#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2011-10-14

wpwrakxiangfu: by the way, did you read my mail on the milkymist list "NOR corruption analysis 3/4, a subtle gotcha" ?00:56
wpwrakand if yes, do you think the M1rc3 adam is shipping have their NOR locked ?00:56
xiangfuwpwrak, on todo list. I will read now.01:01
wpwrakheh. yeah, i wrote a lot there :)01:02
xiangfuwpwrak, wow. the lockflash command is in the middle of 'flashmem' :(01:50
xiangfuwpwrak, so if yes. the M1rc3 is not locked. :(01:50
xiangfuwpwrak, I am in the 'urjtag' mailing list.01:51
xiangfuaw, Hi01:55
xiangfucan you post your reflash_m1.sh somewhere? are you using the latest reflash_m1.sh?01:55
wolfspraulxiangfu: yeah well, that's ok and we just improve and move forward.01:58
wolfspraulso change the script to put the lockflash command last?01:58
wolfsprauland get it to Adam asap (now)01:58
wolfspraulbut I don't fully understand yet - we say that every flashmem command unlocks the entire nor?01:59
GitHub6[scripts] xiangfu pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/Uly1qQ02:00
GitHub6[scripts/master] reflash_m1.sh mv the lockflash to the end of command series - Xiangfu Liu02:00
xiangfuwolfspraul, ( every flashmem command unlocks the entire nor?) yes.02:00
xiangfuwolfspraul, yes. get it to Adam asap02:01
wolfspraulxiangfu: aw : can you make sure Adam uses the new, hopefully working, script from now on02:01
wolfsprauland also, can we make a little "just lock" script that Adam can use to lock the units he still has in stock?02:01
wolfspraulI think it's not too difficult02:02
xiangfuwpwrak, there is no 'unlock' command in flickernoise. so if we correct lock rescue partition. the flickernosie will never change all rescue partition.02:02
wolfspraulAdam would need to open the top acrylic02:02
wolfspraulwell, I think it's needed02:02
xiangfuwolfspraul, (just lock) yes. already implemented.02:02
wolfspraulaw: you there?02:03
wolfspraulit seems Werner found a little problem with the reflash script you are using :-)02:03
xiangfuyes. have to use jtag.02:03
awxiangfu, wolfspraul http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware/milkymist_one/production/rc3/test_results/tool/reflash_m1_rc3.sh02:04
wolfspraulaw: yes sorry about this02:05
wolfspraulI read Werner's mail a few days ago but didn't understand the significance right away02:05
wolfspraulxiangfu: which command does adam need to run to just lock a unit that is otherwise ready for shipping?02:05
xiangfureflash_m1.sh --lockflash02:06
xiangfuaw, please use this latest reflash_m1.sh : https://raw.github.com/milkymist/scripts/master/scripts/reflash_m1.sh02:07
aware you guys meaning that I HAVE TO open all packed m1 to reflash them again? ;-)02:08
xiangfuaw, sorry. it is "reflash_m1.sh --lock-flash"02:08
xiangfuaw, seems yes. ;-)02:09
awxiangfu, so the new command in terminal to keyin "reflash_m1.sh --lock-flash"?02:09
awxiangfu, i actually used http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware/milkymist_one/production/rc3/test_results/tool/reflash.sh to call "reflash_m1.sh"02:10
xiangfuaw, if the m1 is already reflashed.(by old reflash_m1.sh) we have to use 'reflash_m1.sh --lock-flash' for real lock flash.02:10
awso my previous command is "./reflash.sh 00 70" like this02:10
wolfspraulaw: yes, need to open the box, take m1 out, open top acrylic, connect jtag-usb cable, run reflash_m1.sh --lock-flash, reboot once to test rendering, pack again02:11
awxiangfu, help me to modify MY OWN "reflash.sh" script to include your latest "reflash_m1.sh"02:12
awxiangfu, be noticed that since that my own "reflash,sh" was trying to save all logs to my 'log' folder.02:16
wolfspraulxiangfu: didn't you run some test to verify that blocks were locked?02:16
awi.e.: ./reflash_m1_rc3.sh $1 $2 2>&1 | tee -a log/urjtag_lock_$2.log02:16
wolfspraulor you only verified the lockflash command itself, but not the locking after the entire script ran?02:16
awso this will be changed to what? "./reflash_m1.sh $1 $2 2>&1 | tee -a log/urjtag_lock_$2.log ????"02:17
wolfspraulaw: should be, but let's wait for xiangfu's feedback. I think he is testing right now :-)02:19
wolfspraulxiangfu knows those scripts best02:19
xiangfuthere is no verified like werner used: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/source/tree/master/m1rc3/norruption/2/upset02:21
xiangfuthere are two command for aw:02:22
xiangfu1. ./reflash_m1.sh --rc3 00 07  : is just like before but fixed the lock flash02:22
xiangfu2. ./reflash_m1.sh --lock-flash: is for only lock rescue partition.02:23
wolfspraulxiangfu: so that's: ./reflash_m1.sh --rc3 $1 $2 2>&1 | tee -a log/urjtag_lock_$2.log02:23
xiangfuaw, http://pastebin.com/V2dHHKWr02:26
xiangfuthe new reflash.sh02:26
awokay...got it, thanks you both. :-)02:28
wolfspraulxiangfu: again - didn't you test the locking somehow?02:28
wolfspraulI remember you ran some command in the rtems shell to verify that things were locked02:29
awanother rework starts. :)02:29
wolfspraulhow did you test that exactly?02:29
wolfspraulyou didn't test locking after running the full script?02:29
wolfspraulso you didn't notice that the flashmem after lockflash unlocked the entire nor?02:29
wolfspraulI just try to make sure Adam doesn't waste his time in case the right blocks are still in fact locked...02:29
xiangfuwolfspraul, yes. I test before. under flickernoise. I lock the whole flash. and try to 'rm' some files under rtems.02:30
wolfspraulbut you didn't test after running the script?02:30
xiangfuthere is no such test in script.02:30
wolfspraulcan you test that now?02:30
xiangfuyes. since werner already finish one.02:30
xiangfuI will add it now.02:31
wolfspraulyou can try this:02:31
wolfspraultake the old script02:31
wolfspraulah well, no02:31
wolfspraulthe good news is that we still work with low volumes :-)02:31
wolfspraulso we didn't test the lockflash right actually02:31
wolfspraulabout 25 units shipped out unlocked02:32
wolfsprauladam was planning to ship out another 8 today, at least for those the realization comes in time...02:33
xiangfuI will test(make sure) a little anyway for more understanding, will report later.02:33
xiangfusorry needs reboot. back online in several minutes02:33
awxiangfu, hi you just posted the same link about reflash_m1.sh in list, is it the same version of here(irc) you gave to me  couples minutes before?03:10
xiangfuyes. same03:10
xiangfuaw, without any parameters just 'reflash_m1.sh' will print the VERSION03:11
xiangfuit should be: Version of me: 2011-10-1403:11
awxiangfu, okay. got it. thanks.03:12
awxiangfu, the msg "jtag batch file is /tmp/tmp.MYrv734ed1" I don't need to care, right?03:23
xiangfujust double checked. we HAVE TO put the lockflash to the end of jtag command series.03:24
xiangfuwpwrak, thanks. :)03:24
xiangfuaw, no.03:24
awxiangfu, ? don't need to care or need to care?03:26
xiangfudon't need to care.03:27
awand i have bad result that d2/d3 is dimly lit after reflash.03:27
awwhat i supposedly to do? relfash it again? I still don't power off now. need to probe some TPs...man!03:29
wolfspraulhe :-)03:30
wolfspraulrule #1: relax03:30
wolfspraulthe shipments that were planned to go out today can go out later03:31
wolfsprauldid you power cycle after the --lock-flash script?03:32
xiangfuwolfspraul, no. I am not point aw to using --lock-flash. just use new reflash_m1.sh and reflash again.03:32
wolfspraulah OK03:32
awyes. i use whole reflash function03:33
wolfspraulwell, then figure out why it's not booting now...03:33
awnow TP35/TP36/TP37 is all 3.3V high well.03:33
wolfspraulaw: you please don't worry and no stress. shipments go out when we have everything under control.03:33
awand now its status(d2/d3 dimly it disppears) after I use probers.03:34
xiangfu1. read the standby. 2. do CRC check.see if there is NOR corruption03:34
awyup...i still keep not to power off.03:35
awnext to read back03:35
xiangfusorry. it's 1. read the standby see if there is NOR corruption03:35
awfyi http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware/milkymist_one/production/rc3/test_results/tool/read_flash_m1.sh03:38
xiangfuaw, please delete that one.03:39
awneed to use a new one? I don't have.03:40
xiangfuaw, use the one you have download. like './reflash_m1.sh --read-flash' will read standby.bin and print out the path03:40
xiangfunow 'reflash_m1.sh' do everything :-)03:41
awxiangfu, http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware/milkymist_one/production/rc3/test_results/bitstream/0x75-standby-1/standby.fpg03:57
awxiangfu teach me how to run diff? thanks.03:58
tuxbrainhi, there is any Flicker Noise starting guide? Programing manual? language reference? tutorial? anything for a totally newbie to start to write patches from scratch?05:18
awxiangfu, http://pastebin.com/iGqtYtNf05:19
wolfspraultuxbrain: probably not05:19
wolfspraulthat's one of our top todo items though05:19
wolfspraulyou can read & learn from the current 54 patches, that's one approach05:19
awxiangfu, does it mean there's difference existed?05:19
wolfspraulthere are 2 old milkdrop manuals that have some partial value05:20
tuxbrainI have loan my board to one guy specialiced in video shows hardware (DMX lightning, interactive music and so) , and his feeling is that there is no clear info on how to use it, and after some search I had to agree with him05:23
wolfspraulI agree as well05:23
awxiangfu, it booted up to rendering though.05:26
awi'm trying to count 10 times.05:27
tuxbrainAn how patches are created now? how to know the intrucction set right now? the only option is the also created patches?05:28
wolfspraulI guess so, I never wrote or modified one.05:31
wolfspraultrial & error05:31
tuxbrainno a good answer to a posible costumer :P05:32
wolfspraulyes and no. we are working on making this product ready for the dummies.05:32
wolfspraulat the same time, where it is now, someone who has a little passion and enthousiasm and spends a weekend on it can get a lot done.05:33
wolfspraulI'm not just saying this to talk to myself, but we have proof in customers like Don (www.no-carrier.com)05:33
wolfspraulbut yes, the box right now does require some activity still05:33
wolfspraulalthough with every update we make it a bit easier to start, explore, enhance, etc.05:34
tuxbrainwhere the patches are hosted? I want to at least do a command list (also to figure out my self) and maybe starting for that to do a language reference? there is something started in that way yet?05:35
wolfspraulmust be somewhere in github.com/milkymist, one sec05:35
wolfspraulone plan was to have a sharing site where people can easily upload and download patches from05:35
wolfsprauland m1 users can just press "download all" to get the latest stuff from the sharing site05:35
wolfspraulbut that's just a plan today05:35
wolfspraulmaybe here? https://github.com/milkymist/flickernoise/tree/master/patches05:36
tuxbrainnot a bad plan :) , but first you need the users to know how to write those patches :P05:36
tuxbrainpatch sintax also doesn't allow comments , isn't it?05:43
xiangfuaw, yes. from the diff there is no NOR corruption05:46
xiangfuaw, the m1 should boot fine.05:46
xiangfutuxbrain, http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/milkymist-firmware-05092011-0000/doc/handbook.pdf05:47
xiangfutuxbrain,  here is the patch language guide.05:47
awxiangfu, good, but from my previous reflash experiences, the d2/d3 led must be fully off immediately after finished reflash.05:47
awxiangfu, and although i just finished 10 times rendering test by power-cycle05:48
awxiangfu, now to test CRC..05:48
awxiangfu, good. pass on CRC image test.05:49
tuxbrainxiangfu: Great! that is exactly what I'm looking for!!!05:50
xiangfutuxbrain, here is a user manual: http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flickernoise_user_manual05:52
tuxbrainThis should be really more accesible, also maybe do a wiki pages to enrich it and create the commented examples05:52
xiangfutuxbrain, it's a start anyway :)05:52
xiangfutuxbrain, the patch language use '//' as comment05:55
tuxbrainxiangfu:  (comments) :) then is not used very much05:55
xiangfutuxbrain, http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flickernoise_Patching_Language05:56
xiangfualso a start.05:56
awI'm thinking if used a long usb cable to cause that since I didn't open video-in side acrylic case so that i use a 90 degree usb long cable. I'm going to open side case and use a short usb cable to reflash it again.05:56
xiangfuaw, ok.05:57
awxiangfu, btw, which usb cable you are using now?05:57
xiangfuaw, you can use 'reflash_m1.sh --lock-flash' for ONLY lock the rescue flash, without reflash all the images.05:57
xiangfuaw, that will save a lot of time.05:58
xiangfuaw, I have double check 'reflash_m1.sh --lock-flash' works just fine.05:58
awxiangfu, hmm...i want to see what real reason that it shows d2/d3 dimly lit after reflash. so I'll still use all.but this time to use short usb cable.05:59
xiangfuaw, ok.05:59
xiangfuaw, the only different of the reflash script file is 'we put lockflash to the end of flash command series', just FYI.06:00
tuxbrainxiangfu: yes I agree the info you pass me are a start but at least is a better start than a new user percives when he arrives at MM ( I include myselft in this group)06:00
xiangfutuxbrain, (comments) yes.06:01
xiangfutuxbrain, we should slowly add more comments.06:01
awxiangfu, btw, so my question is that did you see your d2/d3 dimly lit _immediately_ after reflash with new script?06:02
tuxbrainI dissagre in the "slowly" but I can understand there are limited working hands an a lot of things to do :P06:02
xiangfuaw, I have to reflash again for find out the d2/d3 .06:03
awxiangfu, i meant _don't_ power cycle after reflash, just see if d2/d3 dimly lit _immediately_ after reflash.06:03
xiangfuaw, ok.06:04
awxiangfu, yup. tks we confirm together.06:04
tuxbrainDo you agree in create a wikified Flicker noise handbook in addition to the pdf?06:04
xiangfutuxbrain, yes. that is what 'http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flickernoise_Patching_Language' this page for.06:06
xiangfuaw, reflashing...06:08
xiangfuaw, yes. they are dim. not totally off.06:09
awxiangfu, yes. hmm...this shows the new script file will _definitely_ let d2/d3 dimly lit with putting lockflash to the end of flash command06:10
xiangfuaw, yes.06:11
xiangfuaw, I tried another flash end with 'flashmem' that make those two led totally off.06:11
awxiangfu, mine here the symptom is the same no matter what short or long usb cable.06:11
xiangfuso basically:06:11
xiangfu1. end with 'flashmem' two leds will totally OFF06:12
xiangfu2. end with 'lockflash' two leds will DIM06:12
awxiangfu, yup...so this means that we MUST power cycle again to let it boot up, this is different symptom from before.06:12
tuxbrainxiangfu: ok I will use this one  to wikify the pdf, what you consider better, to create different pages per chapter or one big wikipage with all content in?06:13
awxiangfu, right.06:13
xiangfuaw, (must power cycle) yes. that is true.06:14
awwolfspraul, you there. so this newest script with 'lockflash' at the end comes up a symptom which is surely not the same as previous rc3 M1s we sent out.06:15
xiangfutuxbrain, I think one big wikipage with menu06:15
awxiangfu, wolfspraul MUST to power cycle to boot up after reflash. so from now on. i continue to reflash others. how do you think? or any considerations that we didn't think about?06:17
xiangfuaw, (since this issue can easy re-produce) I think continue06:18
xiangfuaw, but for the m1 already flashed. you can just use 'reflash_m1.sh --lock-flash' no needs to reflash all images.06:18
awwith this way. i found that it's still good that i can keep using long 90 degree usb cable for sure. And surely no need to take apart video-in side acrylic case.06:19
xiangfuaw, yes.06:20
wolfspraulaw: xiangfu : I have lost overview right now. I think you two are working on this.06:20
awxiangfu, okay...but if i still want to do some records, so the script of my 'reflash.sh' need to do change?06:20
wolfspraulobviously we can only send out units that are 100% perfect and 100% understood06:20
wolfspraulxiangfu: what happened on that 1 unit that Adam could not boot anymore?06:20
xiangfuwolfspraul, <xiangfu> so basically:06:20
xiangfu<xiangfu> 1. end with 'flashmem' two leds will totally OFF06:20
xiangfu<xiangfu> 2. end with 'lockflash' two leds will DIM06:20
wolfspraulok. but if Adam power cycles, does the board boot to render?06:21
awwolfspraul, yes after power cycle06:21
xiangfuwolfspraul, after power cycles. works just fine.06:21
wolfspraulah ok06:21
wolfspraulthen it's probably nothing :-)06:21
wolfspraulin fact, if you see the two leds DIM, it means you are using the new, fixed, script :-)06:22
awyup....but we did a care this time06:22
wolfspraulyes yes sure, very good06:22
wolfspraulI totally appreciate that you watch for small unexpected things06:22
wolfspraulmany times the big issues are hiding behind them06:22
wolfspraulso... now we proceed with the 8 units?06:23
awwolfspraul, yes06:23
awi may still catch up 3 M1s this afternoon firstly06:24
xiangfuaw, you can use a script like this: http://pastebin.com/ZjfgvL0X06:24
xiangfusave it as 'lock_flash_only.sh' maybe :)06:24
awxiangfu wolfspraul cu..keep working though. thanks for clarification.06:24
awxiangfu, great, thanks.06:25
xiangfuaw, see you later.06:26
xiangfutuxbrain, do you have account in milkymist.org/wiki?06:26
xiangfumilkymist.org/wiki is not for public register. have to accept by admin.06:27
wpwrakgood morning :) busy night, i see ... checking the backlog ...07:49
wolfspraulwpwrak: we finally realized what you wrote in your mail the day before :-)07:49
wpwrak(locking process) it could also be done by software. but i don't know if this would be really easier than using jtag with what's presently installed07:52
wpwrak(d2/d3 dim after lockflash) hmm. that's a little strange. according to https://raw.github.com/milkymist/scripts/master/scripts/reflash_m1.sh there is a "pld reconfigure" after it, so that should work.08:11
wpwrakaw: oh, and the flashmem for --bios-mac would have to be before the lockflash, too08:11
awwpwrak, mmm08:12
wpwrakwolfspraul: (realize) i was a bit surprised about how calmly you took the news ;-)08:12
xiangfuwpwrak, --bios-mac yes.08:13
wpwrakmaybe we should dump all the lock bits, just to be sure08:14
wolfspraulwpwrak: it simply didn't register, the meaning08:14
wpwrakyeah, i didn't want to sound overly alarmist :) maybe it was a bit too subdued as a result. sorry about that.08:15
wolfspraulno problem, all fine08:16
wolfspraulI will not write long and complicated mails to the people who already got units08:16
wolfspraulinstead we just wait, and if there's a support case we take it from there08:16
wolfspraulwe are talking about 'relatively' rare things already08:16
awwpwrak, you know what? i actually don't want to see symptom (d2/d3 dim after lockflash), since there might be haven a failure board by manufacture caused that to indicate a DIM lit. so _IF_ there's any s/w can let d2/d3 don't dimly lit then I can quickly know what possible factory side effect reasons caused it.08:16
wolfsprauland in the meantime, another bug fixed...08:17
wolfspraulone step closer to world domination08:17
awwpwrak, but if the newest script it indicates likely in that way. I have no choice you know. :-)08:17
awwolfspraul, just packed the 3 sets to tuxbrain, today will go out. and now working on others.08:19
wpwrakaw: my main concern would be that the dim d2/d3 means that something didn't finish before the script tried to restart. the dim d2/d3 itself doesn't worry me too much.08:19
wpwraks/means/could mean/08:20
wolfspraulaw: great08:21
awwpwrak, yes, that's also my thinking. so _if_ there's any way can let them not dimly lit immediately after reflash, i would prefer to use.08:21
awwpwrak, since I need to tell if the reconfiguration is done or not. :-)08:22
wpwraki would first look at whether those lock bits are really set. one could use my "upset" script that simply tries to write and sees what happens - brutal but efficient. but there is also a way to verify them without attempting a write.08:26
wpwrakoh, and are we using the ID in factory-programmed OTP register of the NOR ? that should be a way to identify units, even across reflashing08:34
wpwrakreading the lock bits should work as follows: (with fjmem) first, poke 0 0x9008:39
wpwrakthen peek 2, peek 0x20002, peek 0x40002, etc.08:39
xiangfu(we using the ID in factory-programmed OTP register of the NOR ? that should be a way to identify units, even across reflashing) sorry. what you mean?08:40
wpwrakthe lowest bit read back by the peeks would indicate whether the block is locked (D0 = 1) or not (D0 = 0)08:40
wpwrakto verify that the read operation as such works, a read of 0, 0x20000, 0x40000, etc., should produce 0x008908:41
wpwrak(ID) i mean that, if you get an M1 where the entire flash has been erased, can you still find out its serial number ?08:42
wolfspraulthe only serial number is the MAC address label on the bottom acrylic08:42
wolfspraulthere may be more serial numbers in the fpga somewhere, or other chips08:42
wpwrakthere's one in the NOR08:42
tuxbrainI have just registered in Milkymist wiki, can any admin allow me to edit?08:43
wpwrak(64 bits)08:43
sb0tuxbrain, you can't register on the milkymist wiki, otherwise it gets filled with spam08:44
sb0unfortunately the ssh key for the milkymist.org website is on my other computer in Berlin ... but xiangfu has another working one08:44
tuxbrainmmm I'm registered.... or at least this is what the wiki says I'm logged in08:45
tuxbrainbut I can't edit08:45
sb0xiangfu, you need to edit wiki/.../specialuserlogin.php, uncomment the 'return' after the comment that says 'spam', create the account normally, and comment it again08:45
sb0huh, really?08:46
tuxbrainaaah right I'm not registered08:46
xiangfusb0, ok. got it.08:46
xiangfutuxbrain, wait one moment.08:47
sb0s/comment/uncomment and the other way around08:48
tuxbrainxiangfu: no , I want it now :P (just kidding take your time) I have tons of items in my todo list to be attended08:48
xiangfutuxbrain, please try again :) finished comment.08:51
tuxbrainok great I'm logged in (this time not just in my imagination)08:53
xiangfuok disabled register again. :)08:53
tuxbrainemail confirmed , edit enabled, I will try to contribute as much as I can :) thanks08:58
wpwrakhmm, the WE# test is a little annoying. i'm clearly still getting NOR corruption. but is seems as if it's a bit less than it used to be. need more samples to be sure, through :-(09:04
xiangfu(ID in factory-programmed ... a way to identify units,) I got it. :)09:05
wpwrakxiangfu: this script should dump all the lock bits  http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/source/tree/master/m1rc3/norruption/2/dumplock09:10
xiangfutry it now in my m1.09:11
wpwraki couldn't test it yet, though, because my M1 is still hammering its NOR :)09:11
wpwrakif you change the offset=2 at the beginning to offset=0, it should output lots of 0x89 instead09:11
xiangfuall is 0x001D after lock flash09:15
wpwrakeverything, even the last value ?09:15
xiangfuall is 0x001D.09:16
xiangfuhere is my step:09:17
xiangfu1. reflash_m1 --lock-flash09:17
xiangfu2. ./dumplock09:17
wpwrakhmm. the last one should be different. 0x001C or such. because the block at 0x6E0000 isn't locked09:18
xiangfu3. it give all 0x001D : http://pastebin.com/n0bGGZ5r09:18
xiangfu4. then I flashmem bios image to m1. without lockflash at the end09:18
xiangfu5. run ./dumplock again09:19
xiangfu6 get same as STEP_3.09:19
xiangfubut ./upset give correct result.09:19
wpwrakcan you please try changing the offset to 0 ? that'll check if we're actually reading the right group of data09:19
xiangfuafter change to 0. all is 0x008909:21
wpwrakexcellent. now let's try offset=409:22
xiangfuURJ_BUS_READ(0x006a0004) = 0x0001 (1)09:23
xiangfuURJ_BUS_READ(0x006c0004) = 0x0001 (1)09:23
xiangfuURJ_BUS_READ(0x006e0004) = 0x0000 (0)09:23
xiangfuthe last three lines.09:23
wpwrakyes !!09:23
xiangfuyes. we get correct result.09:24
wpwrakaw: a new sword for you to slay the dragon: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/source/tree/master/m1rc3/norruption/2/dumplock09:25
wpwrakaw: this will check the lock bits without trying to change anything. the output should be 55 lines of the type  URJ_BUS_READ(0x006a0004) = 0x0001 (1)  and then one line  URJ_BUS_READ(0x006e0004) = 0x0000 (0)09:26
awwpwrak, oh? this file is for 'jtag' cmd.09:31
wpwrakit runs "jtag" for you :) as usual, fjmem has to be in the current directory09:35
wpwrakmwalle: does urjtag actually have a preferred location / a search path for fjmem ? might be useful09:36
awwpwrak, okay..i need to run it. :-)09:36
xiangfuwpwrak, why the offset is 4? should be 2!09:37
xiangfufrom the document09:37
wpwrakxiangfu: heh, that's why i thought, too, at the beginning ;-)09:38
wpwraksee note 3, though :)09:38
wpwrakit also makes sense, because all quantities are 16 bits. but yes, they did a good job at making it confusing09:39
xiangfugot it. thanks09:41
xiangfu(confusing) yes. "This address is latched during a x8 program cycle. Not used in x16 mode"09:43
xiangfufirst time I read it like "This address is latched during a x8 mode. Not used in x16 mode" :(09:44
awhi, so BOTH (0x6a0004) = 0x0001 & (0x6e0004) = 0x0000, then "locked" or "not locked"?09:44
awi saw 55 lines. :)09:45
xiangfu0x6a0004) = 0x0001 is locked.09:47
wpwrakaw: yes, the first 55 lines should all be 0x0001 = locked. then there's one more line (for the regular bitstream) of 0x0000 = not locked09:47
wpwrakaw: if you have an M1 that you haven't locked yet, you could run the script on it. it should show you everything 0x000009:49
awwpwrak, aha...so (0x6e0004) is a start address of regular bitstream which doesn't need to be locked, and surely before that address is for rescue/standby bitstream, does I realize correctly?09:51
wpwrakyes, exactly09:51
awokay, thanks. :-)09:51
wpwrak0x6e0004 is a control, to make sure we would actually see incorrect values :)09:52
awgreat, i should have seen this again: http://milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Flashing_the_Milkymist_One#Flash_Memory_Distribution09:53
awwpwrak, okay..thanks for this new sword. ;-)09:53
wpwrakhappy dragon-slaying ! ;-)09:56
awyupp...great tool.09:58
sb0new dates in London (Jon and friends) and Bergen at Piksel (me): http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page11:15
wpwrakkewl. with the lizards :)13:13
Fallenouif someone want to come and show Milkymist : http://oshug.org/event/oshcamp13:34
FallenouI will be there I will bring a few stickers to give to people interested13:34
wpwrakanyone care to try this ? http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/source/tree/master/m1rc3/norruption/2/dumpotp14:48
wpwrakmy OTP is 0x0A96 0x0324 0x0E00 0x2CCD followed by 4 x 0xFFFF14:48
wpwrakthe 0xFFFF are user-defined, so it's normal for it to be all ones. the rest is the unique ID from the factory14:49
sb0what do you want to do with it?15:00
wpwrakit could be useful for identifying boards15:00
wpwraksince the only ID they seem to have is a sticker (?)15:01
wpwrake.g., when a board is returned or such, find its production and repair history15:01
sb0hmm... let's not overdo it15:07
sb0sticker should be enough imo15:08
kristianpaulstickers do not respond to scripts !! :)16:42
kristianpauland mac saved on flash can be lost easilly..16:42
Action: kristianpaul install werner utils16:43
kristianpaulwpwrak: what are those poke for?16:45
kristianpaulhe ;)16:46
kristianpaulwpwrak: http://pastebin.com/F1EqCUti16:46
wpwrakthanks !16:55
wpwrakquite a lot of randomness. so they're not just serial numbers. good.16:55
kristianpauland what they are?16:56
wpwrakthe pokes send commands to NOR. NOR reads are like RAM reads, but NOR writes are special.16:56
wpwrakthe first poke switched the NOR into a mode where subsequent reads will read device information (instead of memory content)16:56
wpwrakand the poke at the end switches the NOR back to normal operation16:57
mwallewpwrak: some time ago i tried to implement a command in urjatg to read the otp key, but my spartan 6 is an ES and the OTP is just 0xff... for me18:11
mobileThi there18:12
wpwrakwell, with the nor it was easy :)18:16
mwalleah that was the nor flash18:19
mwallethe spartan6 has some read only unique id, too18:19
mwallewpwrak: (search path) no18:24
wpwrak(spartan id) that may be useful, too. in case the nor dies or gets swapped18:26
mwallewpwrak: the s6 may be swapped too ;)18:26
wpwrakyeah, but it's usually swap-to-trash. not swap-to-other board :)18:27
wpwrakand if both get swapped ... oh dear :)18:28
kristianpaulhi mobileT18:30
mobileTworst.. live.. cd.. ever!18:51
kristianpaulah, i forgot to ask, bu i guess this OTP then programed by ramdon as you confirmed before20:17
wpwrakrandom or pseudo-random, yes20:24
kristianpaulhow big is it? no more that few bytes i guess?20:28
wpwrakthe part you can program is 64 bits or 8 bytes :)20:30
kristianpaulboring :)20:31
kristianpaulso may be been _very_ carefull with urjtag erase flah commands, the locking feature could minic a rom?20:34
wpwrakhmm ?20:34
kristianpauli mean several time had been mentioned the lack of a rom bistreaming/firmware to start a rescue mode20:37
wpwrakwell, yes. but what does urjtag have to do with it ?20:40
kristianpauloh yes sorry, the erase flash command is from flickernoise :)20:41
wpwrakyeah. eraseflash from FN would be a problem :)20:42
GitHub188[clang-lm32] jpbonn pushed 58 new commits to master: http://git.io/bEYuPg20:51
GitHub188[clang-lm32/master] [driver] The -v option doesn't quoted the command line arguments for historical - Chad Rosier20:51
GitHub188[clang-lm32/master] [driver] For consistency, handle all shell special characters handled by the - Chad Rosier20:51
GitHub188[clang-lm32/master] Use APFloat::toString to print APFloats more precisely in the AST printer.  Patch by Olaf Krzikalla.   - Eli Friedman20:51
GitHub175[llvm-lm32] jpbonn pushed 10 new commits to master: http://git.io/e5QSFA20:51
GitHub175[llvm-lm32/master] Some fixes. - JP Bonn20:51
GitHub175[llvm-lm32/master] Corrected calling conventions to not put variadic arguments on stack by default. - JP Bonn20:51
GitHub175[llvm-lm32/master] Corrected i64 to be 32bit aligned by default. - JP Bonn20:51
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