#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2011-12-30

kristianpaul'=' instead of '<=' are lovelly to find ;-)03:57
GitHub191[flickernoise] wpwrak pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/oAqGZA05:54
GitHub191[flickernoise/master] compiler: alternative section syntax per_frame: and per_vertex: - Werner Almesberger05:54
GitHub191[flickernoise/master] compiler: disallow mixing of old-style and new-style fragment selection - Werner Almesberger05:54
wpwrakkewl, works :)05:54
GitHub43[flickernoise] wpwrak pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/Gjl-LA06:45
GitHub43[flickernoise/master] renderer: in wave mode 2 and 3, wave_x was used where it should be wave_y - Werner Almesberger06:45
GitHub135[flickernoise] wpwrak pushed 7 new commits to master: http://git.io/_znBAw14:56
GitHub135[flickernoise/master] compiler: rewrite grammar without precedence directives - Werner Almesberger14:56
GitHub135[flickernoise/master] compiler: added C-like ternary operator (conditional expressions) - Werner Almesberger14:56
GitHub135[flickernoise/master] compiler: use node_op if we know the token - Werner Almesberger14:56
n0carri3rhey al15:15
n0carri3rhey all*15:15
n0carri3rhaving some trouble connecting via FTP to my milkymist - although i did it before with no problem :|15:15
n0carri3rchecked the chat logs, looked like around 10/8 i was talking about this - and figure it out somehow by magic!15:15
n0carri3rbut now i'm having a tough time15:15
wpwrakhmm, xiangfu would be the expert on this. i didn't pay much attention of what he had to do to fix it, but it seems that some15:19
wpwrakftp clients don't just do a put but also renames and such, and this tripped some permission issue15:19
n0carri3rso strange15:20
n0carri3ri was able to update my milkymist, and even connect after that15:20
n0carri3rbut now i'm having problems after not hooking it up for 2 weeks15:21
n0carri3rand i cant understand why!15:21
wpwrakmurphy never sleeps, even if your M1 does ;-)15:21
wpwraki think the ftp issues are partially solved now. i think there's still one left, but i may be wrong15:22
n0carri3rpretty sure this is on my end, as i hooked it up correctly before. just cant understand why its not working15:22
n0carri3rdoesnt seem to be getting a DHCP addy, is it best to set up manually?15:23
wpwrakwhat i don't know is if xiangfu has already prepared an easily installable upgrade15:23
n0carri3ri'm hooking up to my computer directly15:23
n0carri3r(no router, just ethernet from M1 to laptop)15:23
wpwrakmanual is often safer :) if your pc is happy with M1 using a fixed address, i'd go for that15:23
n0carri3rso if i set up a manual address on my laptop15:26
n0carri3rthen i set it the same in M1? or leave M1 DHCP?15:26
n0carri3rbecause if i do both manual, my computer warns me "another device is using that IP" address15:26
n0carri3rwhich is strange15:26
wpwrakoh, they shouldn't use the same address15:29
wpwrakyou normally configure a "network". so maybe 10.0.0.x, with the laptop at, say, and the M1 on
n0carri3rso i set it up manually on M115:30
wpwrakyeah, manual on both ends15:31
wpwrakthat has the fewest external dependencies :)15:31
n0carri3rhmm OK brb15:32
n0carri3rahh finally got it15:33
n0carri3rOK thanks for the help15:33
n0carri3rbut wtf it wont let me connect while i'm connected to the net15:33
n0carri3ronly if i disable my wireless - so strange!15:33
n0carri3rbut i know before i was able to connect to the net15:34
n0carri3ras i updated via web15:34
n0carri3rok brb lemme disconnect to transfer files, at least its working halfway!15:36
n0carri3rok back (again)15:53
n0carri3rthx for your help15:53
wpwrakglad it worked. kinda :)15:54
GitHub69[milkymist] wpwrak pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/milkymist/milkymist/compare/5645389...9f71dde21:01
GitHub69[milkymist/master] libfpvm: rename op_not to op_negate - Werner Almesberger21:01
GitHub69[milkymist/master] libfpvm: end enum ast_op with op_vops, for parser-internal extensions - Werner Almesberger21:01
GitHub32[flickernoise] wpwrak pushed 6 new commits to master: http://git.io/tzDXCA21:02
GitHub32[flickernoise/master] parser.y: added section titles to improve readability - Werner Almesberger21:02
GitHub32[flickernoise/master] compiler: recognize ==, <, and > as aliases for equal, above, below - Werner Almesberger21:02
GitHub32[flickernoise/master] compiler: rename op_not to op_negate - Werner Almesberger21:02
lars_hui, just switched to 13.3 from 12.4 and timings improved quite a bit :)21:47
kristianpaulsome femtoseconds? ;-)21:49
lars_over half a nanosecond21:49
kristianpaulnice a hw upgrade patch... not to try right now, but to consider tought :)22:33
kristianpaulmostly fix2b..22:33
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