#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-12-10

qwebirc19070Would you ship the Milkymist to Argentina?00:47
kristianpaulof course :)00:48
kristianpaulBut you should get  power adapter sepratelly i think00:48
kristianpaulqwebirc19070: sorry was your name? :)00:49
kristianpaulHi btw00:49
qwebirc19070I'm Pablo00:50
qwebirc19070Power adapter is not automatic?00:50
qwebirc19070I've seen the Milkymist presentation in Brazil... I loved it.00:51
kristianpaulit requires 5V 2A if i recall right00:52
kristianpaulgreat, had you me Jon and Werner then?00:52
kristianpauli said this about power adapter since wpwrak reported this will cause more troubles with customs00:52
kristianpauli think you should write to sales@sharism.cc to clarify this00:53
kristianpaulor go straight http://sharism.cc and buy it :)00:54
qwebirc19070YEAH! I met them00:54
qwebirc19070yap, better not including the adapter00:54
qwebirc19070great, I will do it.00:55
kristianpaulhe is here to, wpwrak  and rejon nick names are00:55
kristianpaulawesome ! :)00:55
kristianpaulWhat are your plans once get it?00:55
qwebirc19070oh, great! I even traveled back to Buenos Aires with wpwrak00:55
kristianpaulDo you work with visual performances or related field?00:55
qwebirc19070I do some acting during my sister's show.00:56
qwebirc19070And I'd like to add Milkymist to the show... we are about to release a new album.00:58
qwebirc19070... and when rejon introduced the MM, I thought it was perfect for my performances... since I could interact with the musicians00:58
qwebirc19070Using the camera...00:59
wolfspraulqwebirc19070: definitely just order in the online shop, absolutely no problem about Argentina00:59
wolfspraulthe one issue though maybe the power supply, though I'm not sure how bad that really is01:00
qwebirc19070I'm eager to test it!01:00
wolfspraulwhat I can offer you is this: we ship the m1 to you without the power supplies, and ship the power supplies separately in a cheaper way (non-fedex). maybe just a small parcel or letter or so.01:00
wolfspraulthey will arrive much later though if we do it this way01:00
wolfspraulor we leave them out entirely, we use very standard 5V and 12V DC jacks01:01
wolfspraul(5V for the M1, 12V for the camera)01:01
qwebirc19070But a 5V power source is VERY common... I can use one of the tens I have in a box...01:01
wolfspraulok then we leave them out01:01
wolfspraulthank you01:01
qwebirc19070Anything else you recommend including in the shipping?01:01
wolfspraulthe only other thing I sell is the Ben NanoNote, that device only makes sense for big time free software connaisseurs right now :-)01:02
wolfspraulsay if you think that mutt is the best email client in the world01:02
wolfspraulthen you may want to throw in the Ben NanoNote as well :-)01:03
qwebirc19070not mutt, I'd love elm01:03
qwebirc19070elm over UUCP... POP3 is too modern for me01:03
qwebirc19070I used to configure sendmail.cf by hand...01:03
qwebirc19070... so I will probably include the Ben too!01:04
wolfsprauleven better, they are both serious products and we put our whole hearts into this stuff01:07
qwebirc19070I know, It's really evident and I really support the concept behind these products.01:08
Action: kristianpaul check wikipedia about uucp01:09
kristianpaulwow before tcp/ip !!!01:11
qwebirc19070I used to do administration on a Santa Cruz operation01:12
qwebirc19070I replaced it with one of the first Slackwares... great suffering having to compile EVERYTHING01:12
qwebirc19070Sometimes I can't believe that we have "apt-get install apache" now... hahahaha01:13
qwebirc19070One more question, wolfspraul... does the Ben also use standard power supplies?01:18
kristianpaulIt uses generic usb type b cable01:19
qwebirc19070wow, great01:19
kristianpaulmini usb**01:19
qwebirc19070I'm so happy, these two beauties will do my self-christmas present.01:19
qwebirc19070f** ! My card is not accepted...01:25
qwebirc19070I will try later, there has been some changes in Argentina regarding dollar buying...01:25
qwebirc19070Thanks a lot for your help! Bye!!!01:25
wolfspraulqwebirc19070: if you have card problems, you can also email me at wolfgang@sharism.cc to work it out01:27
kristianpaulband, nice all dmx, midi there !01:32
wolfspraulkristianpaul: what?01:35
wolfspraul(don't understand the context...)01:35
kristianpaulyoutube video link above?01:36
kristianpaul19:56 < kristianpaul> Do you work with visual performances or related field?01:36
kristianpaul19:56 < qwebirc19070> I do some acting during my sister's show.01:36
kristianpaul19:57 < qwebirc19070> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gmd2LqkbJL001:36
qwebirc19070That video is from my sister's band01:36
qwebirc19070She is open to MilkyMist sponsoring, of course! ;-)01:37
kristianpaulwolfspraul: I just mention, considerin the posibillity qwebirc19070 may  use its M1 with this devices in a future.01:41
qwebirc19070I'll definitely try it.01:41
pablojavierYeah, no more qwebirc19070 :-)01:43
pablojavierI will certainly try the M1 with MIDI controllers01:44
wolfspraulone step at a time. let's get one delivered to you first, then you start playing with it :-)01:49
wolfspraulwhere in Argentina are you?01:49
pablojavierbuenos aires01:51
pablojavierI did the checkout for the M1 and the Ben01:52
pablojavierBut my cards were rejected01:52
pablojavierI will call VISA tomorrow and try again01:52
pablojavierhope it arrives so I can put it under my tree!!01:52
GitHub161[scripts] xiangfu pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/8RzElA09:14
GitHub161[scripts/master] update to latest Milkymist Makefile system - Xiangfu Liu09:14
lekernel_wpwrak: what do you mean, non ansi prototypes? foo() instead of foo(void)?09:38
lekernel_what's the problem with that? all today's compilers handle this and it's less typing09:39
lars_without the void you can pass as many parameters to a call of foo without generating a compiler error10:06
wpwraklekernel_: yes, that's what i meant. and lars explained it :) also, the compiler may generate slightly less efficient code in such cases10:08
lekernel_mh? C is sick.10:11
lars_C is full of backwards compatibility10:14
wpwrakwe could use -Wstrict-prototypes to bring out these critters10:22
wpwrakor, more directly: -Wold-style-declaration -Wold-style-definition10:23
wpwrakalso -Wextra may be a good idea10:23
wpwrakthe chars vs. isalnum bother me, though. not sure how to fix that. where does our newlib come from ? is this via rtems ?10:28
lekernel_via rtems10:29
lekernel_I think they'd patch it if we report the problem10:30
wpwraklet's see if i can find it ...10:31
wpwrakcpukit/pppd/chat.c ;_)  but no, that's not the one10:44
wpwrakit's a pity that lemon doesn't support yacc-style 'x' syntax (for terminals). that makes parsers so much more readable11:33
wpwrakand it also helps with debugging the grammar, because you can quickly insert a unique terminal and see if this solves the conflict11:34
wpwrakhmm, one bug in my migration. i forgot to move the fpvm_assign prototype. well, i'll do that later11:40
wpwraklekernel: hmm, what's the correct way to signal an error to the parser ?11:58
wpwrak(from inside the grammar)11:58
wpwrakhmm, perhaps you don't. there's no error indication interface to the caller anyway.12:05
wpwraklekernel_: Q: semicolons in a patch: how should the grammar handle them ? 1) optional, 2) required as separator, 3) required as terminator ?13:34
GitHub131[scripts] xiangfu force-pushed master from 8581de4 to 33f5b11: http://git.io/DOsw5Q13:47
GitHub131[scripts/master] update to latest Milkymist Makefile system - Xiangfu Liu13:47
lekernel_wpwrak: they're optional, used to separate several equations on the same line16:44
wpwrakthe grammar seems to be fine if i make them entirely optional16:46
wpwrakof course, you cuold then do things like  foo=1 bar=2 ....16:46
wpwraknot sure if this is good or bad16:46
wpwrakrequiring ; for multiple equations in the same line would of course make things complicated when assignments are split over multiple lines16:48
wpwrakbtw, why is [ a comment character ? looks like an odd choice. is this really used for comments or for something else ?16:49
lekernelno, that's because the original milkdrop presets are based on INF files16:50
lekernelthey have a "[preset]" at the beginning that should be ignored16:50
wpwrakaaah ;-)16:50
wpwrakwell, we shall have sections in the future, too. but i think something like per_frame: will look nicer than [per_frame]. particularly since we may have some use for [...] elsewhere16:52
wpwrak(in the future)16:52
wpwrakwhat do you think of adding proper relational operators, a == b, a > b, etc. ?16:53
wpwrakand maybe a form of the ternary operator instead of LISP-ish if(a,b,c). as much as i like LISP as a programming model, i find the syntax painful16:54
lekernelyeah, why not :)16:56
lekernelthe first goal was to support MD :)16:56
lekernelbut ofc it can/should be extended16:56
wpwrakvery good :)16:57
wpwrakfor images, i'm thinking of having an array and an index variable. the array could have lazy evaluation, so you only preload a few at the beginning, and convert the rest in the background as the patch is running. not sure how this will pan out with CPU load, though.17:02
lekernelprobably quite difficult to do without "hiccups", no?17:05
lekernelwhat if the image is suddenly needed?17:05
wpwrakyou'd get some fallback behaviour. could be to ignore the change request or to show the highest available. it could also update when the image becomes available and/or when more images become available17:09
wpwrakthere could also be a variable that tells you how far you can go17:09
lekernelsounds complicated to use17:09
wpwrakof course, if you need random access, then you'd just preload all of them17:09
lekernelnah... sounds difficult to use AND difficult to program17:10
lekernelpick your battles :)17:11
wpwrakthere may be other options. like caching converted images. or introducing a "raw" format where the image is pre-converted by the user17:13
wpwrakneed to see what works17:13
lekernelis it really so slow that you need such things?17:13
wpwrakin any case, i want image arrays. not for silly slide shows but for having patches with fancy effects17:13
wpwrakhaven't measured conversion times yet17:14
wpwrakbut i can imagine that a large image collection could take some time17:14
wpwrakbut we'll see. that's not something i'll get to today or tomorrow. first, parsing the whole patch in one run. fpvm_assign must die :-)17:16
wpwrakhmm. the parser is indeed remarkably good at not reporting problems ... and actually somehow getting past them. yet another area that wants attention.17:28
GitHub198[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/migen/commit/a49ecc4331a373b9a63a836ca2523db63f88d1e719:29
GitHub198[migen/master] fhdl: pad support in fragments - Sebastien Bourdeauducq19:29
GitHub104[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/milkymist/migen/compare/a49ecc4...44f44b819:51
GitHub104[migen/master] fhdl: fix += for empty fragment - Sebastien Bourdeauducq19:51
GitHub104[migen/master] fhdl: autofragment - Sebastien Bourdeauducq19:51
GitHub163[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/migen/commit/d3127fd5d86377daa92247bebd72cd16407e372b19:52
GitHub163[migen/master] autofragment: remove debug - Sebastien Bourdeauducq19:52
wpwraklekernel: do you keep track of the number of list subscribers ? i wonder how many lurkers have run for cover by now :)20:09
Action: lars_ is still there20:10
Action: kristianpaul too20:10
wpwrakcool. re2c happily reads beyond NUL23:43
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