#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-12-31

wpwraknow .. what wuold be a good patch to "beautify" a little ? Digital Flame ?01:17
wpwrakit looks rather boring. but it has lots of ifs ...01:17
wpwrakof course, all the ifs operate on what's essentially a boolean variable. kinda stupid.01:18
n0carri3rhey all05:46
n0carri3rhow's USBMIDI coming along? :)05:47
wpwrakfor n0carrier in absentia, "it works" ;-)10:19
wpwrakwe just have that horrible shortage of USB ports :)10:20
lars_so, next task, add support for hubs10:32
wpwrakphew :)10:34
wpwrakthe signaling side wouldn't be so bad. but hubs also affect the overall timing. nasty.10:35
wpwrakbut before anything like that, i still have a bit of general usb cleanup lined up. find and kill the timeouts, implement report descriptor parsing, then get my mouse farm to work.10:36
wpwraksb0: heya ! big question because i'm too lazy to read the source: why do we need I2F ? do numbers in the PFPU have dynamic typing, alternating between int and float ?11:03
sb0all registers are 32-bits, and it doesn't matter whether they hold a int or float11:04
wpwrakso I2F is a no-op ?11:04
sb0i.e. the hardware doesn't care, it just executes the operation using the bit vector you give it11:04
sb0but ofc if you run a float operation with int operands (or the other way around) you get garbage11:05
sb0it converts a 32 bit int into a 32 bit float with the same value11:05
wpwrakah, so we do have dynamic typing. without implicit conversion. hmm.11:05
sb0the compiler has to take care of these things11:05
wpwrakhmm :)11:06
sb0but most is float, except in some cases like trigo table offsets11:06
sb0the current point coordinates also are int, and need explicit conversion to float11:07
wpwraktricky. basic arithmetic (+, -, etc.) is always float or does it adapt ?11:08
sb0always float11:08
sb0told you, everything is float, except some corner cases11:09
wpwrakso f2i and i2f are basically internal use only11:11
sb0yes, only internal use11:11
sb0all the visible patch language uses float11:12
wpwrakmaybe i should add a flag that hides those things11:12
wpwrakokay, thanks ! things make a little more sense now :)11:15
wpwraknow ... back to the party preparations ...11:15
sb0have fun! :) and happy new year all!11:25
Fallenouhappy new year #milkymist16:26
lars_still some time left16:26
lars_at least here16:27
kristianpaul11:30 here16:31
kristianpaulbut best wishes to you Fallenou :)16:31
kristianpaul11:30 AM*16:32
Fallenouthanks :)16:33
Fallenouhere (Paris) it's 17h3416:34
kristianpaulbtw as it uses a fpga this project worth to mention here http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/blog/28c3-hardware16:34
Fallenouohoh osmocom :)16:34
Fallenouhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSW-V94uZZQ :')16:36
FallenouI just came back from Berlin16:36
n0carri3rmorning all16:40
n0carri3ri guess you euros will be partying soon enough :)16:40
Fallenousure !16:41
Action: Fallenou is leaving soon16:41
n0carri3rhaha great16:42
n0carri3rits early here, so i'm drinking coffee and trying to wake up16:42
n0carri3rreally warm in NYC! 55 degrees, or about 12 C16:42
Fallenouoh nice16:42
Fallenouwas not too cold in Berlin this year16:43
Fallenouno snow :(16:43
Fallenouor almost none16:43
Fallenoucompared to last year ahah16:43
lars_yes, the winter has been quite mild so far. almost no days with temperatures below 0 C16:45
ThihiSame here.16:46
Thihi7 C on 26th of december.16:46
n0carri3rso, what are you guys working on?16:49
n0carri3ri'm not a M1 developer, just a customer :)16:49
n0carri3rbut i'm working on finalizing and documenting a bunch of my patches now16:49
n0carri3rto upload with video samples to the web16:49
Action: Fallenou just finished his engineering school and just entered real world16:56
Action: kristianpaul 32°C16:56
Fallenouin my spare time I'm doing some verilog experiments in order to one day make a small softcre16:57
kristianpaulI working on spare time in having a gps receiver inside the milkymist fpga16:57
kristianpauland the learning all the needed in the process ;)16:57
Action: lars_ is in a similar position as Fallenou16:58
Fallenouwell I have to say I am almost at state 0, it's a start :)16:59
FallenouI'm essentially in the learning state16:59
wpwrakhmm, 25 C here. quite bearable.17:00
kristianpaul25C, !lovelly :)17:01
Action: kristianpaul knows that need to finish officially his engineering school this new year17:01
n0carri3rwow, some pretty intense sounding stuff :)17:03
n0carri3ri'm working with the existing software, but my hardware knowledge of the M1 is limited17:03
wpwrakah nu, that was 2 h ago. now it's 27 C17:04
wpwraktime for a siesta :)17:05
n0carri3rok guys have fun tonight17:24
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