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kristianpaul:D SD_CLK A10 IO_L34N_GCLK18, just that i needed :)04:03
kristianpaulah, well, i could get a GCLK from the H/W Control04:09
wpwraklekernel_: a few ideas: to support lots of controls, it may be useful to do the MIDI value -> midiX variable value mapping with an array. that should be easier on the CPU than division and it would also allow for all kinds of application-specific mappings, e.g., a exponential/logarithmic curve, discrete values, [0, 127] -> [-1, 1], etc.09:31
wpwrakthis would mean a departure from milkdrop compatibility, at least in the M1 -> MD direction. not sure if this is a problem ?09:32
lekernel_MD doesn't support MIDI, so no09:34
lekernel_but I don't get what you mean with "array"09:34
wpwrakthen, it ocurred to me that the pixel FPU we discussed a while ago for camera input could also be placed in the video out path. could this make sense ?09:34
lekernel_from my understanding it's already an "array" and it has nothing do to with variable scaling09:34
lekernel_or you mean a LUT?09:35
wpwrakinstead of, calculating midiN from the [0, 127] value on each reception, you'd have a pre-computed float [127] array and just do midiX = midiXarray[received_value]09:35
lekernel_then yes, that's a possible optimization09:35
lekernel_but it stays 100% compatible with the current system, no?09:36
wpwrakforward-compatible :)09:36
wpwraki think it would be useful to have means in the patch language to define such mappings. that could be done in a way that defaults to the existing behaviour if you don't do anything09:37
lekernel_but I'm not even sure that MIDI conversion puts anything else than a negligible load on the CPU09:37
lekernel_before jumping to implementations, could we do some profiling?09:37
wpwrakyes, the division is probably harmless. but if you want more complicated curves, you may have to do a lot math in the GPU09:38
lekernel_as far as I can see, the main candidates for optimizations are wave drawing and audio analysis09:38
lekernel_those areas are where the CPU spends most of its time in, so any optimization there has way more potential than in something that uses < 1% of the CPU time09:39
wpwrakalso things like compensating for hardware imperfections. e.g., if you want a slider that goes exactly from 0 to 1, but your sliders give you values from 6 to 123, then you'll want to do something like  f = max(min(123, (v-6)/117), 0);  which is kinda wasteful09:40
wpwrakbtw, i'm getting the MIDI lags again. i'm also losing values quite often, but i don't know where. (controller, path through pc, or m1)10:20
lekernel_never had such a bug with my setup... Murphy's law striking again10:26
wpwrakyeah, the joy of a growing user base :)10:31
wolfspra1lwpwrak: are you connecting your kaossilator pro to the m1 directly via midi, or via pc?11:06
wolfspra1lI thought the 'pro' had a direct (old) midi-out line, no?11:06
wpwraksaturday, via midi. now via pc.11:07
wolfspra1lwhy via pc now?11:10
wpwrakto work around a limitation of the kaossilator :)11:17
wpwrakjust a sec. demo video coming ... i hope11:18
wpwrakokay, uploading11:24
wpwrakthe problem is that the kaossilator seems to be reluctant on the MIDI in side. it does receive some things, turns deaf to others, and really really hates sharing11:25
wpwrakso i did all the MIDI interconnects on the PC11:25
wpwrak(sharing) i.e., passing MIDI data through11:26
wpwrakwolfspra1l: have you pinged faderfox ?11:28
kristianpaulha, catch it when you dont use ethernet the phy_rst_n signal needs to be "driven" somwhere :)11:36
wpwraklekernel_: btw, is there anything that would speak against having M1 listen on multiple MIDI channels ? that would make it easier to hook up MIDI devices with overlapping controller numbers.11:36
lekernel_no, but I don't see a practical application for this (yet)11:36
wpwrakas i said, overlapping controller numbers11:37
wpwrake.g., my kaossilator has some buttons overlap with the nanoKONTROL2. right now, i just don't use these buttons. (we currently have far too few controls in FN for such luxury anyway :)11:38
wpwrakand if i had to use them, i could reassign them. but that's painful. things like MIDI (or DMX) devices aren't exactly famous for their easy setup.11:39
wpwrakah, and patch selection is currently only with notes, correct ? i.e., to use buttons that act as controllers (and not as a piano), some code changed would be needed ?11:40
kristianpauljsut 10 minutos to sinthesize a very basi m1 soc nice :)11:48
wpwrakit's almost getting useful ;-)11:48
wpwrakwell, s/useful/usable/ :)11:52
lekernel_what is getting usable?11:53
wpwraksynthesis. with only 10 minutes of coffee break :)11:56
lekernel_phew, it's already much better than many other ASIC and FPGA SoC's12:10
wpwrakwolfspraul: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/m1/demo/MVI_1747.MOV14:04
wolfspraulwpwrak: so the faderfox LV3 would not work with M1 today, right?14:28
wolfspraulwe would need to implement usb-midi, and make it work well with our patches14:28
wpwrakit wouldn't work without a PC in the middle14:31
wpwrakbut sebastien plans to implement usb-midi soonish14:31
wolfspraulok, sent my first heads up to faderfox14:37
wolfspraulif I hear nothing, will send another one in 1 week, etc.14:37
wolfspraulwpwrak: thanks for reminding :-) I need some more discipline to contact 10 potential business partners/opportunities per day ;-)14:38
wpwrakwhat did you write to him ?14:38
wolfspraulwe have a long and messy list, and with all the leads we have now we could even easily grow the list http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_marketing#Links_to_Communities.2C_Companies.2C_Projects.2C_Technologies14:38
wolfsprauljust saying hello14:38
wolfspraulpointing to m114:38
wpwrakhmm, "spam" ?14:38
wolfspraulno way14:39
wolfspraulI write a meaningful text, I mean we have to start somewhere, right14:39
wolfspraulhe seems to like to integrate his products, "works with Ableton Live"14:39
wolfspraulthat's good14:39
wolfspraulso let's see, one by one14:40
wpwrakso what were the actionable items in your mail ? a question perhaps ?14:40
wpwrak(integrate) everybody does that14:40
wolfspraulthe action item for him is to go to https://sharism.cc/milkymist14:40
wolfspraulmeanwhile I will read some more about the LV3 too14:40
wpwrakall the controllers have whole libraries of profiles, plugins, etc. of course, all for proprietary stuff14:40
wolfspraulhe may or may not be interested in such a contact, I don't know14:41
wolfspraulcommunication started14:41
wolfspraulI need to do 10 per day14:41
wpwrak(contact) it seems a bit vague. but okay, let's see what he says14:41
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