#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-11-26

kristianpaulyes that will be great to know how, as i can eliminate and excesive number of debug signal on namuru...00:02
wpwrakjust doing a bit of cleanup, more testing, and integration00:03
kristianpauli'll eliminate some signals for now then ;-)00:04
wpwraknow, let's try to swap some pins and see what happens00:09
n0carri3revening all01:12
wpwrakhey vj ! :) how was the great M1 tour ?01:13
n0carri3rthings went well - used it a few times lately!01:14
n0carri3rlet me find some pics and video01:14
wolfsprauln0carri3r: here's a new one from Werner http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:Curiosity.ogv01:15
wolfspraulusing a usb-midi controller and (small) graphics01:15
wolfspraulboth is still quite hacked up but hopefully getting to really usable soon01:16
wpwrak(small graphics) i realize that, while the heavily pixelated effect is intentional, it may lead to misunderstandings :)01:16
n0carri3rahh cool01:17
n0carri3rcan't wait for that stuff, really!01:17
wpwrakn0carri3r: i wonder how you controlled the M1, e.g., to adjust audio sensitivity and such, maybe even patch parameters. e.g., did you use MIDI controls ?01:17
n0carri3rMIDI-USB will be great01:17
wpwrakeveryone wants that :)01:17
n0carri3ri made multiple copies of patches bound to different keys with slightly different variables01:17
n0carri3rsince i didnt have USBMIDI :)01:18
wpwrakheh :)01:18
wpwrakwhat already works is going via a PC: USB-MIDI -> PC -> USB-MIDI-dongle -> M101:19
wpwrakor USB-MIDI -> PC -> OSC/ethernet -> M101:19
wpwrakwhat midi controllers do you use or plan to use ?01:20
n0carri3rmy roommate has a few of the korg nano controllers01:20
n0carri3rso maybe using pads to toggle effects and some sliders/pots to fine tune variables01:20
n0carri3rthat way i could have less key bindings01:21
wpwrakthe nanoKONTROL2 has a number of sliders and pots, plus a lot of buttons01:21
n0carri3ralso, any change to bind patches to the numeric pad?01:21
n0carri3ri would love to use one of these, instead of a keyboard: http://images.highspeedbackbone.net/skuimages/large/Targus-T22-2195-main.jpg01:21
wpwrakit also has really cheap feel, so i don't think you have to worry about it growing legs :)01:22
wpwrak(keypad) that ought to be feasible01:23
n0carri3ryeah, would be really useful01:24
n0carri3rheres a pic of me in philly with the M1: http://twitter.com/#!/woolypixel/status/135563247603548160/photo/101:25
n0carri3rhigher quality photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/su1droot/sets/72157628115535073/with/6390867571/01:25
n0carri3ri used only the M1 for pictures with the band "cheap dinosaurs"01:26
n0carri3r(about half that flickr set)01:26
kristianpaulwhere the birds come from?01:27
n0carri3rthey are hanging in the studio :)01:28
wpwrakhave you seen this one yet ? that was one of my first MIDI experiments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjBSJaHGsbY01:28
n0carri3ri did see that!01:28
n0carri3rvery jealous :)01:28
wpwrakhehe :)01:28
kristianpaullovelly use https://secure.flickr.com/photos/su1droot/6390860015/in/set-7215762811553507301:28
kristianpaulfrom screewave to band live wallpaper :D01:29
n0carri3ri really like the effects in that MIDI video around 2:2001:29
n0carri3rwhat patch is that?01:29
wpwrakhah, you've been projecting onto the band. that's evil ;-)01:31
wpwrakthat's Geiss & Werner - Tornado (Rain Dance MIDI RMX).fnp01:32
kristianpaulbtw n0carri3r, how do you manage to switch patches01:32
wpwrakbasically a simplified Geiss - Tornado.fnp with MIDI controls added01:32
kristianpauli  mean one per song, or... or..01:32
kristianpaulyou got an assitant i guess ;)01:32
wolfsprauln0carri3r: is this pic freely licensed? http://twitter.com/#!/woolypixel/status/135563247603548160/photo/1/large01:33
n0carri3ri switch patches with the keyboard for now01:33
n0carri3rhere is a video of that band with the M101:33
n0carri3ryou can see some of the new patches i wrote in there01:34
n0carri3ryou can use that picture, for sure - just credit @woolypixel01:34
wolfspraulyes, nice video! do you have a download link for that and free license?01:35
wolfspraulok I just assume "you can use" means public domain :-)01:35
n0carri3ryou can contact the user (a friend of mine) and get a HQ video from here01:35
n0carri3rand yes, public domain for the other one - just a cell phone picture my GF took, haha01:36
n0carri3rthis video may not be as eye popping01:39
n0carri3rbut features some different warped fractal patches i worked on01:39
n0carri3r(same band)01:40
wpwrak(1st video) pretty cool. the effects work very well01:40
n0carri3ryes, when you see the direction of the swirls change, its different patches01:40
n0carri3rwith MIDI control01:40
n0carri3rit wouldnt have to be01:40
wpwrak(2nd vid) heh, so that's what a drug trip going to hell looks like ;-)01:43
n0carri3rhaha yep01:43
wpwrakvery nice menacing effect :)01:43
n0carri3rthey are a kind of psychedelic chip music act01:43
n0carri3rso all live instruments and game boy backing track01:44
n0carri3ranyway, no lock ups or freezes for me!01:44
n0carri3rbut i will update anyway :)01:44
kristianpaulcan not wait for image support? :)01:46
n0carri3rwait, is image support in the new update01:46
kristianpauli think no yet01:46
n0carri3ri thought it was just on the git, but not complied yet01:46
n0carri3ryeah, image support & MIDIUSB will be great01:46
wpwrakusb-midi is still some days away. first, full-speed usb needs to get a bit more reliable01:47
wpwrakit's actually at a point where i can use my hhkb. but i think sebastien has a device that still doesn't even enumerate. haven't tried my MIDI critters yet01:48
kristianpauln0carri3r: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/su1droot/6391104247/in/photostream/ what device does this effect? a computer?01:50
wpwraki kinda wonder how far we can push midi control complexity. the faderfox lv3 has about 54 distinct controls, without counting shift (well, 8 or them are a fancy radio button)01:50
wolfspraulwpwrak: oh, usb full-speed is already that advanced? so basically it does work to a degree now?01:51
n0carri3rkristian: yes, a computer. those arent my visuals, though01:51
wpwrakthe nanoKONTROL2 has around 50 controls01:51
wpwrakwolfspraul: the improved dpll brought down the error rate a lot01:51
wolfsprauldo we have a feeling where the remaining degree of non-workingness will come from? software, hardware?01:51
wpwrakit still complains about every 5-10 seconds, but nothing compared to the stream of nasty corruptions i got before01:52
wolfspraulI asked Adam to be on the lookout for a good scope to measure the analog signals, if he finds something at a shop he is going to anyway (xray etc)01:52
wpwrakprobably software. i'm a lot less worried about hardware now01:52
wolfspraulbut you still route your lv3 through the computer - why?01:53
wolfsprauldoes the full-speed part of that work now on m1?01:53
kristianpaulwpwrak: but i heard crc in hardware may solve some issues that sofware may be generating, right?01:54
kristianpauli mean for usb01:54
wpwrakoh, with the LV3 there are even two good reasons: 1) no usb-midi protocol support in M1 2) the LV3 has some wicked mappings that are very different from what flickernoise expects01:55
wpwrak(crc) the crc will make things perfect :) right now, i'm after those rx timeouts. well, once i'm done with the taps.01:55
kristianpaulyes, taps firsrt :)01:57
wpwrakkristianpaul: did you see that i already committed the functions that modify the .xdl ?01:58
kristianpauln0carri3r: the others band at 8static did said something about M1 you think is worth to mention?01:59
n0carri3ryou mean, what did they think of it?02:00
n0carri3reveryone at the gigs where i've used it have been very impressed02:01
n0carri3rat the capibilities, the price, etc.02:01
n0carri3ra good friend of mine, an engineer, really likes it - and he works on FPGA's himself, so he was interested in the hardware02:01
wpwrakexcellent ! wolfspraul: how many left in stock ? :)02:01
kristianpaulwpwrak: and i'll try it soon i need to verify namuru timing sample is in sycn with sige's receiver clock02:02
kristianpaulwpwrak: i guess can tap more than one signal with no problem?02:02
wolfsprauln0carri3r: hmm, how do we convert these people from saying 'great' to becoming active? :-)02:03
wpwrakup to twelve should be fine. then you need to find some pads you can scrifice02:03
n0carri3ryou mean other VJ's?02:03
wolfspraulshould we follow up with the engineer?02:03
wolfspraulno the excitement you just mentioned02:04
wpwrak(twelve) i.e., the exp<*> group on J2102:04
kristianpaulsure i already have wires in that one02:04
wolfsprauldo we appear friendly and approachable? :-)02:04
n0carri3rhaha i'm sure02:05
n0carri3ri dont thats a problem :)02:05
n0carri3ri saw you post about something cheaper, like a $99 item?02:05
n0carri3r(on twitter)02:05
wolfspraulSebastien talked about that, yes02:10
wpwrakwhich is a polite way of saying that nobody else saw much sense in it ;-)02:11
wpwrakthere are actually two problems with the idea: 1) you can't go that low without selling directly at a loss. 2) it would be a major effort to design such a simplified board.02:12
wpwrakwhat could be done are reduced versions of the regular M1 board. or boards with well-understood and isolated defects02:13
wpwraktargeted at developers. but ... we'd have to be very careful not to make this compete with the regular M102:14
wolfsprauln0carri3r: ok if there is anyone I can follow up with regarding m1, let me know02:16
wolfspraulif they have no problem with chatting, a very good starting point is also this channel02:16
lekernelis that M1 too? http://www.flickr.com/photos/su1droot/6390850177/in/set-7215762811553507302:44
n0carri3rsorry, back03:17
n0carri3rwas away from computer03:17
n0carri3rno, only M1 stuff is with cheap dinosaurs (the full band)03:17
n0carri3rthat is NES (nintendo)03:17
n0carri3rgonna head offline for now, but i'll be back in the morning (EST)03:19
n0carri3ri'll work on updating my M1 soon and copying my patches to share03:19
n0carri3r(the ones i think are03:19
n0carri3rtalk to you guys later!03:20
xiangfun0carri3r, see you.03:23
wpwraklekernel: hmm, i'm having problems with the includes in your recent patches. i.e., i need these fixes to make things work: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/source/tree/master/m1/patches/rtems/fix-sysconf-includes.patch http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/source/tree/master/m1/patches/rtems/fix-timer-includes.patch04:23
wpwrakdo you have some symlink i don't have ?04:23
stekernhmm, my M1 doesn't seem to like that I tinkered with it04:29
wolfspraulstekern: what happened?04:29
stekernI reflashed it with my stuff, but flickernoise didn't boot with that, so I tried reflashing with the "release" but that just stops with the two left LEDS dimmed04:32
stekernreflashing my build back gets me the bios though04:33
stekernbut with USB errors04:33
xiangfustekern, ( I tried reflashing with the "release" but that just stops with the two left LEDS ) stop when reflash? or boot?04:35
xiangfuare you using reflash_m1.sh?04:36
stekernxiangfu: yes, that one for the "release"04:36
stekernit ends up like that right after power is applied04:37
stekernreflashing just the soc.fpg gets me into bios04:38
stekernthe soc.fpg I built that is04:39
wolfspraulmaybe you are running into your very first own bugs! ;-)04:39
wolfspraulwelcome to the club04:39
wolfspraulWerner has been through that how many times now? wpwrak ? :-)04:39
stekernyeah, stuff that just works are no fun ;)04:40
wolfspraulyou will hardly be able to sit on your chair by the sheer energy of joy coming out of your m104:40
stekernit did work fine until I started touching it though :)04:41
wolfspraulm1 hacker is a different level of hacker04:41
wolfspraulwe've seen this type of various DIM lit states a lot04:41
wolfsprauland fixes lots of bugs04:41
wolfspraulbut maybe there are more04:41
wolfsprauland/or software/bitstream could be more robust04:41
stekernhow can I (if I can) change the IP in bios?04:42
wolfspraulwhen you go back to the release image, try unplugging your dc cable and wait for 10 minutes04:42
wolfsprauljust to establish a testing baseline04:42
stekernI think I did that, but will try that04:44
stekerngot to run, bbl04:45
wpwrakwolfspraul: hmm, a few times :)04:47
wolfspraulI'm wondering what happened04:56
wolfspraulcould be a lot of things04:56
wolfspraulare the leds dimly lit or fully lit04:56
wolfspraulusb transmission problem04:56
wolfspraulmaybe just didn't wait long enough for boot?04:56
wolfspraulproblem with the bitstream he built himself04:57
wpwrakmy guess would be some version conflict. e.g., soc and FN disagreeing on the hw interface05:12
wolfspraulbut going back to reflash_ben also didn't work05:13
wpwrakoh, and i think a full reset by power cycling takes about one second :)05:13
wolfspraulmaybe several small issues or knowledge traps05:13
wpwrakhmm. maybe the wrong options to reflash_ben05:13
wolfspraulwhen I get a new device, sometimes I spend the first day running into this kind of thing, like how to press the power button to reset it correctly, or so05:13
wpwrakor maybe it started from a bad cache, etc.05:14
wolfspraulthen after that I use that device for years and find everything 'intuitive'05:14
wpwrakyeah. you adjust your expectations ;-)05:14
stekernwpwrak: (soc/fn mismatch) possible. I tried a couple of combinations, fn built from HEAD and the stable version06:31
stekernmy soc is built from HEAD06:31
stekernI'm not sure about my toolchain setup though, it's built from the 'scripts'. I understood that you've made a stackof patches that isn't included there?06:33
stekernwhat is the preferred way to build the toolchain?06:33
wpwrakstekern: the patch stack is for rtems, yes10:29
wpwrakstekern: it lives over here: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/source/tree/master/m1/patches/rtems/10:29
wpwrakfor the new soc, you need to build new rtems and then also new flickernoise from it10:30
wpwrakmaybe also new milkymist.git (all master/head)10:30
wpwrakand i installed the pre-compiled SDK as baseline. i don't know if all the things find their way into the right places with just build_sdk.sh in milkymist.git10:34
wpwrakah yes, and you need this in your environment: RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH=/opt/rtems-4.11/lm32-rtems4.11/milkymist10:34
stekernI found the patches from the mail in the ML already (I really need to go look there before asking here ;))10:37
stekernI think I have everything setup correctly now, but flickernoise is still not booting.10:38
stekernand it feels odd that the reflashing of stable doesn't work10:39
wpwraklemme commit my cheat sheet ...10:39
stekernI'm rebuilding the soc with the "right" IP settings since I couldn't find a way to change them on the fly10:40
stekernlet's see what happens when I try to boot from net10:40
stekernbios, not soc10:41
wpwraki only know how to et the IP in flickernoise. there it's easy. turn off DHCP and then you can enter the numbers10:43
stekerncool, thanks for the cheat-sheet10:45
stekernI think it's just hardcoded in BIOS, didn't look further when I found the #define for it though10:46
wpwraknot that i didn't build some of the support libraries (for images and such). i just take them from the sdk. so far, i got away with it :)10:46
wpwrak(bios, hardcoded) hehe :)10:47
wpwraki hope one day we can just have a central "master" makefile that build everythings10:48
stekernI have to admit that wolfspraul is right though, I'm still in "blackbox" stage. I.e. everythiung isn't transparent how it's put together10:48
stekernbut I'm getting there ;)10:49
wpwrakright now, not even milkymist.git has a central place. and the build scrips are all a bit nasty. (and may miss dependencies)10:49
wpwrakoh yes, the fog will take a while to lift ;-)10:49
stekernhmm tftp didn't seem to change things10:50
stekerna switch to power cycle would be handy10:51
stekerneasy to put one in between the wall wart and M1 though10:52
wpwraklabsw ? ;-))10:52
wpwrakbut you can do a "make boot" in http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/source/tree/master/m1/jtag-boot/10:53
wpwrakthat will reset the M1 and kick it right out of standby10:53
wpwrakso you don't even need to touch the box10:54
wpwrakso .. what have you updated and how far do you get ?10:54
wpwrakoh, and i wouldn't use tftp just yet. for most things, it can be a workflow optimization but just adds some more moving parts.10:55
stekernyeah, I just thought it would take the flash out of the picture10:56
wpwrakare you using m1nor for flashing ?10:57
wpwrakif not, you should :)10:57
stekernwhat's that?10:57
wpwrakm1nor lets you update individual partitions. here it is: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/source/tree/master/m1/tools/m1nor10:57
wpwrakit figures out which partition you want to change from the file name10:58
stekernI've run the .batch files in soc and flickernoise through urjtag10:59
wpwraknever used them :)10:59
stekernthe .batch seems to contain basically what you have in the end of m1nor11:01
wpwrakthat sounds good. this part never changed. also the partitions were never rearranged, i think11:02
wpwrakoh, speaking of which11:02
wpwrakusing git://github.com/milkymist/scripts.git, scripts/reflash_m1.sh, you want to do a  reflash_m1.sh --lock-flash  if you plan to use your M1 for non-development purposes11:06
wpwrakthat way, it will protect the beginning of the NOR, and greatly reduce the risk of that pesky NOR curruption11:06
stekernok, good to know11:07
stekernthe nor corruption was only temporary, right?11:07
stekernI mean reflashing after it got corrupted would (likely) succeed11:08
wpwrakas in "a reflash will cure it", yes11:08
wpwrakbut it can knock out your standby bitstream, so M1 wouldn't even go into rescue. in fact, it almost always got the standby bitstream (about once in every 500 power cycles in my case)11:09
wpwrakurjtag still works, of course. so you can always recover if you're prepares11:10
stekernok, good11:12
lekernel_wpwrak: those include files not found are autocrap problems afaik11:20
lekernel_wpwrak: try removing all build-generated files11:20
wpwrakyou mean "wipe the directory and start with a fresh checkout" ?11:22
lekernel_no, wipe the build directory (not the source directory)11:23
lekernel_also, be careful of the sometimes conflicting system_conf.h installed in /opt/rtems-4.1111:23
lekernel_remove it as well11:23
lekernel_note that the patches didn't change anything to the includes, so this is clearly a "rebuild" problem11:24
wpwrakhmm. i think i'll start with a different checkout. radical changes have that tendency of backfiring :)11:24
wpwrakyes, it seems that your search path is different or is interpreted in a different way11:25
wpwraki just used the exactly relative paths that lead from the source to the include file, so unless cpp explicitly ignores the direct path, it ought to find them11:26
lekernelmh, you managed to turn off bitgen DRC? last time I tried -d, it didn't do a thing11:30
lekernelthat was with ISE 13.2 though11:30
wpwrakit still complains endlessly :)11:30
lekernelmost of the existing complaints that can be safely ignored11:32
lekernelthat new one with I/O is a bit more worrying though11:32
lekernelafaik you always need a valid ISTANDARD and OSTANDARD on IOB... doesn't work when you also set some slew rate and drive strength?11:32
wpwrakmaybe ... i didn't dare to give it too much encouragement to use this as an output11:34
lekerneland as I said... you can reroute only the net you modified just by removing its pips11:34
wpwrakalso, if i do, at some point it will ask for a net to drive the "output"11:34
lekernelwill be much faster11:34
lekernelhm, really? well, then11:34
lekernelI can send in another xilinx bugreport11:34
wpwrak(pips) i don't really trust that xdl tool :)11:35
wpwrakthe test case for this one would be: xdl -ncd2xdl, then use the upper part of xdlfixes (that handles the commas), then xdl -xdl2ncd and it'll complain about all the LVCMOS33 inputs11:36
wpwrakyou can probably make a simpler test case that doesn't even have commas that need fixing11:37
wpwraki kinda wonder if the LVCMOS33 problems mean that something is weird with the way we declare our buffers ... or that xilinx have a very interesting regression test process for xdl11:38
lekernelwpwrak: how do you choose the I/O locations?11:43
wpwrakby net - i recycle the exp<N>11:45
wpwrakthat way, i can just reuse the entire "inst" block of the pad and only need to do a few small edits11:46
stekernok, I solved the reflash_m1.sh problem at least16:07
stekernmostly (l)user fault...16:07
stekernthere's no standby.fpg in updates/current16:08
stekernso standby image is just erased16:09
wolfspraulstekern: wait, maybe we can improve something16:09
wolfspraulcan you explain that again?16:09
stekernwell, probably you want all images in update/current16:09
wolfspraulI thought it sounded like some smaller trap you fell into, because the community is still small the tools sometimes work only in a narrow band of 'typical' usage16:10
wolfspraulat least no bigger problem, that's good16:10
stekernI ran: ./reflash_m1.sh --release current16:10
stekernit tries to fetch standby.fpg, but since it doesn't exist in updates/current a 0kb file is created and "flashed"16:11
wolfspraulgot it16:12
wolfspraulthat should be easy to improve for xiangfu16:12
wolfspraulthanks a lot for the feedback!16:12
stekernyep, np16:12
wolfspraulany feeling already on where m1 will take you, what plans you have?16:13
stekernI would have saved myself some trouble if I'd just would have looked in the directory it fetches the images into earlier ;)16:13
wolfspraulnah, the script must be more robust16:13
wolfspraultrust me it got *A LOT* better over the last year already, but I think all those first steps can be made a lot easier and more robust still16:14
wolfspraulwith documentation, help, error handling, etc.16:14
stekernmy plans are mostly to hack on it, it's a cool board with a cool soc16:15
wolfspraulbuilding, reflashing, web update, jtag, debugging, more 'how to get started' intros16:15
wolfspraulwell you hang around a lot here already, so nothing much I can quickly tell you about I think16:16
wolfspraulyou probably know more than me, I am very interested in what you believe the lowest hanging fruits are, where we should take Milkymist, etc.16:16
kristianpaulcool soc, indeed, very suitable for hacking16:17
n0carri3rmorning all16:24
stekernto be honest, I don't know. As for the purpose of the product, I know nothing about VJing. I'm mostly attracted by the technology16:24
wolfsprauln0carri3r: morning16:25
wolfspraulstekern: that's perfect, when I got into the project I thought it's a quick way to have a free CPU16:26
wolfspraulbut I don't regret having learnt what I did since then, and the path is good and promising16:26
wolfsprauln0carri3r: I tried to send a message to Emely via youtube, not sure she got it I really hope so, it would be great to get access to a freely licensed high-res download version of the cheap dinosaurs video with your visuals...16:27
n0carri3rOK i'll send her a msg, too16:27
n0carri3rto doublecheck16:27
wolfspraulyeah no rush16:27
wolfspraulshe seems to be on a really solid project documenting all this with good videos16:27
n0carri3ri'll do it now - before i forget :)16:27
n0carri3ryeah, thats her thing now it seems16:27
n0carri3rjust going to shows and taping ALL of them16:27
n0carri3rpeople are really excited about it16:27
wolfspraulso motivating to see good work like that16:27
wolfspraulme too16:28
n0carri3rok i left her a msg16:29
n0carri3rtrying to get finished my other work for today, so i have time to copy some of those patches i wrote16:31
n0carri3rwell, i have the time now, but i will want to keep messing around with them if i hook up my M!16:31
n0carri3rbut i'll be lurking here while i work, ttyl16:32
wpwrakstekern: (all images) you have my vote :)16:33
wolfspraulwe should have an option in the gui that will upload a patch to pastebin or so16:33
wpwrakstekern: (images) i think the cache should also use checksums. otherwise, there's just more trouble waiting to happen there. i also ran into cache problems.16:34
stekernhmm, where are they cached?16:37
stekernor even; what is cached?16:37
wpwrakstekern: the checksums ? afaik, there are none :) what i mean is the cache under $HOME/.qi/16:46
wpwrakwolfspraul: i think we need a proper patch repository. think of flickr or, even better, ccmixter.16:48
n0carri3rwolf: emily says: "yeah, i'll get them the master files, gotta upload them to my server"16:49
wpwrakthe repository should at least show some states of the patch (e.g., one or more screenshots). better yet, the patch in motion.16:49
wpwrakthere are of course a few tricky issues to solve :)16:50
rohwpwrak: animated gif?16:51
wpwrakroh: well ... better than flash :)16:51
roh'just' needs a patch renderer in sw *ducks*16:51
wolfsprauln0carri3r: wow perfect!16:52
wpwrakis here actually anything that works like animated gif ? (and doesn't make browsers go wild and launch weird "media players" and such)16:52
wpwrak(patch renderer) indeed. that's what i think we should aim for, at least conceptually.16:52
rohwpwrak: no. there was MNG which is like animated gif to gif, but with png, but i assume browser support is bust16:53
wpwrakmy vision is like this: 1) a collection of Free (CC0, PD, WTF, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA) "infrastructure" content. audio tracks, video in, now also images. i.e., things to use in the patch to showcase it, without creating copyright issues.16:54
wpwraki think "we" need to provide these items, because not everyone will be able and willing to find them on their own. they may not even fully understand the requirement and thus consider it a nuisance we arbitrarily impose. so better to make this as painless as possible.16:55
rohbtw.. it seems our plastic-3d printer now works16:56
wpwrak2) a "make demo" mode in which an M1 session is recorded with one of these inputs plus a patch and the control inputs ("MIDI track")16:56
wpwrak(3d printer) can't be. or else you wouldn't be typing here but be over there, drooling :)16:57
rohwpwrak: 'its printing'16:57
rohthats like 'its compiling' ;)16:57
wpwrak(make demo) in fact, only the patch, the MIDI track, and the IDs of the multimedia files need to be recorded, since we already have the full multimedia files16:58
wpwrak3) upload all this information to share.milkymist.org, where it can then be rendered in various formats and included in the "gallery"16:58
wpwrak(printing) you'd still be drooling :)16:59
kristianpaulalso a performance repository wichis the equivalent to a VJ theme i think17:08
wpwrakyou mean videos of M1+VJ ? or live shows ?17:09
kristianpaulno no, there is a perfornamce file i think or soemthing17:11
kristianpaulwich remenber keybiding for patches17:12
wpwrakah, the patch sequence and such, yes17:12
wpwrakyes, the MIDI/key/etc. bindings need to be connected to the patch, too. that's a separate issue :)17:12
wpwraklekernel: you were right. i got a fresh rtems to build even without the include fixes. interestingly, there's something in there (rtems) that breaks some parallel partial makes. oh well ....18:10
lekerneldo you really want to fix autoconf scripts? :-)18:11
wpwrakno, not really :)18:12
wpwraki think the experience of cleaning my teeth using a rectally inserted red-hot poker as a toothpick would be vastly preferable to messing with autocrap :)18:14
wpwrakoh. they *just* fixed chain.inl. nice :)18:17
lekernelthey also fixed _RBTree_Container_of18:19
wpwrakwhee ! that must have been a few seconds later then :)18:21
wpwrakdo they already have an opinion on the elephant in the room, i.e., the queue corruption ?18:21
lekernelyes https://www.rtems.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=196118:22
wpwrakah, great !18:22
wpwrakdoes "running FN and hammering your MIDI controls and/or mouse for a while" qualify as "complicated set of conditions" ? :)18:23
wpwrakgood resolutions for 1963 and 196418:30
stekernyay, "homebuilt" flickernoise boots18:33
stekernthe only step I missed (I think) from your cheat list wpwrak was the building rtems-yaffs218:34
wpwraknot bad :)18:35
stekernstill something up with USB though, the terminal is spewing out "RX bitstuff error"19:04
wpwrakin the bios ?19:11
kristianpaulsounds liek rtems shell19:17
stekernyes, in the bios19:20
wpwrakhmm. what USB device(s) is/are connected ?20:19
wpwraklekernel: supporting the LV3 will be the ideal exercise for maximizing the flexibility of MIDI control handling23:05
wpwraki think i've figured out most of its features by now. quite amazing just how many different reactions to actions and overlays it has.23:07
wpwrake.g., the rotary encoders have no less than 11 virtual groups, selected with the black buttons (8+2+1)23:08
wpwrakwhen you push the encoder, it acts as a toggle. with LED indication. and the LED state is remembered, so it changes when changing virtual groups.23:09
wpwrakyou can also set the toggle/led via MIDI23:10
wpwrakand when you press Shift, the encoders act as another group (different control number) of encoders, and pushing them turns has a tact function (no toggle)23:11
wpwrakphew :)23:11
wpwrakeverything but Shift sends something, so you can keep track of what's going on23:13
wpwrak(and possibly counteract if you don't like what the LV3 decides to do. e.g., the black buttons would be nice for image selection, but then you may not want them to mess with the encoder state)23:16
--- Sun Nov 27 201100:00

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