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FallenouMerry xmas #Milkymist ;)00:11
Fallenoua lot of FPGAs under the xmas tree for everyone !00:11
kristianpaulThanks Fallenou :)01:12
pablojavierGood morning and merry christmas for those who celebrate it.13:44
wpwrakor the post-christmas hangover :)13:47
pablojavierI'm happy, I received my M1 just a few days ago...13:50
pablojavierso it got home just to be put under the tree yesterday :P13:51
wpwrakwhee, excellent ! and welcome to the club ! :)13:51
pablojavierI also have the hangover, but can't wait to test it!!!13:51
pablojavierI didn't get the power supplies, so I'm about to canibalize others...13:52
pablojavierdo you think an ATX power supply will do it for both the M1 and the camera? I couldn't find the power consumption numbers in the wiki...13:52
wpwrakmake sure it's exactly 5 V (switching and stabilized, not just a transformer)13:53
wpwrakoh, ATX is overkill ;-)13:53
wpwrakbut yes, it will work :)13:53
pablojavieryes, yes13:53
wpwrak(atx) well, i suppose. have't tried it :)13:53
pablojavieri'm shooting a mocking bird with an AK4713:53
wpwrakmore like a bazooka :)13:54
pablojavierbut everything is closed today... we nerds are like that...13:54
pablojavieri can live without a PC today, but not without testing this marvel13:54
wpwrakyeah, today, shopping may be difficult. probably even compumundo is closed13:54
wpwrakyes, i ? :)13:55
pablojavierI didn't associate nick and person until you mentioned compumundo13:55
wpwrakhehe :)13:56
pablojavierwell... compumundo wouldn't give me a power source... anyway, I have 1n4001 and capacitors... in case my ATX does not work13:56
pablojaviersoldering monday!13:56
wpwrakthere are many shops on parana that have this kind of power supply. a few years ago, it used to be difficult to find 5V / 2 A, but now it's fairly easy13:57
wpwrakhmm, just diodes plus cap (+ transformator ?) probably wouldn't work13:58
wpwrakthe power supply has to be stabilized. M1 is quite picky about it.13:58
pablojavierI've just found an old IOMEGA ZIP power supply... 5VDC switching, 1A13:59
pablojaviereven the plug matches!13:59
wpwrakthat may work. 1 A is a bit weak, but you can try13:59
pablojavier- canibalization suspended -14:00
wpwrakM1 has an average current consumption of about 1 A. peaks (as indicated by my lab power supply) are around 1.6 A.14:00
pablojavierand peaks happen using... ?14:01
pablojavierMIDI? DMX?14:01
wpwrakso this means that very short peaks will be higher. but your power supply probably won't notice.14:01
wpwrakthey happen all the time14:01
wpwrakthat was a M1 only rendering. no USB connected.14:01
wpwrakDMX and MIDI shouldn't consume much14:02
pablojavierI will just test the rendering first14:02
wpwrakUSB can be nasty for power consumption14:02
wpwrakso don't connect any USB disks ;-)14:02
pablojavier... or keyboard14:03
wpwrakkeyboard and mouse are very useful. even better if you have a combo device14:03
pablojaviernice detail including the rubber keyboard.... the whole package is lovely done14:04
wpwrakthe background story of the keyboard is more sinister, though :)14:04
wpwrakyeah. the reason why it was included is that the USB stack had problems with many keyboards. so instead of fixing the stack, they went searching for a keyboard that didn't mind the bugs / missing features :)14:06
wpwrakthis is a nice combo device if you don't have a lot of space: http://listado.mercadolibre.com.ar/rii-inalambrico14:06
wpwrakit's not very comfortable for "heavy work", but if you just need to change a few settings and such, it'll do14:07
pablojavierand it is wireless!14:08
pablojavierreally nice!14:08
pablojavierlooks like there are two models...14:09
wpwrakwill you connect a MIDI controller ?14:09
pablojavierone with the pad in the left, the other centered... which have you tested?14:09
wpwraki have the one with the pad on the side.14:09
pablojavier(yes, I'm waiting for my sister, she has a MIDI keyboard)14:09
pablojavierdone, bought it14:12
wpwrakwhat kind of midi keyboard does she have ?14:12
pablojaviermeaning MIDI connector vs. USB?14:13
wpwrak(mini wireless kbd) it's also useful for the PC feeding the TV in the living room :)14:13
wpwraknaw, set of functions14:13
wpwrakdo you know brand and model ?14:13
wpwrakwith the software presently installed, only "traditional" MIDI will work, and that poorly14:14
pablojavierdon't remember... and I can't call her now, she is probably sleeping (a rock star does not go to bed until 9AM)14:14
pablojavierok, I will plug it in and test it14:14
wpwrakafter an update, no sure to which release, you'll have better traditional MIDI and you'll also have USB-MIDI14:14
pablojavierand report the model in Wiki or here, either if it works or not14:15
wpwrakmaybe she's still up ;-)14:15
pablojavierI'm not ready for upgrading yet... hhaaha14:15
pablojavierno, no, I know she's sleeping... other wise she won't be able to come for lunch... around 4PM14:15
Action: pablojavier is going to find some hot cider and test his M1 with a sub-optimal power supply14:16
Action: pablojavier thanks god that wpwrak is half argentinian ;)14:17
wpwrakyou mean so that i know where the useful shops are ? :)14:17
wpwraklast night, i narrowly escaped fiery destruction. of the of rockets barely went up 5 m, then plunged for what felt like a minute, and finally exploded. luckily, the launch tubes were attached to chains with an inclined back, so they had an inclination as well, and the rocket just made it out of the terrace. probably exploded on the roof of a parking, some 15 floors below.14:23
pablojavieryou are also building rockets?!14:24
pablojavierdid you looked down to see the results?14:24
wpwraki just bought them from jupiter14:25
pablojavierreally dangerous stuff!14:25
wpwrakthis year, there were some quality issues. also the "bases de misiles" (100 howling shots) didn't work very well. i had five of them and two or three fired half their load at the same time14:26
wpwrakat least they didn't fire sideways :)14:26
pablojavieryesterday there were some close shots at home. My flat faces a park and it has an open terrace.14:27
pablojavierand it's 3rd floor14:27
pablojaviermany of those did not reach proper altitude14:27
wpwraksounds like a dangerous place :)14:28
pablojavierIOMEGA DID IT!!!14:28
wpwrakkewl ! :)14:28
pablojavierit's great!!!!!!14:28
pablojavierI'm going to test all I can right away. Thanks for the help and beware of rockets!14:29
wpwrak(rockets) should be reasonably safe until next weekend :)14:30
wpwrakand i can now work on improving my electrical firing system14:30
pablojavier(at least I will be in Tigre, far enough of the shooting)14:30
pablojavieryou can do it remote!!!14:31
pablojavierand watch your own fireworks from the basement!14:31
wpwrakwell, i have about 5 m of cable :)14:31
pablojavierfar from danger zone...14:31
pablojavierI meant remote, like in a Linux box with some relays attached to it...14:32
pablojavierI used to work with a PCL-73014:32
pablojavierand made a presence simulator for my house14:32
wpwrakhehe :)14:32
pablojavierit was nice controlling 220V through a we b interface14:32
pablojavieror SSH14:32
wpwraknow if the burglars would just be deterred by people (apparently) being present ... :)14:33
pablojavieroh, well... you never know... it's really not THAT useful, but it was fun doing it14:34
pablojavierit was far more fun than useful, I admit that14:34
wpwrakif it's fun, it's useful :)14:35
pablojavierIn the end I earned some stamina points in video chatting with girls... "Hey, enter this URL and you will control the lamp in my desk, so you can decide if you want to see me or not"14:35
pablojavierwith a big lamp-shaped button14:36
wpwrakinteresting approach for picking up girls :)14:37
pablojavierdidn't work... they always prefered keeping the light off... :(14:38
pablojavierjust kidding. Going to do some more testing, see you later!14:39
wpwrakhave fun ! :)14:42
roh .oO(be happy as long as they do not ask for a videocamera)15:15
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