#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2011-10-23

wpwraknice. it was a good idea to start another run after that 20 kcycles mystery. it now produces pretty much the same results as before the WE# pull-up. maybe it helped that the weather is also a bit colder for a few days.11:07
wolfspraullekernel: what should we tell people is the official M1 update schedule/policy?13:53
wolfspraulwhat should they expect?13:53
lekerneldo they ask?15:32
ThihiWhat's the official M1 update schedule/policy?15:33
lekernelit depends on user feedback15:34
mumptai"whenever necessary"?15:44
lekernelsomething like that, yes :)15:44
lekernelatm it seems to me that most people ignore the _current_ features, so it's not a priority to work on updates15:45
lekernel(though patches are still most welcome *g*)15:45
mumptaior are you that distributed an decentralised that you need a schedule for updates and probably a release cycle management?15:45
lekernelthe only features that make sense atm are (1) still pictures (2) USB MIDI keyboard support (3) support for higher resolution video modes15:47
lekernelbut they all come after fucking publicity15:47
mumptaihow many users are out there?15:47
Thihilekernel, what are the current supported resolutions?15:48
lekernelnot many, and most are silent. that's the main problem, not updates.15:48
mumptaimaybe do yome research on who they are and what direction they are moving in?15:51
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