#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2011-10-21

lekernel_juliusb, no, I do not have any UK trip planned08:23
johnnyhahsomeone complile llhdl successfully?08:29
wolfsprauljohnnyhah: I would think lekernel_ was the last, and maybe only (?) person to build and use it?08:36
wolfspraulyeah well08:44
wolfspraulpioneer land08:44
wolfsprauldon't give up when you sail into uncharted territory :-)08:44
johnnyhahi have try it under cygwin and ubuntu,but always fail08:45
kristianpaulsure it _is_ posible but i wonder if M1's main feature13:05
kristianpaulalso high performance bsd  tcp/ip stack even when max posible trougput is no more than 1MB/s? (if i remenber well) :-)13:07
kristianpaulahhh sorry13:07
kristianpaulthats for rtems in general ;)13:07
kristianpaulwow, that conductive silver ink video from  lekernel_ blog very nice, now azonenberg have some video guidelines to follow later too ;-)13:16
lekernel_making nice videos like that is a _lot_ of work13:16
kristianpauli know, jsut kidding  but is really nice video still !13:17
wolfspraulwhich video?13:17
kristianpaulwolfspraul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfNByi-rrO4&feature=player_embedded13:17
lekernel_it can be a reasonable choice to focus on the technical qualities of your project instead. this conductive silver ink thing has both good technical background and video, but it's more the exception than the rule13:17
wpwrakfun video. and it sounds at if she's about to start laughing while explaining all the lab process :)13:25
rigidthis is one of the best chemist-tutorial i've seen15:22
rigidhow hard would it be to compile flickernoise on linux (as shell app) to output some raw RGB values (to feed into SDL for example)?17:25
rigidwithout the GUI17:25
lekernel_needs a bit of work, it makes a lot of RTEMS calls17:28
lekernel_you can use QEMU though17:28
rigidwell, i'd like to feed the output to LEDs18:06
rigidso qemu is not an option for productive use... but i'll have a look at the source18:07
lekernel_get a M1 and connects the LEDs to it :)18:15
rigidwhat's an M1?18:29
rigidah, the milkymist hardware?18:30
rigidyeah... that would be obvious.18:30
rigidcan you select different output-resolutions? e.g. scaling everything on a 800x600 VGA output to 64x64 pixels in the upper-left corner...?18:30
rigidlotsa LED setups work like that18:31
lekernel_sounds feasible, yes :)18:55
lekernel_actually you could perhaps render everything in 64x64 right away18:56
lekernelthere's one DMX output on the M1, which you could connect directly to the LED panel. if you need more universes, you can add up to 12 extra ones via the expansion connector and a little hw hack18:58
lekernelthen you'd need some software mods... which we can help with18:59
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