#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-11-30

aw_wpwrak, the IO_L48N_1 pin of fgpa doesn't wire out, so I'll use one pin of J21 expansion header for instead.  (i.e.: pin 13 of J21, IO_L9P_1)01:34
wpwrakaw_: ah, why not. J21 has so many uses :)03:33
aw_wpwrak, yup...i measured those io pins are normal low only unless i press 'reboot'(i.e. reset transition within the act) btn in gui again. :)03:39
aw_(pre-rc4 reset circuit): 10 times in success on rendering test with power-cycle. ref. to: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:M1rc4_resetcircuit_design_verification_draft_sch_v1.JPG04:17
aw_one of AND gate inputs is J21.pin13 (even no s/w to activate). next to rework circuit of usb switch.04:20
wpwrak(reset circuit with AND gate) nice :) do you see the reset propagate (with the scope) ?04:23
wpwraklekernel: hmm, where do you reserve the communication memory block on the navre ?04:47
kristianpaulinitprog ,,,}04:54
wpwrakhmm, the LV3's reluctance to talk to M1 seems to be an AVRism. it uses an AVR. lo and behold, atusb just acts in the same way.06:13
wpwrakand of course, any of my silabs-based boards enumerate just fine. so my stack can't be all wrong ...06:13
wpwrakstekern: you mentioned you had a fancy usb protocol analyzer at work. maybe that could be handy :) would you also happen to have any USB device that uses an USB-capable AVR ? if yes, that may exhibit the same issue and thus be useful for testing06:19
wpwrakinteresting ... i removed the wait until TX is idle. this reduces the time between SETUP and DATA0 to ~2 cycles. now the avr does ACK.06:40
wpwraknice. faderfox lv3 enumerates :)06:52
wpwraklet's see if anything else still works ...06:53
wpwrakapparently yes06:54
wpwrakstekern: so, problem already solved :)07:23
wpwraklekernel_: a quick question: where in softusb do you allocate the COMLOC buffer ?08:06
wpwraklekernel__: Q: where in softusb do you allocate the COMLOC buffer ?08:46
lekernel__in its data memory08:57
lekernel__see comloc.h08:57
wpwrakyes, those are the addresses. but how does gcc know what it can't put variables there ? or how do you know that gcc didn't put anything there ?08:58
wpwrak(well, ld)08:59
lekernel__gcc allocates variables from the beginning of the memory08:59
lekernel__if you have less than 4K data, which is quite a bit, it should be ok09:00
wpwrakah, manual allocation then :)09:00
wpwraksigh. the names with commas in the FPGA do seem to have some significance. at least things failed when i tried to build the whole SoC with my taps. yet another run then ...09:05
wpwraktime for a nap :)09:57
GitHub191[milkymist] sbourdeauducq pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/6C7qag12:33
GitHub191[milkymist/master] Bump version number - Sebastien Bourdeauducq12:33
GitHub191[milkymist/master] softusb: move implementation of trigger into macros - Werner Almesberger12:33
GitHub36[milkymist] sbourdeauducq pushed 9 new commits to master: http://git.io/Se5f1Q13:26
GitHub36[milkymist/master] softusb: use symbolic names for various USB constants - Werner Almesberger13:26
GitHub36[milkymist/master] softusb: move protocol identification (interface descriptor) to separate function - Werner Almesberger13:26
GitHub36[milkymist/master] softusb: remove trailing whitespace - Werner Almesberger13:26
wpwrakhmm, github doesn't say anything about the set of 7 patches ... let's see if they're there (they kinda have to or the rest wouldn't apply)13:36
wpwrakyeah. all is good :) thanks !13:37
lekernel"interesting" ...I got the "gradient bug" with a fresh bitstream synthesis that only included your softusb_sie minor change13:41
lekernelI guess this is some timing or crosstalk xilinx bug... i'll get myself a freeze spray and see if it improves things13:42
lekerneland the lv3 works! great!13:42
Action: lekernel applauses wpwrak13:43
wpwrakwhee ! :)13:43
wpwrakif you go to the bios, does USB spit out a lot of complaints ? (mainly RX timeout error)13:43
wpwrak(crosstalk) that sounds ugly ... :-(13:44
lekernelyes, but I have not upgraded the BIOS, so it still tries to talk to the old SIE13:45
wpwrakoh, that would be confusing :)13:46
lekernelcrosstalk in FPGA happens... I've seen a talk from people using it to build RNGs13:47
lekernelbut here it could simply be that the timing on the VGA DAC is a bit tight13:47
lekernelthat should be easy to fix...13:47
lekernelif we had TMU crosstalk issues, they would accumulate from frame to frame13:48
lekernel(that being said, early versions of ISE had lots of timing model bugs for Spartan-6 that took me days of debugging with a freeze spray...)13:49
lekernelyeah the gradient bug is reproducible on GUI elements too. most probably I/O timing issues.13:50
wpwrakheh, that experience will be handy now :)13:50
lekernelwith the comet wallpaper it's obvious13:51
lekernelyeah, definitely sounds like an I/O problem. the bug is not present on screenshots taken with the M1 itself.13:53
lekerneland I didn't put setup/hold constraints on the pins driving the VGA DAC, so I only get what I deserve ...13:54
lekernelanyway - very cool! thanks for the lv3 support!14:01
lekernelbtw, my MIDI keyboard also works on USB now14:22
lekernelor well - the controls (joystick + fader) do,  but the keys don't14:23
lekernelha, but you're filtering control messages only from navre :) that'd probably the problem...14:24
qi-botThe Firmware build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-11302011-1340/14:29
wpwrakthe LV3 has very weird mappings. things are scattered over various channels and so on. and you can even make it more confusing with the setups :)14:44
lekernelyes, i see14:45
lekernelI'll probaby replace the "note" or "controller number" values by "channel/note" "channel/controller number" pairs14:45
lekernelwhat do you think?14:45
kristianpauloh, can i buy a MIDI keyboard now then? :D14:45
wpwraki think at the end of they day, we'll simply want "input event" :) MIDI, DMX, keybaord, IR, ...14:46
aw_(pre-rc4 usb switch h/w patch): now works('reboot' on gui and power-cycle), the suggested 120uF for USB2.0 I used 100uF for mostly popular capacitance in both A & B port.15:04
aw_the patch on my board now is super monster, well..will upload pictures later. Next step is to replace 7181C.15:06
stekernwpwrak: nice that you got it sorted out, I wouldn't have been of much help, I'm on vacation so out of office15:32
stekernotherwise I would have gladly tried to help15:32
wpwrakstekern: oh, you took vacations to play with M1 ? excellent ;-)15:32
stekernhehe, something like that ;)15:32
wpwrakkristianpaul: a controller with knobs and faders may be more useful than a keyboard15:35
kristianpaulwpwrak: any cheap recomendation?15:40
kristianpaulcheap i mean less than 20usd15:41
wpwraknot even in china ;-)15:45
wpwrakfor the sub-USD 100 segment, consider Korg and iCON15:45
kristianpaulok, not for now :)15:46
kristianpaulfor me*15:46
wpwrakthe nano* series from Korg is quite cheap. alas, it also feels very cheap15:46
wpwrakiCON have a series of small controllers that feel a lot more solid than korg's. for the feature set, the most likely models are similar.15:47
wpwrake.g., the Korg nanoKONTROL2 and the iCON i-Controls are quite similar and give you the basics15:51
kristianpaulwow the one with mini keyboard looks nice15:52
wpwrakyou mean the thing in the background ? no idea what that is. but probably expensive :)15:55
wpwrakthe cheap ones are in the foreground15:55
kristianpaulyes, background15:56
kristianpaulforeground, ok15:56
kristianpaulmay be i can just get some potenciometers and get fun on my self :)15:56
wpwraklet's see how you outcheap the chinese :)15:57
lekernelyou can use an arduino, it's easy to connect it to the din plug15:57
lekernelthat won't outcheap the chinese, but it'll give you a good feeling15:57
kristianpauldammit no looks this is expensive http://www.sparkfun.com/products/1101415:57
wpwrakand you still need the arduino itself ;)15:58
lekernelbut it's hip15:58
wpwrakand a real controller will have more than twice the controls. at least you get some nice long pots15:58
kristianpaulhippie? :)15:59
lekernelhipster :)15:59
kristianpaulokay add a second display on top with touch and virtual  knobs and faders and keys, and problem solve ;)16:00
kristianpaullol even laptops have one16:01
Action: kristianpaul hides 16:01
kristianpaulah yes rc4 dvi-i, go it :)16:01
qi-botThe Firmware build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-11302011-1540/16:31
ALMTEMtemi tray research network project milkymist16:37
ALMTEMtemAJ -/' J-CJ 91(J16:40
wpwrakwe're still trying to parse what you wrote :) and ... nice squiggles :)16:41
wpwrakmaybe you could explain in a few more words what you're looking for16:41
ALMTEMtemI young Syrians find work in your17:00
ALMTEMtemcan help me17:01
ALMTEMtemwpwrak: can help me17:04
kristianpaulALMTEMtem: how do you heard about Milkymist?17:05
ALMTEMtemBy irc networks17:08
ALMTEMtemyou aktronet or oil17:11
kristianpaulok, i'm sure who is hiring here, but just stay around and tell us more about you and how can you help with the project17:13
ALMTEMtemkristianpaul: milkymist aktronet or oil17:14
ALMTEMtemhawo can I get work17:19
kristianpauls/i'm/i'm not17:21
wpwrakALMTEMtem: kristianpaul's activity is actually more in defense technology, global positioning ...17:22
kristianpaulso btw is safe to use rtems from upstream now :-) ?17:25
wpwraki use it. that is, upstream plus one more patch, i.e., for USB-MIDI17:25
ALMTEMtemcan you select my site now17:26
kristianpaulsorry, dont understand that last one [contest]17:27
kristianpaulhere is the boss :-)17:28
ALMTEMtemLOL expressing laughter17:30
ALMTEMtemkristianpaul%did not understand MY17:35
kristianpaulsorry but no17:35
kristianpaultime to lunch here, read you later17:35
kristianpaulyou can ask lekernel for a job in the meawhile :)17:36
ALMTEMtemlekernel: hi17:38
ALMTEMtemlekernel: i need work17:39
ALMTEMtemlekernel: can help my17:40
lekernelwell I can't help you. I'm not hiring anyone yet (unfortunately...), and even if I did, I'd hire people who have contributed first.17:41
ALMTEMtemlekernel: can help me17:41
ALMTEMtemi Through Syria and I am very poor and graduating from University and did not get the post17:44
ALMTEMtemi am from syria17:44
ALMTEMtemlekernel: ¤ you are from any country17:46
ALMTEMtemi am friends of Khaled17:48
ALMTEMtemKhaled sfde17:49
lekernelI'm from France. and I don't know anyone named Khaled Sfde.17:50
ALMTEMtemKhaled ¤is the owner of the company's Office in Damascus17:52
ALMTEMtemI go to sleep tomorrow will see 17:55
ALMTEMtemtime now 8:1:2017:57
ALMTEMtemwpwrak: Thank you and i love you17:59
ALMTEMtem[19:59:20] <wpwrak>  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=the+company18:00
lekernelinteresting... xilinx and ericsson have written code for this orcc thingy18:09
Action: lekernel got half of it installed after 1 hour struggling with java packages18:09
wpwrakwill it be even slower than the xilinx tools ? :)18:09
lekernelit sits on top of the xilinx tools18:10
lekerneldouble bloat!!!18:10
lekerneland of course, even with everything installed, nothing works. grmbl. some people never learn.18:17
lekernelhttp://pastebin.com/6qK6MrjQ etc.18:17
wpwrakmaybe the ultimate objective is that synthesizing any project larger than a "hello world" (i.e., one blinking led) becomes an endeavour that spans multiple generations. like in the good old days, when the master artisan taught his kids, so they could finish the project of his lifetime18:17
lekerneleven syntax highlighting for their language crashes Java18:18
wpwrakthat's what i call a promising start ;-)18:19
lekernelyeah, one more "academic" tool ...18:31
qi-botThe Firmware build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-11302011-1741/18:35
mwallelekernel: is there any reason you choose to have a prescaler that divides the system clock by 16?20:01
mwallein the uart core20:01
mwallei guess other uart implementations uses 16bit oversampling20:06
mwallewhat i want to achive is to have a baudrate of 1, 2 or 3 mbps20:07
lekernel16x oversampling can be a bit too much... it's actually inherited from the das-labor design20:10
lekernelsince it worked, i didn't change it20:10
mwalleok, thats what i thought ;)20:10
mwallei would change the hard prescaler to 8 bit so i could get 2mbps working20:11
lekernelif you want to acheive high baudrates, you may run into the more serious problem that the baudrate and the system clock are not necessarily multiples20:11
mwallei know, but with 80mhz system clock 1 and 2 would work20:17
lekernelwhy not 10 or 20?20:19
lekernel4x oversampling (finally) works at 12.5Mbps for USB ...20:19
mwallelekernel: ft2232 max baud is 3mbps20:19
lekerneldon't we have the 2232h which supports up to 30?20:19
mwalleahh youre right20:20
mwallei looked at the d variant20:20
kristianpaul2mbps my hero : ) !!20:21
mwallelekernel: 12mbps seems to be the maximum for the ft2232h20:25
mwallehopefully the linux driver supports setting own prescaler values for the ft2232h chip20:26
mwallelets target 10mpbs then :)20:30
jpbonnHello - I'm trying to run the demo software (milkymist/software/demo)  on qemu (latest git head) and I'm running into a problem:23:06
jpbonnBRD: Running on unknown board (ID=0x00000000), startup aborted.23:07
jpbonnIt appears that reading CSR_SYSTEM_ID is returning 0 in get_board_desc() (milkymist/software/libbase/board.c)23:07
jpbonnAny ideas what might be wrong?23:07
mwallejpbonn: the sysctl module is not updated yet23:12
mwallejpbonn: as a quick workaround, try setting R_SYSTEM_ID in hw/milkymist-sysctl.c to the proper value23:13
mwallejpbonn: try that http://paste.debian.net/147630/23:16
jpbonnmwalle: I'll try it in a bit - thanks23:18
mwallemh, lekernel also changed the board_desc, that the frequency is taken from a register too23:18
mwallemom i'll paste the whole patch :)23:18
mwallethats an old patch, but it should work for you ;)23:19
wpwrakhmm. some usb-midi devices seem to have an interesting sense of humor. the nanoKONTROL2 happily sends data packets of all zeroes of 64 bytes. as if we didn't have anything better to do than to discard such junk ....23:24
jpbonnmwalle: it worked - thanks23:25
mwallejpbonn: i'll update the patch soon and push it to my qemu repo23:25
jpbonnmwalle: do you have a qemu fork?  I've been using the main one.23:26
mwallejpbonn: the old one is at git.serverraum.org but that one haven't been updated for ages, the new one will be at my github page github.com/mwalle (or sth like that)23:27
jpbonnmwalle: Ok I'll watch for it23:28
mwallejpbonn: there was little qemu development in lately, so all patches were upstrema23:28
jpbonnmwalle: thanks for the help.  I'm off to get my kid from school.23:30
mwallenp ;)23:31
wpwraknow that's funny. i sometimes get a SOF while waiting for a reply to IN. i'm not sure i really believe this ;-)23:36
wpwrakmaybe the receiver is still running for some reason. ah well, at least it's not a "real" data corruption.23:52
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