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GitHub111[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/migen/commit/6bd8566c48cd8a7d97541cd22d476e80fc1894e610:16
GitHub111[migen/master] setup.py: fix to catch all modules - Alain P├ęteut10:16
wpwraknice amount of spam on the blog :) (all caught by moderation, of course)19:30
lekernelphew... yeah22:58
lekernelthe wiki was even worse until I switched it to manual account creation22:58
wpwrakisn't it amazing how many parasites think our ecosystem can support them ? :)22:58
lekernelalso, mediawiki is a security disaster22:59
lekernelspam bots happily hijacked the complete site layout - I couldn't even click the links to delete the pages23:00
lekernelhad to remove the junk directly from the DB23:00
wpwraknice ;-)23:00
wpwrakmakes one wonder how wikipedia survives23:00
lekernelyeah I'm asking myself the same question23:00
lekernelmediawiki is _ridiculous_23:01
lekernelyou can't mass delete content or users23:01
lekernelyou have to delete each vandalized page one by one, click each confirm link, etc23:01
lekerneland you can't even delete a user account, only block it23:01
lekernelfor some reason, it seems that for the mediawiki developers, a feature 'delete a user account and all of its edits' is too much23:02
wpwrakmaybe they prefer to give their vermin that special touch of personal attention :)23:03
wolfspra1lthe mediawiki developers take considerable extra efforts to make sure that the mediawiki software works for tiny wikis like qi or milkymist at all, when their real focus and paycheck comes from making it work for wikipedia.org and other super high volume sites23:04
wolfspra1lthat's a big feature they are carrying around to support the small guys23:04
wolfspra1lif they would only work on what *they* need, it would be un-installable for us in the first place...23:04
wolfspra1lbottom line I cannot complain, it works23:05
lekernelbut it wastes your time compared to other wiki engines which deal with spam in a non-ridiculous manner23:05
wolfspra1lthen switch23:05
wpwraka git-based wiki would be sweet :) with an offline renderer23:06
wpwrakideally to ASCII :)23:06
lekernelyeah, when I have enough users that taking time to convert the DB is justified23:06
lekernelright now only me can create user accounts, and given the small size of the community, it solves the spam problem while wasting a relatively reasonable amount of my time23:07
wpwraklekernel: we should now be able to chase the strange patch compiler issues you're experiencing after my changes. with the patches i just posted in place, the regression tests should run the full set of patches with code generation enabled. anything as severe as the problems you saw should trip this.23:08
wpwrak(unless, of course, it's a problem that only exists when building for lm32. that would suck ...)23:09
GitHub25[milkymist] sbourdeauducq pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/milkymist/milkymist/compare/14ad8ba...2ce432823:30
GitHub25[milkymist/master] software/libfpvm/Makefile: update dependencies - Werner Almesberger23:30
GitHub25[milkymist/master] fpvm.c: suppress compiler warning caused by -Wunused-value - Werner Almesberger23:30
lekernelwpwrak: for the default MMDIR, you can try something relative to the current path instead of /opt23:33
lekerneland you have a .git extension when you clone ...?23:34
lekernelfrom my understanding of git, things with a .git extension are internal git databases, not working directories23:36
wpwraki'm curious about that myself :) the stuff under /opt/ has that extension for some reason23:37
lekernelfrom xiangfu's scripts?23:38
wpwrakcould be ... searching ...23:39
lekernelthere should be no .git in the folder name23:40
lekernelit's only because this script adds it ...23:40
wpwrakyup. that's what i used.23:40
wpwrakthe "official" process :-)23:40
lekernelI'm actually not using it ... had to build everything manually to get it working in the first place...23:42
lekernelthat might explain divergences between our binaries, like the compiler problem23:43
lekernelin case some library causes subtle memory corruption23:43
wpwrakcross-repository issues are always the most fun ...23:44
GitHub152[flickernoise] sbourdeauducq pushed 5 new commits to master: http://git.io/SGrEVA23:44
GitHub152[flickernoise/master] compiler/ptest: new option -c to run code generation - Werner Almesberger23:44
GitHub152[flickernoise/master] compiler/test: test code generation and enable code generation for patch pool - Werner Almesberger23:44
GitHub152[flickernoise/master] compiler/file2h: produce valid empty string if the file is empty - Werner Almesberger23:44
wpwrakso you're saying nothing should use /opt/milkymist/ ?23:46
wpwraki'd certainly welcome getting rid of such a "magic" location. we still have /opt/rtems-* as a hard-coded shared place, but that one may be hard to get rid of23:46
lekernelyeah, relative paths are a bit better23:48
wpwrakinfinitely better :)23:48
wpwrakalso because they allow you to have multiple concurrent versions. without having to hop around branches23:48
wpwrakpatch sent :)23:57
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