#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2011-11-05

wolfspraulFallenou: hmm, ok. thanks!01:30
wolfspraulI've heard that a couple times before that people have a budget like that, 100-150 USD/EUR seems to be the most common01:30
wolfspraulmaybe that's how I sell a lot of my NanoNotes? :-) I don't know01:31
kristianpaulthats fure sure :)01:43
kristianpaulah yes M1 fail to switch in the video beam.. canon brand dont have full spec01:45
kristianpauli just got to FN open a patch and run, then blue screen..01:45
kristianpaulso i had to just close demo and hide my self fromthe public ;-)01:46
kristianpauli mean the FN menu showed ok, once i click render video beam just un-detect signal01:46
kristianpauland yes was minimal resolution set in FN01:47
wolfspraulkristianpaul: can you tell us more about it?02:17
wolfspraulChristophe had a similar problem on a TV once02:18
wolfspraulso you connect your M1 to what exactly? do you remember?02:18
kristianpaulwas a vide proyector, epson branded, i can get the reference tomorrow05:53
wolfspraulyes definitely05:57
wolfspraulthanks a lot for noticing and reporting05:57
wolfspraulI have heard a number of credible stories now about projectors/screens not picking up the M1 VGA signal05:57
kristianpaulin render?05:58
wolfspraulbut we haven't been able to track it down and fix it yet05:58
wpwrakepson ? before it was canon :)05:58
kristianpaulor even with FN gui?05:58
kristianpauli *need* to confirm :)05:58
wpwrakGUI vs. rendering is an interesting difference05:58
wolfspraulfor example Christophe had it right before his demo at the OHS, a little scary for him until he realized it was just that one screen (and first one he hooked his m1 up to after receiving it)05:58
wpwrak(probably easy to do the same for DMX too, at least for idmxN)08:10
GitHub152[flickernoise] sbourdeauducq pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/ZAoNNA17:05
GitHub152[flickernoise/master] midi.c: "learn" mode for controllers - Werner Almesberger17:05
GitHub152[flickernoise/master] midi.c: use mtk_bindf + style corrections - Sebastien Bourdeauducq17:05
wpwrakah, you already beat me to it :)17:32
wpwrakmtk_bindf is indeed much nicer. thanks !17:32
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