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kristianpaulAny one have a list of music samples i can feed to my M1?03:33
kristianpaulbetter if free license03:33
kristianpauli have workshop in to days, and i dont have music ..03:34
wolfspra1lnah, I don't think so03:34
kristianpaulokay i'll get from my local music collection then ;)03:34
kristianpaulah, bogotrax,, i'll remenber be there next year :-)03:35
kristianpaulbut i'll need battery for the M1 as it is a music festival peformed on streets..03:35
wpwrakand thus the M1P was born :)03:37
kristianpauli guess a generic portable battert will be enought03:40
kristianpaulbut still the issue with projector.. oh well..03:40
kristianpaulbtw after read you report i'll consider to use tftboot more often :-)03:46
wpwraki suppose it won't be too long before there's a fix for urtag. maybe not an automatic mechanism, but at least something that doesn't kill the NOR quite so quickly.03:58
kristianpaulactually and i know the topic here (JFDI), but if this nor just was programed once and lockerd may be with just a fjmem and the rest is loaded from a memcard.. but yeah if nor corruption is asocciated with external factors well..04:16
wpwrakbrr. you lost me :)04:21
kristianpaulmy self too :)04:23
wpwrakbtw, not sure about the external factors. in the last round, those "external factors" were a block that was - by accident - locked04:23
kristianpauli just me trying to think about that nor as minimal soft rom, nv ;)04:23
stekernkristianpaul: don't know if it's to your taste, but you're free to use anything from here: http://oompa.chokladfabriken.org/whizkid/04:24
stekernhttp://oompa.chokladfabriken.org/whizkid/whizkid_-_serpent.mp3 is the most recent04:24
kristianpaulnot bad, well, i also have more choices now :)04:25
kristianpaulbtw stekern you got a M1 right?04:25
stekernnope, but I consider buying one04:26
kristianpaulgood, what called you atention from it?04:27
stekernseveral reasons, good platform for DIY FPGA synthesizers, open source SoC etc04:28
kristianpaulany VJing? :)04:29
kristianpaulnp, synthesizer ans soc are already interesting indeed :)04:41
johnnyhah[lekernel]:could llhdl convert netlist to verilog?06:39
lekerneljohnnyhah, no, but netgen can08:15
johnnyhah[lekernel]:what the major usage of llhdl?08:36
lekernelxst replacement08:39
johnnyhahcould llhdl output the same bit file as xilinx xst?08:44
lekernelxst doesn't output a bit file08:48
johnnyhahthe same ngc file?08:52
johnnyhah[lekernel]:ulogic.org is down,and Defcon18 Lang's fpga bitstream reversing engineering also diappeared, a little strange09:04
lekernelxst doesn't output a bit file09:04
lekernelseen my slides? www.ohwr.org/projects/ohr-meta/wiki/OHWorkshop09:04
johnnyhahnot before,but i am looking now....:)09:07
johnnyhahmore tools than i have seeked09:22
wpwrakwolfspraul: so .. a few hours ago, you said "lantern" had flopped. a few hours less ago, rejon_ celebrated the great victory at "lantern". what will we see once the wind of reality has blown away the fog of marketing ?09:32
wolfspraulwpwrak: no comment from me09:46
wpwrakthat's unusual :)09:48
wolfspraulI'm on painkillers the last 2 days, so I don't feel my sore throat and other aches :-)09:56
wolfspraulneed to find time for a good 14h sleep09:56
wpwrak(sore throat) ah, getting an early start on this year's scary epidemic ? :(10:03
wpwraklekernel: doesn't this echo your view on java ? http://allthingsordinary.se/images/original/659__1gF1j.jpg?126442037411:16
ThihiEarly? In Finland, the first flu wave is far behind.11:24
wpwrakThihi: okay, but your summer starts mid-july and ends 1-2 week later, followed by winter in mid-august, right ? :)11:29
ThihiNot quite.11:29
ThihiSummer ends late august usually.11:30
stekerncompared to last year, we're having a warm autumn this year11:30
stekernno snow yet, at least not in helsinki11:32
ThihiSo another finn.11:32
lekernelyou both are in Helsinki?11:32
lekernelbeen to altparty? :)11:33
ThihiNot this year.11:33
stekernI'm actually in Espoo, but that's basically helsinki11:34
ThihiUnfortunately, since it was probably the last one.11:34
Action: lekernel remembers the 3D porn from the 2009 edition11:34
ThihiYeah, they are considering moving on to other forms of spreading digital culture, and abandoning the original "alternative demo party" -concept, but nothing has been set in stone yet.11:34
lekernel"alternative" demo party? some demoparties aren't alternative?11:35
ThihiWell, I guess the original reasoning was based on other demoparties having increasingly strict rules in the compos platformwise.11:36
ThihiWhile the alt crew wanted to keep it more open, and let in demos from all platforms etc.11:36
ThihiIn the late 90s.11:37
ThihiAlt Party is kinda the offspring of Assembly, which is the most mainstream demoparty there is.11:37
ThihiSo I guess alternative when compared with Assembly is the key here.11:37
Thihi(And by implication, alternative when compared to other bigger more commercial parties.)11:38
ThihiSuch as The Party etc.11:38
ThihiOf course, to the outside world, they're prolly all the same...11:38
lekernelwell, I'm not a demoparty expert. the only ones I have been to are Altparty and Notacon, which were great, and Birdie, which was more of a LAN party11:40
ThihiHaven't been to Notacon.11:40
lekernelactually I'm thinking about going to the next Notacon11:40
ThihiI'm prolly going to Icons and Stream next year. I'll prolly be working at the Assembly again, but that doesn't count.11:41
lekernelwow, something in Brittany :) http://www.demoparty.net/bzh-demoparty-2011/11:44
stekernThihi: nah, I'm swedish11:46
lekernelHelsinki Hacklab presents the Hacklab Reactor Simulator, an interactive Soviet nuclear plant experience.11:47
Thihistekern, close enough11:49
ThihiThat bretagne party sounds nice.11:52
ThihiOldskool parties <311:52
wpwrakkewl. OE# reworked and my M1 still boots :)13:02
wpwrakerr, i mean CE013:02
Alarm_Hello, I plan to exploit the Milkymist in an educational project. Is there a software diagnostic devices attached to the M1 to test or provide maintenance?13:20
wolfspraulwpwrak: phew. CE0 now. great! :-)13:20
wolfspraulmy random guess would be that the 4.4v reset ic could make a difference13:21
wolfspraulAlarm_: I don't understand your question13:21
wolfspraulcan you rephrase it? software device? attached to m1? is that hw or sw? "test or provide maintenance"?13:22
wolfspraulI just don't understand what you mean13:22
wpwrakyes, my hopes are for the reset chip change, too13:23
wpwrakCE0 probably won't do anything. but let's see. i should get something like 10 corruptions within the next 24 hours if the assumption is true.13:24
Alarm_Milkymist on, you can connect a DMX projector, microphone, camera, USB mouse and keyboard, etc.. I would like to test separately each device with a software tool for easy maintenance.13:28
lekernelthere is the production testing software, yes13:30
Alarm_That's perfect .Thank you13:43
wpwrakand we got another corruption. precisely at the 50% probability point. if that's not an omen :)14:59
Action: errordeveloper going to the OSHUGCAMP (http://oshug.org/event/oshcamp) this Thursday15:16
Action: lekernel is not. "open source hardware" is too much about little cheap toys for hobbyists.15:30
errordeveloperlekernel: well, will see16:06
errordeveloperit's only round the corner from where I live16:06
lekernelpretty hardcore FPGA configuration memory reverse-engineering17:03
wpwrakfault analysis. hmm :)17:53
kristianpaulvirtex 7 shipping now? ha.20:00
wpwrakhmm, seems that pretty much all MIDI controllers priced in the M1 class use USB21:14
wpwraki don't think a keyboard would be make a very nice controller. of course, many keyboards have the kind of controls that are useful, but then you have the whole piano part that's pretty useless21:15
kristianpaulBut do FB uses MIDI for generating tones in the right scales?or is just another quick way of reusing it as keyboard anyway?21:24
wpwraki don't know if M1 can be used as a synthesizer21:27
wpwrak(i mean, if there is software for it. of course, theoretically there's nothing that would prevent you from doing this)21:27
kristianpaul(doing) sure i agree21:29
wpwrakfor example, the korg nanoKONTROL2 looks like a rather handy device that's not expensive and that has lots of controls (buttons, knobs, sliders, LEDs). all via MIDI. but of course, USB-MIDI, which M1 doesn't support.21:53
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