalign, yeah after all thats where most people fail i guess23:05
kristianpaulwell, more balls more dificult to inspect..23:06
kristianpaulwell you the microscope :)23:10
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